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  • The Kingdom Scroll
    David Edgren

    …book in the Adventures in the Bible trilogy. "God's Kingdom is like a treasure," Hannah said. "It's more valuable than anything!" In The Kingdom Scroll, Paul, James and Hannah observe many of the stories in the Bible that deal with kings and kingdoms. At first they are puzzled about how to fit all…

    $11.99 $3.97
  • The Serpent Scroll
    David Edgren

    …serpents. First in a series, The Serpent Scroll teaches about the origin of sin and God’s plan for dealing with it. Topics in the back for further study with Middle Elementary age children . Endorsements: It gives me great joy to recommend The Serpent Scroll by Pastor David Edgren. David has…

    $11.99 $5.97
  • The Lamb Scroll
    David Edgren

    …wrong?” Hannah asked. “He is the sacrifice,” James said in an almost trancelike voice. “Isaac is the sacrifice." In The lamb Scroll, Paul, James, and Hannah discover the Lamb through the stories in the Bible. Challenged to dig deeply into the Word, they learn to forgive, find…

    $11.99 $3.97
  • Good News Tracts 7: Unrolling the Scroll (pkg of 100)

    Good News Tracts 7: Unrolling the Scroll (pkg of 100) This tract is great for giving out to family and friends as a witness of the great truths in God's Word. Each tract is 4 pages long and 5 6/8" x 8½".

  • Revelation's Seven Churches 2 DVD Documentary Series
    Anchor Point Films

    Nearly 2000 years ago a scroll was written that would reveal the future of the world. This prophecy is the Book of Revelation. In this vision given to John, we discover the future of Christ’s people until the end of the world. Come with us on a journey to the ancient archaeological sites in…

  • Prophecies of Revelation Made Simple
    Seth J. Pierce

    …symbolism in the book of Revelation can be difficult to understand. Why should we care about churches from Bible times? What are the seven seals? Scrolls? Trumpets? Though the animals in the book of Daniel were confusing–the ones in Revelation are even stranger! What about the four horsemen of…

  • The Wise Men (eBook)
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    …change everything. I am a Magi, as was my father. My home is the magnificent world of the palace. I am privileged to do what I love: lose myself in scrolls, study, and speculation. But there are moments, sometimes just seconds, when I can no longer ignore the heaviness of my soul. I am weary of the…

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