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  • Togo The Sled Dog
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …of the Great Serum Run to Nome that inspired it. For the incredible yearly thousand-mile Iditarod is neither more nor less than the lengthened shadow of one man and one dog: Leonhard Seppala and Togo, quite possible the greatest dog who ever lived.” – Joe L. Wheeler “We are…

  • Escape From Egypt
    Bradley Booth

    …voice of strength called out to the people. It was the voice of Moses. 'He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High can abide safely in the shadow of the Great I Am!' Moses' voice boomed out. 'Don't worry, my people! Jehovah is our refuge and fortress. In Him we must trust!' Do you trust God…

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  • Wildebeest: The Great African Migration

    …herd is one and a half million strong. But, the journey is plagued with predators. Cheetahs stalk and chase the strays. Hyenas and wild dogs shadow the herd and attack the calves. Leopards drag their kill into the trees. Lions seem to appear from nowhere – springing from the tall grasses.…

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  • Same Dress, Different Day
    Juliet Van Heerden

    One Woman’s Journey Through the Valley of the Shadow of Addiction People affected by a loved one’s addiction suffer silently in church pews. I was one of them. I’m Juliet. Sometimes I wish I could be someone else, with another name altogether, someone whose life is more comedy than…

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  • After God's Heart
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …about Psalm 23 and its writer that minister to us? Whether we live in green pastures and waters of rest, or find ourselves in the valley of the shadow of death, we all can relate to the song of this sling hurling ancient shepherd boy who cried a lot and whose songs could soothe a crazed king. David,…

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  • Religion in the Real World
    Charles Mills

    …to learn, and they learn them. Their course may be moderated from time to time, but it’s never abandoned because they believe, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that the destination justifies the journey. In this book, you’ll find inspiration and motivation for your journey through the…

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  • A Thousand Shall Fall (eBook)
    Susi Hasel Mundy, Maylan Schurch

    …wings—sometimes quite literally. This is the true story of one family who chose to be faithful whatever the cost, and found refuge in the shadow of the Almighty. From the Back Cover . . . The lieutenant’s face turned beet-red. "You must be mad, private!" he bellowed. "This is the German…

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  • Hannah's Girls: Ruthie
    Ruth Merkel

    …her best friend, Mary Ann. A trip to Aunt Annie’s farm and a visit from her spunky cousin promise excitement too. But as school starts again a shadow hangs over all their lives. There is war in faraway Europe, in the actual countries where relatives of Ruthie’s classmates are living. Even Ruthie’s…

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  • Redemption In Genesis
    John Nixon

    …even the metaphors, shadows, and symbols of Genesis reveal Redemption anew as that which compels us to complete self-abandonment and reliance on Him. Our experience with him will be all the sweeter for having searched Him out and brought Him forth from the murky shadows and cryptic symbols of…

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  • The Shoebox Kids 11 - Rattlesnake River Adventure
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …has the Shoebox Kids trying to keep Chris and Maria talking to each other while protecting a big secret. In the meantime, they hear the legend of Bonzo the bear, meet the mysterious mountain "man" who was watching them from the shadows, and learn about holding grudges and the power of forgiveness.

  • David: Faith on the Run (Book 2) (eBook)
    Larry L. Lichtenwalter

    …he writes, "so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?" (Ps. 118:6, NLT). This book is for all who walk through the valley of the shadow, who face the perfect storm of failure and disgrace. Before God can bring us into a spacious place, we must learn what David learned in the dark…

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