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  • Super Sleuths 6 - Will I Always Feel Sad?

    Guide magazine presents this pamphlet to help young people deal with loss. The series is specially tuned for use in hospitals. On this Super Sleuths mission Leila finds out how to deal with her grief over losing someone close to her. She also discovers the hope of heaven!

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  • The Sky-high Mystery
    Maylan Schurch

    We’ve Been Robbed! Justin Case, one-man crime stopper, is at it again! Justin has teamed up with Gina Coggins and her brother, Tony, to catch a gang of professional burglars known as the Spooks. The burglars break into houses and steal electronics and other stuff. Now they’ve stolen…

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  • Beyond Imagination
    John Templeton Baldwin, L James Gibson, Jerry D. Thomas

    …we see when we look up-- that's like a handful of sand. In a universe this big, our little planet is just a speck, barely worth noticing. In this book, we will explore some of the wonders of the universe and of life on our little planet. But most importantly, we will explore the wonder of our own…

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  • The Team
    Kim Allan Johnson

    …Jesus’ disciples spent years in His presence but were not one until Pentecost. Kim Allan Johnson author of The Gift and The Morning shares in this new book a vision of the Church as a team. The word “team” conveys images of togetherness, mutual support, and the blending of talents…

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  • The Power of Hope
    Michelson Borges, Julian Melgosa

    While most people recognize that exercise and a balanced diet help our well-being and improve health--what should we do when illness is not located in one specific part of the body? Have you ever* felt crushed by numerous commitments?* been unable to deal with everything on your to-do list?* had to…

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  • Healing Power of Love
    Jerry D. Thomas

    Jesus taught people that they had been given precious talents. His own life showed that every moment can influence eternity, that every moment is a treasure to be spent making someone's life better and heaven more real. To Jesus, no human was worthless. He gave hope to the roughest, most unpromising…

  • Choose You This Day
    Leonard Brand, Richard M. Davidson

    …the Bible, which is our standard for evaluating origins, evil, and our great God. This choice could not be more important. It will prepare us for earth’s final events, when Jesus will return to rescue repentant sinners from this evil-ridden planet. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • The Healing of Sorrow
    Victor Parachin

    This booklet is appropriate for sharing with someone who is struggling after the loss of a loved one or who has gone through a major disappointment or hurt. Some of the eight suggestions are: raise your spirits through inspirational writings, heal yourself by helping others, and surround yourself…

  • Touch Points -- Friendships Healing Power
    Debra Fulghum Bruce

    The more reclusive people get, the more vulnerable they become to illness. It’s true. In a time when we watch TV, have food delivered to our door, shop on the Web, and even work from home, it’s easy to be isolated. This tract will show people why it is healthy to be social. They’ll…

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  • Unshakable Faith
    Mark Finley

    Unshakeable Faith! Does that accurately describe your faith? Would you like it to? If you’ve ever wondered how the martyrs of the Middle Ages were able to sing while burning at the stake, you can now discover the secret of their unshakeable faith. Be inspired by the courage of Huss and Jerome,…

  • Bible Readings For the Home ASI
    Ellen G. White

    …Mail” as your shipping option when checking out. This sharing book has been brought to you by a partnership between Pacific Press Publishing Association and Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI). Click here to find more sharing books available at very reasonable prices.

  • Montana Bullwhacker 2015 Youth Sharing Book
    C. C. Rouse

    Lisha watched the Indians drive stout stakes into the ground on both sides of the big anthill. He saw them uncoil the rawhide thongs. He knew what the scene before him meant. The ropes, the stakes—they could mean but one thing and relate to but one person: himself. Even when they stripped off…

  • Lonely?
    Ruth Buntain

    This little book offers suggestions on how to cope with loneliness and depression.

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  • Steps To Peace - Package of 10
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …four steps to accepting Jesus into their life and helps answer questions about forgiveness of sins, eternal life and belonging to God. It also shares steps to help live the new life in Jesus. Great for handing out and includes a space to write in local contact information. Edited by Kurt Johnson.…

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  • Vibrant Life Tracts, Sample Pak (1 of each tract)
    Vibrant Life

    The sample pak includes one of each of 12 Vibrant Life tracts. Each tract includes ordering information for Vibrant Life and the Discover home Bible study plan. Eight foldout pages, size 2 3/4" x 4 1/4". Titles in the series: * Foods that Help Fight Cancer * Forgiveness: A Key to Better Health * The…

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  • Faith Against the Odds
    Mark Finley, Steven Mosley

    …up some of the darkest days of the Middle Ages. In doing so, they proclaim that the power of the gospel is still available to transform your life today. This book will show that God has fantastic plans for you—plans you desperately need to know about in order to have a faith against the odds.

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  • Draining the Styx 2015 Sharing Book
    Shawn Boonstra

    …with silk-lined caskets and magnificent bouquets, we are powerless to stop the inevitable: you will die. It is well and fine for your mourners to share heartfelt stories and mournful songs, but they will be going home, and you will still be in a casket. Is that too blunt? In Greek mythology, the…

  • Judgment and Hell
    Jim Ayer

    …woven into a skillful yet pragmatic Bible study, Jim Ayer shines the light of Bible truth to reveal a God who always acts with justice, mercy, and most importantly, absolute love and fairness. This sharing book is the perfect way to knock down walls of unbelief, stumbling blocks, and falsehoods.

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  • Real Peace, Real Answers ASI Case of 40
    Ellen G. White

    …salvation--answered clearly straight out of the Bible. Click here to find this book as an eBook. These ASI books were created for sharing! Take advantage of the low price and FREE shipping to have truth-filled books to give to friends, neighbors, customers, or business contacts. FREE shipping is…

  • The Ministry of Healing ASI
    Ellen G. White

    …Mail” as your shipping option when checking out. This sharing book has been brought to you by a partnership between Pacific Press Publishing Association and Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries (ASI). Click here to find more sharing books available at very reasonable prices.

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  • Signs of Hope
    Alejandro Bullón

    In a world in which life is no longer sacred, hunger and poverty are rampant, and natural disasters are worse than ever before, people find themselves hoping against hope that things will get better. Turn on the news, and you’ll be bombarded with stories of vicious crimes, cruel wars, and terrible…

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  • The Great Controversy Ended ASI Sharing
    Ellen G. White

    …still-timely book reveals how God will ultimately rid the universe of evil and make all things new. Approximate dimensions are 7.7" x 5.2" This book contains some pictures but does not contain an index or appendix. Click here to find this book as an eBook. These ASI books were created for sharing!

  • Keys to Happiness - Nature Cover
    Ellen G. White

    A wonderful sharing booklet for friends, family, and neighbors.

  • A Woman of Worth
    Tamyra Horst

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Are you struggling with insecurities? Do you feel you are never good enough? Do you find yourself trying harder to please others? These are battles many women face daily. From the author of How to Hug a Heart: "In this book I've shared my own…

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