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  • Talking with God (2018 Primary Devotional)
    Marta Irokawa, Sueli Ferreira de Oliveira

    …but surely you do some of those things, right? All that is important. However, no matter if the day is sunny or rainy, there is something you cannot forget: to talk with your Father. That is why we created this devotional especially for you. Talking with God will make your day even more exciting.

  • He's Listening–So Talk to Him!
    Paul Bunday

    …need a deeper understanding of prayer, for what higher hope can we possibly have than to be linked with the Creator of the universe, to be able to tap His divine power? Nothing can be more pressing than that God’s people should experience all the supernatural power he has available for them.

  • Real Family Talk
    Willie & Elaine Oliver

    …and sex--anything and everything relating to relationships. "It is our hope that the information shared in this volume will serve as a catalyst to enhance your relationships, as you trust God to give you the desire and strength to honor Him in your most important daily interactions."--Willie…

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  • Scrap Talks with God
    Bob Uhrig, Sherri Uhrig

    …children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’” Matthew 19:14, NIV ”This journal is meant to encourage imagination and experiences that will connect the heart of your child more intimately with the heart of God. The suggested…

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  • God's 800 Number: Prayer
    Dr. Manuel Vásquez, Nancy Vasquez

    …Center to determine availability. Phone companies aggressively compete for the privilege of handling your calls. All for a price, of course. God’s 800-Number: P-R-A-Y-E-R talks about the ancient phone service we have available to us that connects us to God. To call, all you have to do is…

  • For God and Emperor
    Della Hanson, Herbert Hanson

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Herbert and Della Hanson lived in Onsrud, Norway, for thirteen years. The invitation to mission service in Ethiopia came as a surprise to both of them. For days, they debated the issue, talking over the problems involved in such a…

  • God Was There
    Martin Weber

    …Son of God, let us hold fast our confession.” (Hebrews 4:14). Think you know someone beyond hope? Think again. In the midst of our pain, God is always there. Click here to find this book as an eBook. Endorsements: "I loved the chapters I read. Thank you for the way you have talked about Jesus…

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  • Sent Home to Die
    Dorothy Shell

    …away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. For several months, Dorothy Shell’s entire body was paralyzed. She couldn’t talk. She couldn’t even move her eyelids! The people around her had no way to know whether she could understand what they were…

  • Sweeeet! God's Awesome Plan For You
    Jan S. Doward

    …wants to be friends with YOU! Yeah, little ole you! Who wouldn’t want to hang out with someone like that? Of course, God is this awesome individual we’re talking about, and wow, He has big plans for you! Check out Jeremiah 29:11—He wants to help you succeed in life and to give you…

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  • God's Holy Word: Is It Still Worth Dying For?
    Ellen G. White

    …different denominations. Talk about hodge-podge! Talk about confusion! The Bible speaks of only one God and one church. So why do the world’s nearly seven billion people worship thousands of gods in tens of thousands of churches? One great effort of God’s great enemy is to sow never-ending division…

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  • Stop Laughing: I'm trying to make a point
    Kim Peckham

    …insight and a twist of wisdom. “I’ve prayed for God to stop me from saying anything unkind. I’m not sure how that sort of prayer gets answered. Will I wake up one morning talking like Jimmy Carter? Or will God take the easy way out and just wire my jaw shut?” “Worry…

  • Pocket Signs - How to Pray - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    …just talking to the air? Is prayer something to do in a crisis? Prayer is such an important aspect of life for Christians. But for some its tough because they think He's angry with them for the wrong things they've done. This small tract lays out all the reasons why people pray, how to pray, when to

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  • Drugs Close to Home - Message Special Issue

    …new look to this popular sharing magazine. Updated to be more relevant and helpful in today’s drug scene, this special edition of Message magazine boldly points to God’s power to release us from the grip of substance abuse. Examines alcohol abuse among teens, talks about how to deal with…

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  • 100 Creative Prayer Ideas for Kids
    Karen Holford

    …in small group settings, or use them in your own prayer time to put a fresh sparkle into your prayer life! From "Bag of Bits Prayer," and "Blessings Basket," to "Garden Prayers," this book provides a smorgasbord of simple activities that will help kids and adults find new delight in talking to God.

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  • A Horse Called Blackberry
    JoAnne Chitwood Nowack

    …And she’s decided to join the prayer group–clueless as to how this special time with God will affect the lives around her. Seven rambunctious sightless campers, a flighty horse named Blackberry, and a head wrangler with dashed hopes give her plenty to talk to God about. His answers help…

  • Honestly, I'm Struggling
    Heather Bohlender

    …place Heather Bohlender wanted to be—once she finally got there. She had been looking forward to serving as a student missionary nearly all her life and jumped at the chance to go on an adventure with God. But talking about going to Cambodia and actually going to Cambodia were two entirely different…

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  • Honestly, I'm Struggling (eBook)
    Heather Bohlender

    …place Heather Bohlender wanted to be—once she finally got there. She had been looking forward to serving as a student missionary nearly all her life and jumped at the chance to go on an adventure with God. But talking about going to Cambodia and actually going to Cambodia were two entirely different…

  • Rekindling a Lost Passion
    Russell Burrill

    …merely to redistribute the saints. New churches are demanded by the Lord of the harvest in order that the lost might be found. Existing churches simply cannot manage the harvest that God wants to send." Some talk much of ‘finishing the work." These pages are for those who want not just to talk

  • It's All About Him
    Lee Venden

    …Hardly Worth Talking About! You know you need God. But do you know how much God needs you? The One whose mercies are new every morning wants to be one with you! This book will move you beyond religious theory into a deeper walk with God. Lee Venden explains in simple terms how to make friends with…

  • Burst the Bubble
    Sung K. Kwon

    talking about self-serving Christianity, but other-serving Christianity. A Christianity that reflects Jesus’ heart of servant hood. We must make the shift from just going to a church to being a church in the world around us. We must pray for God’s intervention in our own lives, listen to

  • A Home for Su-Lan
    Margaret Rossiter Thiele

    …man, talking in low tones from the other end of the long k’ang. They were talking about their lack of money for fuel and food. She shuddered as she heard Father say he had arranged to sell one of the children. Which one would it be? Then she heard her name. She was the one to be…

  • Searching
    Omar Miranda

    …Omar Miranda welcomes you to the beginning of the end of your search. Here is the relationship that will complete you—a relationship that will perfectly meet your every need. Of course, he’s talking about a relationship with Jesus. With humor and clarity Omar tells you how to start that friendship…

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  • Brushed Back
    Ethan Fowler

    …Trevor—smooth talking was yet another one of his golden talents. Baseball was his life, and he figured he deserved all the perks that came with it. But God had something else in mind for His wayward child—it just took a while to get his attention. Over the next few years Trevor went to

  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 3
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …at the end of each chapter make sharing Bible lessons interesting and fun! In Book 3: From Sinai to the Walls of Jericho, your children will learn about the Ten Commandments, the Sanctuary, trusting God’s plan, honesty and more! Every story is an adventure in learning to be more like Jesus!

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