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  • Run for Your Lives
    Dallas and Genevieve Kime

    …night, Run for Your Lives will keep you reading. Explosions, torpedo boats, and a very sick little boy complicate the flight. But always, Gene and Dallas find the time and opportunity to witness for the Lord they love. Read about the danger, tension, and frustration of having to Run for Your Lives!

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  • Pathways of the Pioneers MP3
    Your Story Hour

    …team of Your Story Hour, these stories will inspire, delight, and educate. Sure to be enjoyed by all ages, this collection is excellent for a variety of settings, including the car, family worship, school classrooms, home school classes, and church programs. 2 MP3 discs Approximate running time: 23…

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  • Pathways of the Pioneers CD Collection
    Your Story Hour

    …stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Once you walk the pathways of the pioneers, you will have no doubt that God leads His people. These are the pathways of the faithful men and women who devoted their lives to spreading the gospel and establishing…

  • Live Out Loud
    Mark Witas

    Don’t worry. Lots of people have. But once you learn how to live your life in Christ, living your life for Christ will come a lot easier. And a lot of the time you won’t even have to say a word. Join Mark Witas as he skateboards down Sprague Hill, barely escapes the whirling terror of the formidable…

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  • A Home for Su-Lan
    Margaret Rossiter Thiele

    …was also cold and cruel. After several terrifying experiences Su-Lan decided to run away. You won’t be able to lay this book down until you’ve found out how she managed to escape. How she lived undetected for several days in the great railway station in Peking. How she escaped from being…

  • A Place For Us Guys
    Chuck Burkeen

    …drives a Toyota Tundra. A guy drives a 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser J-4 with both the original metal top and a canvas top for summertime, and a 327 Chevy engine conversion. And it still runs great! A woman learns to drive from her father (usually a man). A man takes driver’s education classes. A…

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  • Heritage Reunion Live: Celebrating 45 Years! DVD
    Heritage Singers

    …musicians for the concert event of a lifetime as they celebrate nearly five decades of music and ministry. You’ll enjoy more than three hours of live music and memories as well as exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and special tributes to warm your heart for years to come! Aprox. Running

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  • The Sword of Denis Anwyck (eBook)
    Maylan Schurch

    …are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it to your device* You will need to connect your device to your computer to transfer the eBook to your device* See the eBook support document for detailed instructions If you would…

  • I Hope
    Nathan Brown

    …and stories to encourage your faith, challenge your life, grow your church and change your world. “Nathan Brown continues to be one of the most provocative and challenging Adventist writers of this generation. I Hope is no exception. I might not ‘hope’ for everything he does, but…

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  • Simple Solutions DVD

    …every area of their lives! Simple Solutions not only shows you why a healthy diet is important when you're stressed but also gives you practical, simple steps on how to implement smart, stress-reducing changes in a hurry. Because that's how most people live today-in a hurry! Running time aprox. 60…

  • Lifestyle Center of America: Stretch Routine and Strength Workout
    Lifestyle Center of America

    …site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Travel frequently? Hate the gym? Want to work out in the privacy of your own home? Pressed for time? Then this two disc set is the solution to your fitness challenges with stretching and strength…

  • 52 Things to Do on the Sabbath
    Glen Robinson

    Remember those long summer Sabbath afternoons when the sun seemed nailed to the sky? Your children were soon climbing the walls from inactivity, and you had run out of ideas for things for them to do–things that not only would keep them occupied but were worth doing and were enjoyable besides.…

  • Sanctuary
    Ardis Stenbakken

    lives. Things have not always gone perfectly for these women, but each has found sanctuary in the arms and love of her mighty God, the God who is also her Savior. May you, the reader, have a sense of sanctuary each day as you spend time with your God and Savior. May you find peace and quiet for your

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  • The Many Faces of God: Pictures of the Intimacy God Desires With His Children
    Carrol Johnson Shewmake

    …panorama of grace. Understand your status as the child of the Father, the wife of the Husband, the clay of the Potter, the sheep of the Shepherd, and the branch of the Vine. Feel His longing for intimacy reaching out to you in every passage. Then ask Him for more. Heaven is waiting to answer.

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  • Bound fo' Glory
    Jean E. Holmes

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. "Volume 5 of the Weldon Oaks Series A superb piece of storytelling, Bound fo' Glory vividly brings the drama of the Civil War and its effect on…

    $9.99 $2.97
  • Forever Stories DVD
    Carolyn Byers

    …1-800-765-6955 for availability. Take your children on a fascinating visual journey through the events of the great controversy, from the rebellion of Lucifer to the new earth. The Forever Stories DVD will help children love the Bible stories and grasp the meaning for their lives. Brilliant…

  • The Chosen
    Dwight K. Nelson

    …you? Why have you been chosen? And how are the chosen to live? Join Dwight K. Nelson in an experience with God that will revolutionize your life as you stand where the chosen of old once stood—on the brink of the Promised Land Total Running Time: 19 Hours, 23 Minutes, and 57 Second. Read by Tony…

    $24.99 $7.97
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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …collection of stories is great reading anytime! Cuddle up by the fire, gather your children around you, or share it with your friends! Christmas In My Heart Book 1* "Once Upon a Christmas"* The Snow of Christmas* Christmas Is for Families* Christmas Echo* A Certain Small Shepherd* A String of Blue…

  • Strangers in the Land
    Louise A. Vernon

    …Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. “Line up against the wall,” the dragoon commanded the Huguenots. The simple command struck terror in Pierre such as he had never felt before. His tongue felt thick, and he panted hard, as though he had been running. “Are they going…

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