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  • Lincoln & Emancipation
    The Lincoln Project

    …Expansion of slavery is the explosive issue that draws Springfield lawyer Abraham Lincoln back into the political scene. Our founding fathers, he claims, sought to contain slavery so it would die out. But now, in the 1850s, it appears that slavery may overrun the entire country. "If slavery is not…

  • Bajo la sombra de la Shekina (Espanol)
    Roy Gane

    …In the Shadow of the Shekinah The 4th quarter companion book to the Adult Bible Study Guides in Spanish. After delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, God had to teach them how to live and journey with Him. Roy Gane fills in background details that help us understand the Israelites…

    $9.99 $1.97
  • In the Shadow of the Shekinah
    Roy Gane

    After delivering the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, God had to teach them how to live and journey with Him. Centuries of bondage had taken a toll on His chosen people, and He worked patiently to turn their hearts to Him—despite their chronic rebellion and incessant grumbling. So how could the…

    $11.99 $0.97
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  • In the Amazon Jungles
    F. A. Stahl

    …has been the privilege of Pastor Stahl, as a skilled nurse and a man of God, to lead these invaders from drunkenness, superstition, and spiritual slavery into the light and liberty of the gospel of Jesus. In later years Pastor Stahl passed to the other side of the Andes, into the great Amazon field…

  • The Seventh Escape
    Jan S. Doward

    …Rather it is a document of human freedom and brotherhood. It is more than a book, it is an experience. To follow Walter Logé on his desperate, but at times humorous, flight from degradation and slavery is a heartwarming adventure of the human spirit. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Growing Up With David Livingstone
    Fern Neal Stocker

    …As a child, David Livingstone dreamed about the American slaves who produced the cotton at the mill where he worked, and he grew to hate the slavery system under which they toiled. He never dreamed that he would one day become one of the greatest missionaries, with the black man's Africa his…

  • Uriah Smith: Apologist and Biblical Commentator
    Gary Land

    …Herald, and his sharply worded opinions became familiar to thousands of readers. He had much to say about prophecy and sharply-worded criticism of slavery and Catholicism. Often he found himself brought into controversy--and sometimes booted out of his position as top editor--but he continued to…

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  • Joseph: A Story
    Terri L. Fivash

    …Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Sometimes the Ways of God Seem Like Hieroglyphics Sold by his brothers into slavery in a strange land, the pain in Joseph’s ankles matched the pain in his heart. Where now was El Shaddai? But Mishma, the Ishmaelite merchant,…

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  • Malinki of Malawi
    Josephine Cunnington-Edwards

    …Africa, called in those days the Dark Continent. But it is more than the struggle for existence; it shows the courage and strength of one born in slavery to forge ahead and make a better life. The story shows the influence that can be exerted by men of principle as well as by unprincipled ones. This…

    $11.99 $9.97
  • The Daniel Effect
    J. R. Sargeant

    The Daniel Effect explores seven incredible stories from the life of Daniel as he lives through the pain and adversity of slavery. It presents concepts and tools that help build sustainable and meaningful relationships despite the hardships and stress life has to offer.

    $14.99 $11.97
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  • The Explorer Bible

    …new way to read the Bible and learn about Jesus. Read about Noah, who built a boat in a desert land; Joseph, whose big brothers sold him into slavery; Moses, who led an escape party to a foreign country; Elijah, who dared to challenge an angry king; Jesus, who turned water into wine and helped…

  • Inspiring Animated Heroes: Harriet Tubman DVD
    Richard Rich

    …to freedom in the North. Harriet Tubman's selflessness and disregard for personal safety along with her deep faith in God enabled her to help family members and many others to escape the chains of slavery. Harriet Tubman continues to inspire countless Americans more than a century after her death.

    $14.99 $8.97
  • War In Heaven War On Earth DVD
    The Lincoln Project

    A nation splits apart. A church stuggles to come together. In the 1840's - 1850's the United States wrestles over the issue of slavery, white former Millerites struggle to find their voice after a Great Disappointment. By the 1860's, both reach a tipping point. Will they come together or be torn…

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  • Jubilation Morn'
    Jean E. Holmes

    …In this volume, the relative tranquility of life on the Weldon Oaks plantation is shattered as a nation goes to war with itself over the issue of slavery. This is a story of tragedy and triumph. The tragedy of a bitter and hellish war, of families torn apart, of pain and bloodshed and death. And the…

  • Studies In Romans
    Milton C. Wilcox

    …and crime, is on the throne of the great Roman Empire. The governor of Judea is Felix, a corrupt, pleasure-seeking timeserver, who came up from slavery. The gospel of God is making great progress throughout the world. Paul is in Corinth on his third and last missionary journey, and Rome somehow…

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