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  • Sharpening and Shaping Your Sermon
    Benjamin F. Reaves, Mervyn A. Warren

    Preaching follows a biblical mandate as part of God’s plan to communicate His love for humanity. It is much more than a public presentation intended to display the abilities of the preacher or please the senses of the audience. It is a sacred tradition meant to communicate a message from…

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  • Shepherd Warrior
    Bradley Booth

    …exciting, but then again, going into battle must be terribly frightening too. David glanced across the fire at his oldest brother, Eliab, who was sharpening his sword. Eliab looked like a soldier, with his leather armored vest and his spear stuck into the ground beside him. His jet black eyes looked…

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  • Powerful Biblical Preaching
    Derek J. Morris

    Maximize your potential! God wants you to be a powerful biblical preacher. Whether you are just learning the art of biblical preaching or wanting to sharpen your preaching skills, Powerful Biblical Preaching will be a valuable resource. Learn practical pointers from the preaching ministry of Jesus.…

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  • Manual of Hydrotherapy and Massage
    Stella C. Peterson, B.S., R.N., A.R.P.T., Ethel M. Manwell, B.S., R.N., A.R.P.T, Fred B. Moor, B.A., M.D., Gertrude Muench, R.N., A.R.P.T.

    …is introduced and practiced in the laboratory, an endeavor should be made to observe as many of the physiological effects as possible. This will sharpen the student's ability to observe and will add greatly to the value of the course in hydrotherapy and massage. It is a rewarding experience for one…

  • El Santuario al alcance de todos (Espanol)
    J.Vladimir Polanco

    …"ejercitar" ese tipo de fe, entonces se habrá logrado el objetivo del libro. The Sanctuary As knowledge and a relationship with God are sharpened by what was learned through the years, the study of The Sanctuary may be a turning point in the reader's religious experience. The goal of this…

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