Say No To Drugs

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  • Say No to Drugs: A Musical Drama
    Saustin Sampson Mfune

    …Kids* Morning Prayer* A Helping Band* Keep Your City Clean* Children’s Plea* Please Come Back* Let All Children Know* Shorty-Shorty!* Say No to Drugs* I Pledge to Keep My Body Pure The price includes a script book wrapped with 2 CDs. CD 1 (Drama) and CD 2 (Songs 1-10, Soundtracks 11-20).

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  • Say No to Drugs Animated DVD
    Dumisani Mfune, Saustin Sampson Mfune

    Follow the Pro-Active Kids in an amazing adventure as they introduce to you great ideas to Say No to Drugs! Learn fun songs about living healthy habits, accepting yourself, and reaching out to help others that will fortify you against the drug trap.

  • Never Give Up
    Patrick Nave

    …and an active Seventh-day Adventist. It is a story of redemption and hope. He says, “I wrote this book, not because I am proud of my past, but because I believe that no matter what our past, God can redeem us for His glory. There is always hope!” Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Lord, Keep Your Mansions-Just Save My Children
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    Let's say you grew up in the home of a conservative minister. Today you are a successful administrator, an author, a camp meeting speaker with high ideals—and your son is on drugs. His 15-year-old girlfriend is pregnant. He drops out of college. Your heart is breaking. You did what good families are…

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