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  • Zacchaeus
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    There was . . . Tzofit, a stunning, but cynical, woman . . . Benyamin, a bloodthirsty zealot ready to murder for justice . . . Ehud, a desperate man with a debt someone was going to have to pay . . . Gaius Markus Africanus, a centurion trained to spot any man’s weaknesses quickly . . . And…

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  • Yosef's Story
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    He struggled to make sense of the words his betrothed had spoken. An angel . . . she was with child . . . Son of the Most High . . . . He was acutely aware that the child wasn’t his, but he couldn’t accept that her story was anything more than just that—a fable concocted to conceal…

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  • Truth Matters
    Herbert E. Douglass

    The phenomenal success of the book The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren, has amazed Christians not only in America but around the world. Zondervan Publishing’s president and CEO Bruce Ryskamp said it “is more than a bestseller, it’s become a movement.” Its author, pastor…

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  • Adventist Girl, Set Three
    Jean Boonstra

    An Australian adventure for a new Adventist girl! The year is 1898. Heather Gibson can hardly believe her family is moving to Australia. She wonders about this land so strange, so far from home. Will she like it? Will she make any friends? This was the time when Ellen White lived there and wrote her…

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  • On Becoming Shryock
    Richard A. Schaefer

    When Harold Shryock stepped off the train in Loma Linda station in 1910, he could not have imagined that someday he would play a major role in the development of a world-renowned institution. Nor could he have foreseen an organization that would produce tens of thousands of alumni, men and women…

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  • Lift Him Up
    Ellen G. White

    Are you seeking a more intimate relationship with Jesus? Are you struggling to connect with Him in a world that continually seeks to tear Him away from you—in a culture in which, tragically, endless distractions try to make Him more obsolete and distant in your life? Then Lift Him Up is for you.…

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  • In the Shadow of the Shekinah
    Roy Gane

    After delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, God had to teach them how to live and journey with Him. Centuries of bondage had taken a toll on His chosen people, and He worked patiently to turn their hearts to Him—despite their chronic rebellion and incessant grumbling. So how could the…

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  • The Final Battle DVD

    The planet is at war. And even though we're all engaged in the conflict, it goes unnoticed. Lucas is young and lives only for the moment. As time passes, he doesn't seem to notice that his eternal destiny is at stake. Immersed in his daily routine, he's unaware that all things in this life do come…

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  • Come Meet Jesus Program Guide, ages 8-11

    This program guide includes step-by-step instructions, an outline of the lesson, Bible story activities, memory texts, photocopiable take-home pages, crafts, stories, games, and much more. Additional program guides may be purchased only if a complete kit has also been purchased.

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  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 6
    Jerry D. Thomas

    Book 6 in the Shoebox Kids Bible Stories series! A baby king is hidden in the temple from wicked Queen Athaliah. Jonah, the prophet, takes a wild ride in the belly of a fish. Daniel spends a night with hungry lions, and Satan puts Job to a terrible test. These are some of the amazing stories from…

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  • The Devotional Clear Word
    Jack J. Blanco

    “Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path. Your testimonies are my richest possession, yes, the joy of my heart” Psalm 119:105, 111, TCW. In your quest to read through the entire Bible have you ever struggled to stick with a reading plan? The Devotional Clear Word is…

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  • Above All, Christian 2016 Women's Devotional (French)
    Monica Diaz

    Above All, Christian 2016 Women's Devotional (French)

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  • Life Without Limits (Deluxe)
    Clifford Goldstein

    How would you live differently if you knew that . . . there was more to life than what you were seeing? something wonderful was awaiting you on the road of life? you were not on this journey by chance, but for a special purpose? If you knew these things were true, would you live safe and defeated?…

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  • Our Great Hope - Message Special Issue

    This special issue is mostly filled with excerpts taken from a book entitled The Great Hope, by Ellen G. White. The Great Hope puts everything in perspective, showing how God’s love guided history and shaped the world we live in and how He will win the final victory.

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  • American Heroes Activity Book
    Your Story Hour

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. The activity book covers the same stories as the American Heroes CDs:* Little Dan and Big Abe–explains the love Abraham Lincoln had in his…

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  • Caught Between Two Worlds
    Karl Haffner

    Pastor Karl takes the reader verse by verse and explains the circumstances behind Peter’s letters and the condition of the early church. “Is it possible,” he asks, “that you could be called upon to choose life or death by your actions, as the early Christians were?” In…

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  • Mending Broken People
    Kay Kuzma

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Miracle stories of 3ABN The story of Three Angels Broadcasting Network (3ABN) is one of the most incredible sagas of God’s miraculous power…

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  • Bible Readings

    Four thousand questions about Bible topics are all answered with Scripture texts. Contents Part I-The Bible; How to Study and Understand It Part II-Sin; Its origin, Results, and Remedy Part III-The Way to Christ Part IV-Life and Teachings of Christ Part V-The Holy Spirit Part VI-The Sure Word of…

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  • “True Revival” and “Revive Us Again” Set
    Mark Finley, Ellen G. White

    Purchase both True Revival and Revive Us Again as a set for only $4.97 through December 31, 2017. True Revival "A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs." --Ellen G. White Revive Us Again Leads the reader through God’s Word and the writings of Ellen…

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  • I Am Persuaded VOP
    Fred Kinsey

    Have you ever encountered a Bible passage that grabbed hold of your soul and wouldn’t let you go until it had totally transformed your life? Fred Kinsey has. He says, “Before Romans I had a wonderful sense of right and wrong, of dos and don’ts. But I never experienced any of the…

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  • Adam & Eve
    Ruth Redding Brand

    In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. At first a shoreless ocean covered a coal-black planet. Then God stepped into the inky nothingness and spoke. At the sound of His voice, dazzling light drove back the darkness. With a word God created all that is: sea and sky, wren and orchid,…

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  • My Enemy, My Brother
    Helen Heavirland

    It was anything but quiet on the Russian front . . . "Here we were—young men who had nothing against each other; frontline soldiers drafted to do a job we didn’t want; shooting at each other, killing each other, not because we wanted to . . . but because someone hundreds of miles away…

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  • Grab Your Boarding Pass
    Kalie Kelch

    Backpack? Check. Sunscreen? Check. Water bottle? Check. We’re almost ready for the trip of a lifetime! Over the next 365 days we will travel across North America, fleeing alligators in the Louisiana bayou; munching on chocolate from Hershey, Pennsylvania; and cleaning fish with the Inuit in Alaska.…

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  • The Birthday Party - I Can Read Series
    Rose Gamblin

    Children will be able to read the nice story of Ann all by themselves.  They'll watch her as she invites her special friends to her birthday party. The I Can Read series is a great new group of books to make reading fun and give new readers a sense of accomplishment. Each book features a vocabulary…

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