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  • Successful Small Groups (eBook)
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …in small group ministry. Kurt W. Johnson not only provides the tools for organizing and leading successful small groups, but also explores the biblical and historical foundations for small group ministry. In this practical guide Johnson illustrates the proven effectiveness that small groups have…

  • Searching for the God of Grace
    Stuart Tyner

    There’s a glorious treasure right under our noses, but we can’t see it. This is a story of that treasure. It's about how the treasure transforms the lives of all who discover it. About how the treasure reorients our identity in our deepest reality. Searching for the God of Grace reveals…

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  • Face to Face With Jesus (Bible Study Guide)
    Kurt W. Johnson

    An easy-to-use Bible study guide on the life of Christ, specifically designed for use with small groups.

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  • Beyond Blessings
    John Mathews

    …Pastors across the division were invited to submit sermons on stewardship and the best of those are collected here. This book is an excellent resource for pastors and elders who need sermon material, as well as an inspiring read for anyone who wants to hear again the blessings of giving and…

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  • Forgive Now Workshop DVD Set with Workbook
    Darold Bigger, Barbara Hernandez

    The Forgive Now Workshop is a series of DVD presentations for use by individuals or groups. Recorded live, the workshop explores the physical, mental, relational and spiritual aspects of forgiveness. It describes the advantages of forgiveness and the consequences of non-forgiveness, then points the…

  • Surprised by Love - Women's Bible Study Guide
    Elizabeth Talbot

    …used in conjuction with a small group Bible study. There’s almost no better way to combine fellowship with other believers and growing in Christ than to be part of a small group. But no matter how you choose to use this series—as part of a small group or during your private devotional…

  • Siete Señales
    José Vicente Rojas

    Por tanto, id, y haced discípulos . . . Siete Señales es un plan de evangelismo con el fin de llevar a la gente a tomar decisions para Cristo, y perpararlos para una relación perdurable con el Señor. A diferencia de los esfurerzos de cosecha que giran en torno a un…

  • Prayer Works
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …happens when churches pray Prayer Works contains 13 lessons for group study, with suggested prayer, Bible study, group sharing, and life application activities for each session. So gather your group and let the adventure begin! (Small groups will bring you closer to Jesus, help you make new friends…

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  • Peace Is An Inside Job Bible Study Guides

    A packet of Bible study guides for personal or small group study. Available only in sets. Size: 5 1/4" x 8".* Stress-Who Needs It? * Fear IS Not a Laughing matter * Don't Worry-Be Happy! * Coping With Guilt * Grief: Power to Cope * Steps to Peace With God.

  • 13 Weeks To Peace
    Jennifer Jill Schwirzer

    …goes about the work of transforming us, molding us, and re-creating us into His own image. This book features study questions suitable for small groups or answering in a journal, as well as tools at the end of the book to help deal with forgiveness, anger, and fear or develop positive relationship…

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  • The Revolutionized Church of the 21st Century
    Russell Burrill

    …community through small, relational groups. But this is not just another handbook on how to conduct small groups. This is a heart cry–rooted in the history of the early Christian church and in early Adventist history as well–to make small, nurturing, relational groups the central…

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  • A Place For Us Guys
    Chuck Burkeen

    Us guys are different animals. A woman drives a Toyota Camry. A man drives a Toyota Tundra. A guy drives a 1972 Toyota Land Cruiser J-4 with both the original metal top and a canvas top for summertime, and a 327 Chevy engine conversion. And it still runs great! A woman learns to drive from her…

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  • Your Daily Journey to Transformation: A Study Guide
    Janene Ayer, Jim Ayer

    …a life that is shaped and powered by the Holy Spirit. You are only 12 weeks away from a deeper, more powerful relationship with God that will impact every aspect of your being and result in a transformed existence. Take the first step. Designed to be used individually or in a small group setting.

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  • Let's Talk
    Jan Paulsen

    To Download FREE PowerPoint programs for your small group, Click Here. Under-thirty-five year olds make up more than fifty percent of church membership. Tragically too many are walking away. But the greater tragedy is that they see no reason to stay. With a heart for young people, Dr. Jan Paulsen,…

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  • Lord, Save My Church
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    We expect the devil and his minions to come into the church like a herd of elephants. Instead, they come in like a swarm of termites – unnoticed. All may appear normal, but the fact is, the load-bearing truths that hold up our message are under attack. Satan’s been quietly gnawing away…

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  • Sharing Jesus Is Everything
    Alejandro Bullón

    Why are you and I called to share our faith? The answer is simple: our own spiritual growth and even our eternal destiny depend on it. Outreach is not about filling a church with new members. It's not about institutional growth or reaching goals. We share the gospel in order to glorify God and to…

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  • We Can Keep Them In the Church
    Gary Hopkins, Russell L. Staples, Myrna Tetz

    Success stories and ideas that can help us save our kids We Can Keep Them in the Church is a book of action, not theory. Through stories, interviews, and personal testimonies, some of our church’s best and brightest explain how they are making a difference in the lives of young…

  • Adventism's Greatest Need
    Ron E. M. Clouzet

    "A revival of true godliness among us is the greatest and most urgent of all our needs." - Ellen White The history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church is replete with examples of missed opportunities that would allow the special outpouring of the Holy Spirit to work in hearts and prepare the way for…

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  • Successful Small Groups
    Kurt W. Johnson

    …in small group ministry. Kurt W. Johnson not only provides the tools for organizing and leading successful small groups, but also explores the biblical and historical foundations for small group ministry. In this practical guide Johnson illustrates the proven effectiveness that small groups have…

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  • Discovering God's Will
    Troy Fitzgerald

    Does God play hide-and-seek with His will? * Does finding God’s will for your life seem like a game show in which you must choose door A, door B, or door C? Can you choose the right door without knowing what is behind it? * Is God hiding necessary information from you? Or are you hiding from…

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  • Mine The Word
    Diane Forsyth

    The author is convinced that Bible study and prayer involve the whole person: being as well as thinking and doing, listening as well as talking. Her experience with this kind of Bible study and prayer has led her to prepare this book and other materials that contribute to spiritual life development.

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  • The Benefits of Belief
    Julian Melgosa

    When was the last time you went looking for a miracle cure or the Fountain of Youth hoping for something to diminish the signs of living on this sinful earth a little too long? Over the past two decades much research has been done on the effects of the religious life on our emotional, mental, and…

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  • If My People Pray
    Randy Maxwell

    …and supplying our greatest needs. Prayer is so much more than spiritual discipline or pious exercise. In these pages, you'll be given unlimited resources. The personal and practical insights gleaned from this book will challenge you to respond to God's eleventh-hour call to pray as never before. Now…

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  • From Sundown To Sundown
    May Ellen Colón

    If you need help in revitalizing your Sabbaths and understanding the principles of Sabbath-keeping, this book is for you. Dr. Colón has identified fifteen biblical principles, based on character traits of God, to guide you. God loves you and wants to spend time with you. In fact, each Sabbath…

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