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  • The Ten Commandments Musical - Love At Work CD
    Ready Bible Study Series In Song

    Love at Work is a multimedia musical based on the Ten Commandments. It combines narration by Lonnie Melashenko, and live performances by acclaimed Adventist singers like: Wintley Phipps, Jennifer LaMountain, Rudy Micelli, Charles Haugabrooks, and many others.

    $15.98 $9.97
  • Ten Commandments Weekend 09

    Relive 3ABN's inspiring Ten Commandments Weekend 2009: Ancient Words—Ever True! This special multi-disc DVD set contains music, special youth programming, and sermons by C.D.Brooks, Jim Gilley, Wintley Phipps, Doug Batchelor, Mike Tucker and seven other speakers that will stir your heart.

    $69.95 $29.97
  • The StepFast Lifestyle Series
    Barbara Watson

    …(16MB recommended) OS 8.0 or higher 13 MB of free hard disk space Lifestyle Presentations Heart Disease: Dr. John Scharffenberg presents the Ten Commandments to Prevent Heart Attack Osteoporosis: Dr. Zeno Charles-Marcel builds a case for building bones in childhood. Cancer and the Immune System: You…

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  • Keeper of My Heart CD
    John Mathews

    …Keeper of My Heart, Stand by Me, Wonderful Peace and Wayfaring Stranger. Songs Include: 1. Follow Me 2. Brother 3. Keeper of My Heart 4. Jonah 5. Baptism 6. The Ten Commandments 7. Stand By Me 8. The Master's Call 9. Wonderful Peace 10. Sow'in Love 11. The Great Speckled Bird 12. Wayfaring Stranger

    $15.98 $9.97
  • Silver Anniversary Collection V4
    Heritage Singers

    …Of These Mornings * I’ve Got Peace Like A River * Jesus, Jesus * Bless That Wonderful Name Of Jesus * Joy Is Like The Rain * This Is My Commandment * I’ve Been Redeemed * You’ve Gotta Love Everybody * Love Is In Your Hand * Love Comes * Do Lord * Here Comes Jesus * Talkin’…

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