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  • Tears to Joy
    Mike Tucker

    …weakness, nor a lack of faith…It is the price of love.” If you have ever lost someone you love, you know how deep the wound cuts. In Tears to Joy, author Mike Tucker shares from his heart his struggles through the heartache of grief after the death of his wife of more than 40 years,…

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  • Some Rain Must Fall
    Elisabeth S. McFadden

    …have the chance to apologize to Wayne, set it right with him, and pursue their plans. Wayne took ill, and died unexpectedly. Staring through her tears at Wayne’s vacant chair, a new determination took hold of Karen on graduation night. She would make good. Wayne would be proud to meet her when…

  • Yesterday's Tears
    Dorothy Minchin-Comm

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. As the nineteenth century was coming to a close, the program of…

  • Island of Tears
    Herbert Ford

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. When sixteen-year-old John Tay shipped off as a sailor in 1848, his…

  • Samuel: Tears of a Nation
    Daniel J. Drazen

    His questions were much like ours . . . Does God see me? Why am I biding my time in this place? Where do I go from here? Reeling from the death of Eli and the destruction of the sanctuary, Samuel returns to Ramah and finds life at home strange and unsettling. His father, Elkanah, has his hands full…

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  • Peace Speaker CD
    Heritage Singers

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Song List* Blessed Are The Tears * His Heart Is Big Enough * How Could You Say No * New Wine * Peace Speaker * The Power Of Praise * Temporary Home * The River * Through His Eyes…

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  • When Heaven Pauses
    Kurt W. Johnson

    When you cry, God stops and listens What do you do when life tears up the rule book and throws the pieces in your face? In this book, author Kurt Johnson suggests that when you’re facing a crisis and you don’t think you can go on—Heaven stops what it’s doing and takes an…

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  • Leaning On Jesus
    Micheff Sisters

    …these sisters share their energetic enthusiasm for sharing Jesus. Song List* Take Up Thy Cross * I’ve Never Loved Him Better * For Those Tears I Died * Just a Little Talk With Jesus * Others * Springs of Living Water * He Knows Just What I Need * In Times Like These * Leaning on the…

  • Jesus Paid It All
    Christian Edition

    …US and around the world – also featured on 3ABN. Available Tracks: 1. God Wants To Hear You Sing 2. Holy Ground 3. Joy! 4. Praise To The Lord 5. Old Rugged Cross 6. At His Name 7. This Is My Prayer 8. Shout To The Lord 9. Tears In A Bottle 10. Jesus Paid It All 11. Jerusalem 12. Shine On Us

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  • Family Faith (2017 Family Devotional)
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …how to raise strong, resilient families can be found in the Bible. Through the stories of these ordinary people who, just like us, faced challenges and triumphs, tears and laughter, exuberance and exhaustion, we will learn how to honor God in our homes. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Christian Edition: A Men's Chorus "Please Sing" Volume 2
    Christian Edition

    …5- My Heart’s Desire 6- How Great Thou Art! 7- Lift Up the Trumpet 8- I’m Bound for the Kingdom 9- The Armor of God 10- Higher Ground 11- Tears in a Bottle 12- Coming Home 13- Kumbaya 14- God Wants to Hear You Sing 15- Beneath the Cross of Jesus 16- Jesus Paid It All 17- Jesus Saves

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  • Walking With Jesus
    Micheff Sisters

    …Happen* Sitting At The Feet of Jesus* I Just Keep Trusting My Lord* The Savior Is Waiting* I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now* The Old Country Church* Without Him* Redeemed How I Love To Proclaim It* He Was There All The Time* Just A Little Talk With Jesus* For Those Tears I Died* I Surrender All

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  • Love Out Loud
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …women have learned to watch and listen for God’s love in action—His love “out loud.” They have recognized His hands reaching out in welcome, His tears sliding down the face of a beloved friend, His voice whispering words of encouragement. And even when He was silent and the world seemed to be…

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  • Never a Dull Moment
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …and the familiarity of the humdrum, keep your distance from an academy girls' dorm. For its halls reverberate with nonstop energy, drama, mischief, tears and laughter. But if you love young people and can appreciate a dean's challenge of reaching through barriers with the love of Christ, you're in…

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  • Hymns for the Savior CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …My Cup Lord* Pass Me Not/I Need Thee Every Hour* Rock Of Ages* He Looked Beyond My Faults* I Must Tell Jesus* Have Thine Own Way* Nearer My God To Thee* The Lords Prayer* Holy City* I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked* The Old Rugged Cross* For Those Tears I Died* The Savior Is Waiting* Give Me Jesus

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  • Sharna and Poggy (Book 2)
    Alice Mertie Underhill

    …and LuDell stood on Lookout Rock, the highest point in the village, watching the steamer that was taking their teacher away from them. There were tears in Sharna’s eyes. Her friend LuDell also had been crying. Poggy felt a big lump in his throat, too, but he swallowed hard. The story continues…

  • Del Delker
    Ken Wade

    …of hardheaded. I mean, I rejected the call to join Voice of Prophecy three times. After the third call, I was pacing the floor, wringing my hands, tears streaming down my face—what should I do? My mom, perceptive and wise, said, “Del, you remind me of Jonah running away from Ninevah. If…

  • Beautiful in His Time
    Sandra Vincent

    …Read this touching story to discover how, “in His time,” God answered the prayers of a desperate woman and the needs of a troubled child. Share Sandra’s tears of joy as she listens to Noreen’s letter of thanks during “Parent Recognition” at academy graduation.

  • King's Heralds Volume 12
    The King's Heralds

    …When We Seek Jesus * Jesus Is Preparing Mansions * Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring * Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace * Standing on the Promises * Tears in My Eyes * I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say * View de Land * Little David, Play on Your Harp * Teach Me, Lord * Yes, He Did! * Turn Your Life Over…

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  • God Wants To Hear You Sing
    Christian Edition


    $19.98 $15.97
  • Singing Tree and Laughing Water
    Sylvia Hardwick

    When two little Native American girls are dropped off at the home of their adoptive family, many tears are shed. But it doesn’t take long for the irrepressibly curious Singing Tree and the slow-but-sure to trust Laughing Water to begin feeling part of their new family. With so much to see and…

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  • The One
    David Asscherick, Ty Gibson

    …look like a book, but this is no ordinary book. It is a labor of love and a treasure trove of biblical truth and beauty. Our blood, sweat, and tears of joy are in these sermons. We're asking you to hold these sermons, this work of heart, close to your own heart. "Why should you? "Not just because…

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  • The Prodigal Daughter
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …Maxwell, talent scout.” The Prodigal Daughter is based on the true story of a young and gifted woman who leaves home amid the protests and tears of her father. Headstrong and determined to become a star, Brianna soon finds herself swept into a world far different from the life of fame and…

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  • The Advance Guard of Missions
    Clifford G. Howell

    …Book Center to determine availability. It is said that when Columbus set foot upon a border isle of the New World, he fell upon his knees, and, with tears of joy, kissed the ground, and thanked God for His great goodness in bringing him safe to land. His comrades, bearing banners of the cross, knelt…

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