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  • If You Smoke - Breath Free Pamphlet
    The Health Connection

    A pathologist’s view of the effects of smoking on the human body. When a smoker takes a typical drag on a cigarette, he follows with a deep inhalation that pulls the smoke into the farthest recesses of the lungs. It is as if every one of the hundreds of thousands of air sacs is clamoring to be…

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  • Tobacco: You Can Be Free
    Loma Linda University

    So you want to quit tobacco? Outstanding No matter how difficult it may have been in the past, if you want to break free of tobacco, this practical booklet will provide you with the tools you need. You will understand your nicotine addiction and how to prepare for success, including building a…

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  • Mind If I Smoke?
    Dr. Harold Shryock

    …new highs. The tobacco industry began to produce a “safe” cigarette. Mind if I Smoke? investigates whether these cigarettes are really free from cancer producing substances, the effects of smoking upon respiration, heart, and other organs of the body and presents the findings in simple,…

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