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  • Stones of Fire
    Leslie Hardinge

    Meditations of the Jewels on the High Priest’s Breastplate, the Gates and Foundations of the New Jerusalem Leslie Hardinge, a deep student of the Scriptures and a master at drawing spiritual lessons from the natural world, has done it once again.

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  • Move the Stone
    Donna Willey

    …Willey story is one you won’t want to miss. It is full of hope, and courage, and evidence that when we trust God with all our hearts no large stone can block the power of Jesus’ resurrection in our own lives. Warning! Reading this book can actually change your life, you will never regret…

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  • Girl with Stone Heart Church Bulletin 1302 (Pkg of 100)

    "Create in me a clean heart, oh God; and renew a right spirit within me." Psalm 51:10 (KJV)

  • Seekers
    Bradley Booth

    …the boys thought they were only digging a rock from the ground, they were in for a surprise. As the large stone came free, it uncovered a pit that looked like a small cistern lined with stones. The pit was nearly filled with dirt, and in the middle of it was a mysterious clay jar. “Whoa! What…

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  • Symposium on Daniel
    Frank B. Holbrook

    …Daniel, William H. Shea 4. Early Development of the Antiochus Epiphanes Interpretation, William H. Shea Part II. Exegetical Studies in Daniel 1. The Stone Kingdom of Daniel 2, Douglas Bennett 2. The "Little Horn," The Heavenly Sanctuary and The Time of The End: A study of Daniel 8:9-14, Gerhard F.…

  • The Lord's Prayer Through Primitive Eyes
    Gottfried Oosterwal

    “Nana” (friend), teach us to pray.” How do you translate the kingdom of God or our daily bread for Stone Age people who eke out an existence and daily battle for survival. These meditations on the Lord’s Prayer enable us to see through “new eyes” as we revisit the…

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  • Fun With Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook
    Judi Rogers

    …enjoy nutritious foods. * Rocket Banana pops * Animalwiches * Apple Smiles * Timothy Turtle Bread * Edible Play Dough * Vegetable Robots * Super Stone Soup * Garden Basket Salad * Skinny Spaghetti * Nifty Nachos Plus: easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes, color illustrations, low in sugar, party ideas…

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  • We Can Trust The Bible
    Tim Lale

    Do you trust the Bible? You can if you know how God gave it to us. We Can Trust the Bible traces the story of how Moses received a table of stone on which God had written the Ten Commandments, the prophets had dreams and visions, and the Holy Spirit taught and inspired the disciples. It also shows…

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  • The World's Best Book
    William P. Pearce

    …has at least 37 authors. The World’s Best Book describes the rich, romantic history of the Bible as is discovered through the Book itself, stone records, ancient manuscripts, and the heroes that faced trial and sometimes martyrdom to preserve it. After reading The World’s Best Book, it…

  • The Last Warning Message and Other Bible Lectures
    Charles T. Everson

    …experience these vital messages for yourselves. Topics explored:* Which Day of the Week Did Christ Sanctify, Bless, and Keep?* Were the Tables of Stone Nailed to the Cross?* The Mark of the Beast* Saved by Grace* The Last Warning Message Originally published in 1929, these essays are still just as…

  • The Rock Hound Mystery
    Mary Duplex

    …yet,” whispered Casey as he pulled the twins to safety. Almost before he could get the words out, a huge boulder ricocheted off a slab of stone and rocketed past the frightened trio. Did someone set a trap for them? Get ready for adventure as you peer through the magnifying glass and untangle…

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  • 25th Anniversary Music Special

    …so celebrate with us as we look back, forward, and upward! Available Tracks: 1 Remember the Sabbath 2 Language of Canaan, The 3 I Have Fixed My Mind 4 Take Me To The Water 5 In The Sanctuary 6 Now Is The Day 7 Written Down In Stone 8 I Will Give You Rest 9 Marvel Not At What I Say 10 Beautiful Zion

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  • Origin by Design, rev. ed.
    Robert H. Brown, Harold G. Coffin, L James Gibson

    Did life come from chemicals? In search of evidence for design, the authors leave no stone unturned. After surveying the Genesis creation and flood narratives, they examine coal beds, fossil tracks, mass extinctions, glaciation, volcanism, carbon-14 dating, rates of mutation, and Neanderthal man,…

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  • Whom Shall I Fear?
    Ann Vitorovich

    …its teachings. There she found truth—but was it really divine? Or had humans, somehow, tampered with God’s law that was written in stone with His own hand? Whom Shall I Fear is a powerful book that will bring you courage and help you not just survive, but find hope and victory in…

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  • Reaping the Harvest
    Russell Burrill

    …to us from a New Testament Greek word conveying the meaning of "a messenger of good news." Those who bring bad news may sometimes say "Don't stone the messenger," meaning "I'm not the source of the bad news, so don't hold it against me--I'm just the one telling it." But as Seventh-day Adventists,…

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  • Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Vol 4 DVD
    Tony Moore

    …Jerusalem, where He was arrested in a garden, tried by the authorities, and condemned to be executed on a cross. You will explore the tomb and how the stone was rolled away. Then you will trace His footsteps from Emmaus to Galilee, where He prepared breakfast for the disciples, then return to the…

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  • Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Vol 4 Blu-ray
    Tony Moore

    …Jerusalem, where He was arrested in a garden, tried by the authorities, and condemned to be executed on a cross. You will explore the tomb and how the stone was rolled away. Then you will trace His footsteps from Emmaus to Galilee, where He prepared breakfast for the disciples, then return to the…

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  • Surely God Led
    J. M. Howell

    …life was filled with unique and memorable experiences. People tried to destroy him and his work, but God protected, opening escape holes in stone walls and surrounding the mission with shining soldiers. Surely God Led is the inspiring story of John Howell’s life, his mission experiences…

  • Os dez mandamentos (Português)
    Loron T. Wade

    …went beyond the surface and looked at the powerful implications of these ancient principles? “The Ten Commandments have to get off the stone tablets and into our hearts,” he says. “Only the obedience that springs naturally from a transformed heart will make any real…

  • The Triumphs of Archaeology
    Roy F. Cottrell

    …Center to determine availability. In these modern times, while agnosticism and infidelity have sought to destroy faith in the Bible, the very stones have cried out in defense of God’s Word. Discoveries in the Bible lands during more than a century have affirmed and reaffirmed the authenticity…

  • The Lamb Scroll
    David Edgren

    …Isaac,” James said. The three children watched the father and son build the altar. Once the stones were in place, they placed sticks on the altar, as Isaac said, “Father, we have the stones, we have the sticks, and we even have the fire. But we have no sacrifice!” A look of pain…

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  • Good People Get Burned Too
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …because of her refusal to worship the gods of Singapore. But once she heard of God, and began following His ways and trusting in Him, she learned that her struggles were actually stepping stones to successful Christian living. Her story inspires struggling people to be patient and trust in God.

  • Bathsheba
    Tracy Morgan

    …but not for long. Bathsheba trembled when she heard the gossip. She knew the law said she should be stoned to death and that her mother and father would be required to throw the first stones. It was a night that would bring tragedy to their families, diminish the king in the eyes of his sons…

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  • Ambassadors: Studies on the 13 Apostles
    Leslie Hardinge

    …which they were to be arranged. Even these stones and their various colors are revelations of His plans. The purpose of this book is to study the character transformations displayed by the thirteen men who formed the apostolate, and the twelve precious stones which are the foundations of the Golden…

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