Sunday's Coming

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  • Sunday's Coming, Revised
    G. Edward Reid

    9 new chapters and 6 more updated! It's been nearly 10 years since the first edition of Sunday's Coming was published. Prophecy is being fulfilled at an ever increasing pace. The whole book has been updated and is applicible for today. Inside you'll read: The significance of the John Paul II funeral…

  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …humanity in the last days–the state of the dead, Sabbath and Sunday, false revivals, spiritism and the New Age, hell, and the pre-Advent judgment–Gulley shows how they depict Christ and His dealings with humanity and sin.. In Christ Is Coming! Gulley shows how our loving Redeemer longs to be forever…

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  • How to Think About the End Time
    Marvin Moore

    …Moore will share his thoughts on: * What constitutes a valid sign that the final crisis and the second coming of Jesus are really near? How can we know what is and what isn’t a sign? * If Sunday laws are to be a key issue in the final conflict, why aren’t they widely enacted and enforced…

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