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  • Sin And Salvation - Library of Adventist Theology
    George R. Knight

    …than God’s plan of salvation for a lost world. Sin and Salvation considers the very heart of the message—God’s work for us, especially at the cross—then broadens to explore His work in us. More than a book on abstract theology, Sin and Salvation not only informs the mind…

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  • God's Character and the Last Generation
    Andrews University

    …in our experience? God’s Character and the Last Generation is a serious attempt to review the relationship between the role of God’s salvation work and the human response. For a generation witnessing the closing act of the great controversy, we are called to reflect God’s character…

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  • The Blessed Feast
    Suleyman Romain

    This book explains the plan of salvation in a way that will appeal to your Muslim friend.

  • The Message of the Latter Rain
    Kelvin M. Duncan, Earl D. Peters

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. In the newly published book, The Message of the Latter Rain, you will find clear explanations that remove the fog that has obscured the love of…

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  • The Serpent Scroll
    David Edgren

    …understand. Written in a simple story style, this interesting book presents to children one of the central themes of the Bible—the plan of salvation in the context of the work and defeat of the one who is the cause of all the evil in this world. There is a need for more books like this one for…

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  • Truth Matters Signs of the Times Series
    Signs of the Times

    Each magazine in the Truth Matters series from Signs of the Times® focuses on an important Bible teaching, giving people the tools they need to understand God’s will for their lives. These beautiful 16-page magazines clearly present the truths of God’s Word. And they’re priced…

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  • Romans: Salvation for "All" Bible Book Shelf 4Q 2017
    George R. Knight

    …of salvation in the New Testament. One of his goals is putting to rest any confusion as to his message regarding grace and the law that may have arisen from previous letters to Galatia and Corinth. Thus, throughout Romans, Paul tackles several theological themes:* Unity in Christ and salvation for…

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  • What The Bible Says About
    Mark Finley

    The Bible contains history, but it is not primarily a history book. The Bible touches on science, but it is not a scientific textbook. It provides insights into the human mind but is not a treatise on psychology. Although God's Word touches on a variety of disciplines, it is first and foremost a…

  • Why Didn't They Tell Me?
    Morris L. Venden

    …Pastor Venden reveals a God big enough, loving enough, and fair enough, to give every person born in this world an adequate opportunity for salvation, regardless of what we do. As you discover the real reason the Lord calls us to witness and to serve you’ll wonder why it’s taken…

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  • Sure Salvation
    Philip W. Dunham

    …us unsure of our salvation. Lacking that, he convinces us that we’re “home free” and nothing we do now counts—“once saved, always saved.” Either way, we are deluded. Our salvation is sure in Christ. Our Savior is our only source of salvation. The purpose of this…

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  • Should We Ever Say, "I Am Saved"?
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …Say, "I Am Saved"? summarize doctor Herbert E. Douglass’s study and personal discovery through the years of what it means to be assured of salvation. In these pages you will learn the difference between genuine and false assurance; how to have genuine assurance now; what Ellen White really…

  • When Faith Crumbles
    Mark Finley, Steven Mosley

    …Center to determine availability. This little book discusses how God reaches out and saves men and women. It clearly reveals how you can receive His gift of salvation. It will take you through a step-by-step process so you can know your sins are forgiven and that you have the gift of eternal life.

  • Pam Lister CD
    Pam Tucker (Lister)

    The message of Salvation comes out through every song on this CD in beautiful, uplifting and creative ways. A wonderful Bible study addition, and can be used to give to people as they begin their walk with God. They will be encouraged as they listen to God's love for them through these songs. Songs…

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  • The Marked Bible
    Charles L. Taylor

    When Harold Wilson found a Bible hidden away in his sailor's chest, he flung the book over the ship's railing and into the sea. Harold would have nothing to do with the Bible his mother had so lovingly marked in hopes that he would read its pages and turn from his life of crime and vice. But like…

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  • Salvation 101
    E. Lonnie Melashenko

    In Salvation 101—Christianity Made Simple, Lonnie Melashenko explores the essentials of Christian faith, the bottom line of our religion. It's not all that complicated, but it can be hard to believe: "Christ Jesus: Who, being in very nature God, did not consider equality with God something to…

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  • The Wonders of Salvation
    J. L. Shuler

    …than any of the other books he has authored. In a very profound manner, this last book from the pen of this tireless warrior for God sums up the essence of the plan of salvation in a way that will personally touch your heart, and will give you a clear picture of the wonders of salvation!

  • Is Salvation Really Free?
    Edward W. H. Vick

    Do you find it hard to believe that salvation is really free? Don’t we have to pay a price, at least make a token gesture? Would you want it if it were really free? It’s hard to believe you can get something for nothing, especially if that something is the most valuable thing of all.…

  • Jesus 101 Luke- Salvation For All
    Elizabeth Talbot

    The news is in! The best good news ever – JESUS died for ALL Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer. The human race was buried under sin, with no possibility of eternal survival. Help could only come from above. God designed a…

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  • Salvation, Package of 100 (Hour with your Bible Tracts)

    These handy sharing tracts (16 foldout pages, size 2 1/4" x 3 7/8") are perfect for pocket or purse. Tract includes an offer for the Discover Bible Course enrollment form. Sample pack available (1 of each title in the Hour With Your Bible series).

  • Salvación sin limites (Espanol)
    Edward Heppenstall

    En las paginas de Salvacion sin limites encontraremos la verdad de la justificacion y la santificacion de una forma novedoase, actual, asequible, y sobre todo aprenderemos a vivir personal e intimamente, siedno justificados, la verdadera santificacion.

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  • Jesús 101 - Lucas: Salvación para todos (Espanol)
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …puedes intercambiar tu temor por MEGA GOZO! Jesus 101 - Luke: Salvation For All (Spanish) The news is in! The best good news ever – JESUS died for ALL Luke uses the nouns “Savior” and “Salvation” more than any other Gospel writer. The human race was buried under…

  • Never Without an Intercessor
    Morris L. Venden

    …angel's complete record of every word, deed, and thought of your entire life? Can you picture it without shaking? Are you sure your belief in salvation by faith in Jesus alone can hold up to this scene? And what about living without an intercessor? Should we be storing up righteousness by battery…

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  • The Golden Chain
    Albert H. Olesen

    …the simplest and most earnest statement of our privileges and duties as children of God,” says the author. This volume presents the panorama of salvation and the way of eternal life offered to every human being. Here is a beautiful, devotional message portraying the love of God for lost man.

  • An Endless Falling in Love
    Ty Gibson

    …shows eternal life to be an ever-deepening free-fall into friendship-love with God. Against this backdrop, the doctrines of the Trinity, Creation, the Fall, the Incarnation, the Cross, and other crucial Bible truths take on a beauty and lushness that will forever alter your views about salvation.

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