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  • Redemption In Romans Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2010
    John C. Brunt

    Romans is the longest of Paul’s letters. It’s filled with big words such as justification, redemption, and expiation, and it speaks of God’s wrath. That’s enough to scare even the most diligent Bible student. “But,” says John Brunt, “Romans wasn’t…

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  • The Great Hope
    Ellen G. White

    As you look at the world around you, do you sense a battle between good and evil? Are you alarmed by the multiplying of natural disasters? Do you wonder how a God of love can allow so much suffering? What really happens after you die? Purchase in cases of 200 and save. Visit to…

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  • Guide Special - Ellen White: Light to Defeat the Darkness / Slam Dunk

    Today, much information can be found online regarding Ellen G. White—some of it true, some of it false. So how do we teach our kids about Mrs. White’s life, ministry, and contribution to the Seventh-day Adventist Church? This Special Ellen G. White Issue of Guide® is an excellent way…

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  • Salt, Not Mustard
    Bruce Manners

    In each generation, the church faces a new set of challenges—many of them the same as those of previous generations but in a different context. So how do we be church today? Through his many editorials over 17 years, Bruce Manners shared his pastoral concern and vision for what the church can…

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  • The Teachings of Jesus (Bible Book Shelf 3Q2014)
    Jerry D. Thomas

    The words of Jesus, recorded in the Gospels, have the same life-changing power today as they did when they were first spoken. Those words, and the life Jesus lived as He spoke them, transformed the disciples into leaders who changed the world. They can change us as well. What would it have been like…

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  • Courage For The Crisis
    Arthur S. Maxwell

    "The world is moving into ever-deepening crisis. . . . scarcely a month passes without a book being published by some philosopher, historian, or theologian, dissecting current trends and warning of the future.” Half a century has passed since Arthur S. Maxwell wrote those words. Is the world a…

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  • The Best of Christmas In My Heart Vol. 1
    Joe L. Wheeler

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. These memorable collections were handpicked by master storyteller Joe Wheeler. These elegantly designed keepsake editions include journaling…

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  • The War Within
    Waldemar Leonhardt

    WW II carved its way through Europe bringing devastation to millions. This is the true story of 14-year-old Waldemar Leonardt who lost four brothers in the war along with his faith in a loving God—and it's the story of his lifelong struggle to find forgiveness and peace from the war that raged…

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  • Scripture Mysteries Episode Seven: Death DVD
    Anchor Point Films

    One of the greatest questions of life is death. What happens after we die? People have different opinions ranging from heaven, hell, reincarnation, and others believe that when you die you just turn back to dirt. This documentary DVD looks at history, archaeology and the Bible to get answers to this…

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  • Sanctuary - Women's Devotional 2010 (French)
    Ardis Stenbakken, Richard Stenbakken

    FRENCH Women's Devotional for 2010. Slip away to a place where you can abandon your burdens and sense the comfort and reassurance of God's presence. Find solace in His promises, as have a multitude of His cherished daughters. Quantity Pricing Available!

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  • Family Bible Story 4 Book Set
    Ruth Redding Brand

    The Family Bible Story Set includes four books, beautifully illustrated, featuring Biblical patriarchs: Adam & Eve: First God created the world and everything in it. Then He took a lump of clay, shaped it into human form, and breathed it to life. But sin invaded Paradise, bringing death. And so…

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  • Truth Matters - Signs Special - Our Amazing Universe
    Signs of the Times

    In this Signs special in theTruth Matters series the reader will be taken on a journey to discover not only the wonders of life and our universe but, even more remarkable, a love that is beyond imagination, Perfect for sharing with friends interested in the wonders of our universe.

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  • Peter: Fisher of Men
    Noni Beth Gibbs

    “Who do the people think I am?” Jesus asked. The disciples were afraid to say. Most people thought He was a good man—maybe even a prophet. Jesus was silent a long while, then asked, “What do all of you believe? Who am I?” There was an embarrassing pause. None of them…

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  • God With Us
    James W. Gilley

    The Word was God, John 1—12. John the beloved disciple goes beyond the other Gospels to reveal the deity of Jesus Christ. In this book we see Jesus Christ revealed as God in the flesh to a nation that rejects Him and to scores of individuals who accept Him as Lord and Savior. KATA…

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  • The Centurion
    Richard Stenbakken

    A compelling story of the Roman Empire of the first century A.D., its warfare during Jesus' life, and the warfare in the heart of Longinus, the centurion who had been commanded to crucify Him―the only One who seemed to offer any hope. Once you begin reading, you won't be able to stop. At the…

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  • Jesus 101 - Series Set
    Elizabeth Talbot

    MATTHEW All the disciples knew their Bible, but they had not grasped that it was all about Jesus and God’s saving power revealed through Him—that all the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms reveal the good news of Jesus Christ. Once the disciples came to recognize this truth,…

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  • Sensory Secrets
    Catherine Schneider

    “Catherine Schneider has turned her three decades ...working with children into a must-have guide for parents, professionals and educators.” The Reading Corner, This is a great book with life-changing potential. Easy to read, it makes understanding sensory integration…

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  • Meatless Fast & Simple Cookbook
    Debi and Jim Pedersen

    Recipes grouped by appliance? What a great idea! The Meatless Fast and Simple Cookbook is another innovative and fun approach to cooking from Debi and Jim Pedersen, authors of The Meatless Easy-Oven Cookbook. Dozens of time-efficient, scrumptious recipes are grouped by appliance so the cook…

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  • Malinki of Malawi
    Josephine Cunnington-Edwards

    Where the Livubwe River flows down into the mighty Zambezi, the village called Milongo once sprawled out over the rocks and little rises. The bwala in the center of the village, beaten flat almost to iron hardness, had been made by the footsteps of many generations. It was here in this little…

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  • En algún lugar del mundo (Espanol)
    Helen Lee Robinson

    íVamos a recorrer el mundo en 365 divertidas lecturas! Visitaremos un montón de países con lugares y gente de lo más intersesante Irak, Singapur, Australia, México, India, Zimbabue, Brasil, Perú, Egipto, Francia, Alemania, Madagascar, China… Somewhere…

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  • The Schoolhouse Burned Twice
    B.A. Larsen

    As the men put the last touches on the roof, one scrambled down with a cry, “They are coming!” A group of horsemen could be seen coming up the road. In a matter of minutes, the caballeros descended on the villagers like a whirlwind. Mamani recognized Señor Gonzalez. He saw…

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  • Love Rules CD
    Danny Shelton

    On this CD, kids sing along with Danny Shelton to reinforce that love rules! Songs include Love God and keep His Commandments, Jesus is the key to Heaven, On This Your Sabbath Day, The Hour of His Judgment and many more.

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  • Alice Princess
    Alice Princess Siwundhla

    This is the beloved story of Alice Princess, a little African girl who lived in a mud hut near Lake Malawi, and how her life was changed by the power of our church's mission program to share the love of God. An autobiography originally published in 1965, this book brings inspiring mission stories to…

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  • Are You More Spiritual than a 5th Grader?
    Karl and Claire Haffner

    Karl Haffner and his daughter Claire - a fifth-grader at the time - teamed up to repackage Elder Venden's simple but classic message of righteousness by faith, based on a Week of Prayer at Andrews University in 1975. In each chapter, you'll be guided through your 'class work' as you learn more of…

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