Sunday Law

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  • Country Living
    Ellen G. White

    …Topics include:* A Call to Leave the Cities * Avoiding Labor Conflicts * An Appeal to Parents * Occupations in Rural Locations * Preparing for the Sunday Law Crisis * Colonizing at Institutional Centers * Guided by God’s Providences * Our Institutional Centers to be Away From Congested Areas *…

  • The Time of the End
    James L. Hayward, Sr.

    …Liberty and Sunday Law, Spiritualism and Hypnotism, The Sealing, Armageddon, Sinners and Satan Destroyed, etc. 2. 125-page Appendix that includes 26 different subjects such as: Creation/Science, The Trinity, Abortion, Christian Dress, Amusements, Immorality, Deceptions, the National Sunday Law, etc.…

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  • How to Think About the End Time
    Marvin Moore

    …a valid sign that the final crisis and the second coming of Jesus are really near? How can we know what is and what isn’t a sign? * If Sunday laws are to be a key issue in the final conflict, why aren’t they widely enacted and enforced today? * What should be our attitudes towards…

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  • The Reformation and the Remnant
    Nicholas P. Miller

    …reformers. Miller discusses such topics as biblical authority and inspiration, the great controversy theme, religious liberty and public morality, last day events and Sunday laws, and righteousness by faith and perfection, as he reveals why the ideas that shaped the Christian church still matter.

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  • The Fourth Dilemma (eBook)
    Pieter Erens Barkhuizen

    …on other eBook stores. Christians throughout the United States are enthusiastically supporting various movements that insist that God’s law must once again be the center of our lives, both personally and publicly. But is it actually possible to get the Ten Commandments back into our…

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