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  • Sometime Before Dawn CD
    Dona Klein

    Songs Include: * Sometime Before Dawn* I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone* When God is Near* Quietly and Gently* Joy Comes in the Morning* The Sweet By and By* Day Star* When the World Forgets* If You Want Joy* Counting Your Blessings* I Must Tell Jesus* At the Cross* The Night Watch* Until…

  • Sometimes I Don't Like Myself
    Candace Schap

    …and suffer the hurts of compromised relationships, withdrawal, people-pleasing, and perfectionism. All in a desperate effort to find acceptance. Sometimes I Don’t Like Myself is an intensely personal look into author Candace Schap’s pursuit of a love and respect she feared would never be…

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  • Sometimes I Don't Like My Kids!
    Candace Schap

    …would think less of you. Is it any wonder that author Candace Schap admitted to sometimes not liking her kids? And, truth be told, most dedicated, self-sacrificing Christian mothers feel the same way at times. Sometimes I Don’t Like My Kids is an honest look at the frustrations of mothering…

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  • Sometimes I Don't Feel Like Praying
    Mike Jones

    Listen as the author is interviewed by Voice of Prophecy's Lonnie Melashenko. Each of the five interviews is about 12 minutes long. Introduction Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Former editor and author Mike Jones (Insight; Help, Lord, I Blew It Again) has written practical and easy-to-read new book…

    $11.99 $4.97
  • African Rice Heart (2016 Young Adult Devotional)
    Emily Star Wilkens

    …narrative that traces Emily’s journey of growth, challenge, and discovery. Read it and you, too will feel the heartbeat – sometimes strong, sometimes irregular, but always present – as Emily weaves her stories of wonder and longing, tragedy and tears, and ultimately, the sense of…

  • Courage for Tough Times
    David Marshall

    Sometimes our heart aches with troubles: a cancer scare; a stroke; the loss of someone dear to us. How to cope with the lows of life? God is never far away. Dr. David Marshall, retired editor of the Stanborough Press, has both experienced tough times himself and also found solace in the hope that…

  • Sensational "Quotational" Devotional (2019 Junior Devotional)
    Kim Peckham

    Sometimes quotes can be funny. Sometimes they can be inspiring. Sometimes they are famous. And sometimes, they make us stop and think. Each daily devotion in Sensational Quotational Devotional begins with a quotation. You will recognize some of them, such as:* Curiosity killed the cat,* Early to…

  • A Guide to Parenting
    Jeffrey Brown, Pattiejean Brown

    On the Winning Team With Your Children Do you feel sometimes you’re losing the battle? Do you feel sometimes that you have actually lost? Your loss may be a relationship that went badly wrong, regret over an action you took or failed to take, an argument with your son or daughter, memories of…

  • Burned Out on Being Good
    Steven Mosley

    …church body? Does it fill you with spiritual enthusiasm? Does it create an irrepressible joy for salvation? Does it nurture a healing love? If, sometimes, it doesn’t—this is a great book for you. Steven Mosley doesn’t circle the issue—he hits the nail straight on the head.…

  • Living God's Love
    Douglas Cooper

    …of Christians who dare to love as Jesus loved. Do you dare to love enough? To trust? To forgive? To listen? To feel? Loving people is sometimes easy and fun. Sometimes it is the hardest work in the world. But it is always the most rewarding. This book tells how to become an expert at it. Click here…

  • A Dog for Darcy
    Birdie Leigh Etchison

    …She discovered that it’s hard to make friends in the big city too. And when you do find a friend, sometimes she moves away. A Dog for Darcy is the story of how one girl found that even the worst problem can turn out all right in the end—though sometimes in ways that you least expect.

  • 20 Questions God Wants To Ask You
    Troy Fitzgerald

    Life-changing encounters with the divine. Sometimes we think that God exists merely to answer our questions when we are in trouble or perplexed. Quite often we become very upset when the answer is not forthcoming. In this book, it will be God asking the questions and waiting for an answer. How each…

    $14.99 $3.97
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  • Escape From the Flames
    Alden Thompson

    …temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Sometimes labeled as controversial but always known as an honest seeker of truth, scholar and author Alden Thompson shares how Ellen White escaped a fearful…

  • Martin Luther Audio Book 3-CD set

    …to triumph, and the powers of darkness to prevail. Luther trembled as he looked upon himself-one man opposed to the mightiest powers of earth. He sometimes doubted whether he had indeed been led of God to set himself against the authority of the church. In anguish of spirit he threw himself with his…

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  • Jesus 101 Mark: Good News!
    Elizabeth Talbot

    Sometimes love and suffering require extraordinary and unexpected measures. Because sin separated us from God, we all need to know, deep within that we are forgiven. The Gospel of Mark is a very encouraging book because it reminds us that, no matter what we are going through today, the final victory…

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  • Meet the Cast
    Ray Markham

    …to tell here? Swivel the spotlight a little, and you’ll find that behind each of these names is a man or woman with their own hopes, desires, dilemmas…and sometimes darker motives. Join Ray Markham as he focuses in on these lesser-known characters in the greatest drama ever told.

  • Side Trips
    Keith Knoche

    …need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Sometimes you will laugh, sometimes you will grip the edge of your chair, sometimes you will turn your head to hide a tear, but always you will be fascinated by these fast-paced, true-as-the-gospel…

  • Salt, Not Mustard
    Bruce Manners

    …what the church can and should be. This book collects these “thoughts on being church,” giving comfort and challenge, sharing disappointments and possibilities, and reminding us of our calling as people of God to be “light and salt in a sometimes dark and tasteless world.”

    $13.99 $1.97
  • Sprituals For Piano
    Calvin Taylor

    …music ministry for over thirty years. He has toured throughout the world - his music has been heard and enjoyed by millions. Available Tracks:* Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child* Deep River* Hold On!* Steal Away to Jesus* Every Time I Feel the Spirit* An' He Never Said a Mumblin' Word* Go…

    $15.98 $5.97
  • Why Can't My Mate Be More Like Me?
    Len D. McMillan

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Have you ever wondered what makes people "tick"? If you are married, do you sometimes wish your spouse were more like you? Did you know it is probably a good thing he or she isn't? Did you know that differences of temperament can…

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  • He Chose to Listen
    Eileen E. Lantry

    Do you sometimes rebel when others tell you what to do? You’re no different from young people who lived before the turn of the century, when Ellen White, impressed by the Lord, directed in the establishment of a school in Australia. Students back then found the instruction hard to take and to…

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  • Family Faith (2017 Family Devotional)
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …God’s Word that uncovers beautiful, gemlike truths that families will be able to apply to living life in today’s crazy, busy, and sometimes overwhelming world. King Solomon was right when he said that there is nothing new under the sun. Everything we need to know about how to raise…

    $17.99 $16.97
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  • Mud: Off-Road Discoveries
    Rich Aguilera

    Mud is crammed full of fun, fabulous, and sometimes bizarre facts on edible bugs, barnacles, bears, and a bunch of other fascinating stuff. For instance, did you know:* The catfish has more than 27,000 taste buds—the most of any animal.* It is possible to lead a cow upstairs but not…

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  • At the Feet of Jesus CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …feet of Jesus? Songs Include:* When Love Was Born* Here He Is* Let’s Just Praise the Lord* Gentle Shepherd* When He was on the Cross* Sitting at the Feet of Jesus* Always Be a Child* Sometimes it Takes a Mountain* Somebody's Praying* Master of the Wind* You Are My All In All* Bowed On My Knees

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