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  • The Sanctified Life
    Ellen G. White

    Under the general title of "Sanctification" there appeared in the early issues of the Review and Herald for 1881 a series of eleven helpful articles from the pen of Ellen G. White. In the same decade the eleven articles were drawn together and published as a pamphlet. In 1937 under the familiar…

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  • Sin And Salvation - Library of Adventist Theology
    George R. Knight

    …informs the mind but also guides daily life. It seeks to show the interrelatedness of the components of salvation and explores justification, sanctification, perfection, and sinlessness. Converted from agnosticism to Christianity more than 40 years ago, George R. Knight long wrestled with what it…

  • Is Salvation Really Free?
    Edward W. H. Vick

    …With amazing clarity, he addresses such questions as, Why must the Christian always give grace the first place? What is sin? How is it remedied? What is justification? What does the term sanctification mean? This book will nurture your Christian faith. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Sure Salvation
    Philip W. Dunham

    …uncertainty about our relationship with Christ and our salvation. Do we really think the evidence that we’ve reached the pinnacle of sanctification is to be found in the fact that we haven’t the foggiest notion whether or not we’d be ready if Christ came today? Such notions are…

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  • Rags to Righteousness
    Gordon M. Hyde

    …everywhere. May this cherished theme be our study now and forever. The greatest aids to the explanation of such terms as justification and sanctification are found in a close study of the simple object lessons used by our Lord, and this is where Gordon Hyde has contributed his best thoughts through…

  • The Battle for Freedom
    Erwin R. Gane

    …controversy in the church. And he gave a refreshingly clear outline of the basis for our salvation—an outline that places justification and sanctification in their correct perspective. Join Dr. Erwin Gane, editor of the adult lesson quarterlies, in a “how-to” survey of the exciting…

  • God's Everlasting Sign
    J. L. Shuler

    …explains, “The right day and a person who doesn’t have the right experience in Christ do not fit together. Only he who experiences sanctification in Christ every day can keep Christ’s sanctified Sabbath on the last day of the week. Regardless of how carefully one may abstain from…

  • How to Belong: When You're Already a Member
    John G. Kerbs

    …additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. “Sanctification has nothing to do with our salvation,” say some. Could this statement, deprived of its context, be misleading? Is not our hope in…

  • Faith: Saying Yes to God
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …For example, Seventh-day Adventists discussing the issue of righteousness by faith focus their attention on such terms as justification, sanctification, and even righteousness and make the too-often erroneous assumption that everyone understands the nature of faith itself. What is faith? Is…

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