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  • Yet Will I Serve Him
    Marvin Moore

    …Whether you use these stories for personal reflection, family worship, or sermon illustrations, your spiritual experience will be deepened by the testimony of these bold witnesses for God. Through your own trials, large and small, you too can be a witness for your Lord. Click here to find this book…

  • Searching For Lost Love
    Ricardo Bentancur

    …consideration. This book tries to express the consideration of a heavenly Father who loves His children. Ricardo intertwines Jesus’ prayer with testimony from his own life and the cardinal truths of the Word of God for man’s salvation. Thus the book is a colorful journey with vibrant…

  • An Evening with Michael Harris DVD
    Michael J. Harris

    Michael Harris, President of Restoration in the Son Ministries International, has traveled the globe sharing his personal testimony of how God rescued him from a life of drugs by the way of the "One Step Program." This DVD captures the heart of a man who was once broken but now delivered and set…

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  • A Call to Stand Apart: Challenging Young Adults to Make an Eternal Difference
    Ellen G. White

    …inspired counsel on relationships, health, social justice, careers, the authority of Scripture, and salvation. Each chapter is prefaced by the testimony of a young adult who has been positively influenced by Ellen White and would like to pass that inspiration on to others. Join the missions of…

  • God Has Promised
    Ellen G. White

    …Temple called by his name. The faithful people of God who lived before Solomon, fourscore generations later, and down to our own day will add their testimony to the king’s. For while, in the words of the poet, "God hath not promised skies always blue," there are in His Word unnumbered pledges…

  • Set Free
    Michael J. Harris, James Ponder

    …deliverance from drugs and alcohol to thousands of people worldwide during his concerts. Now the power and passion of his and Amber’s testimony is in print. Set Free is more than a story about drug abuse, a tragic accident, and paralysis. It’s an unforgettable love story about a…

  • Simple Solutions DVD

    …buy foods that actually help you fight stress • Simple, quick cooking tips for a healthful lifestyle in a busy world • An intriguing testimony of one couple who made the change, and how it positively impacted every area of their lives! Simple Solutions not only shows you why a healthy diet…

  • ¡El triunfo de la esperanza! (Espanol)
    José H. Cortés

    …su esposa embarazada y lanzado súbitamente tras las rejas por sus convicciones religiosas. The Triumph of Hope (Spanish) This book is the testimony of the life of José H. Cortes, a minister of God who in his younger years was separated from his pregnant wife and thrown suddenly behind…

  • The Seventh Day DVD 5 Volume Set
    LLT Productions

    …early Christian era to the fiery executions of the "heretics" in Red Square. Hal Holbrook hosts this remarkable exposé, supported by the testimony of more than fifty historians and theologians with Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and Jewish perspectives. Thoroughly researched and carefully…

  • Amazing Journey, Amazing Grace
    Nancy Eirich, Ken Eirich

    …Adventist Church "We laid awake night after night reading Nancy and Ken’s story and could hardly put the book down. What a wonderful testimony to the power of God’s relentless grace to change lives!" –Steven and Kristen Wohlberg, Endtime Insights Radio and TV Ministry "Most…

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  • Radical Evidence
    Derek J. Morris

    “Show Your face, if You dare.” Clifford Goldstein was an angry young atheist, shouting at a God he didn’t believe in. Of course, there are many people like Goldstein who wonder if there is any real evidence for a living God and His Redeemer Son. Here, Derek Morris introduces you to…

  • Radical Evidence (eBook)
    Derek J. Morris

    NOTICE: We appreciate your interest in purchasing an eBook from AdventistBookCenter.com. You should be aware of the following before making your purchase:* Some technical skills are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it…

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, segunda parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …in the early Christian church. Frank González, in his intimate and captivating style, weaves little-known historical data and expert testimony into a tapestry of compelling truth. The Seventh Day series is a powerful and provocative look at a timely and explosive topic. DVD. 47 minutes.

  • Un Santuario en el tiempo, tercera parte DVD (Espanol)
    LLT Productions

    …It is a story riddled with fakes and forgeries, warped by legend and propaganda, and steeped in the schemes of patriarchs, popes, and kings. With testimony of experts from England, Scotland, and the United States, part three of this five-part documentary series presents new Revelations From the Lost…

  • Vibrant Life Special - Going Vegetarian
    Vibrant Life

    …30-Day Vegetarian Challenge Concerned that too many of her family’s meals revolve around meat, a young mom tries an experiment “It Transformed My Life” One man’s amazing testimony Healthy Appetite Lots and lots of recipes Ask the Doctor Is a vegetarian diet safe and healthy?

  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    …them answered. This is their story. Dudley puts faces on the statistics by focusing in on individual case studies. He cites the heart-wrenching testimony of desperately lonely people surrounded by uncaring members. They want to belong, to be needed, to be heard, to be loved. They made some mistakes.…

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  • Country Living
    Ellen G. White

    …Adventists have been guided in the choice of home environments and in their relationships to organizations of the world by the widely published testimony counsels on these vital points. As the omens of the impending crisis indicate the subtlety of the perils and the fury of the conflict before us,…

  • The Four Faces of Jesus
    Robert K. McIver

    …Is it a case of redundancy or revelation? The Four Faces of Jesus, by Robert K. McIver, profiles each of the gospel writers and shows how their testimony enables us to understand Jesus better when viewed from four different perspectives. As you read, you'll gain a new understanding of the parables,…

  • I Will Die Free
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …determined than ever to see the cross of Christ triumph behind concrete walls of unimaginable human misery. From a place where death is often preferred to life comes a stunning testimony of persecution and perseverance that will awe and inspire all who read it with the truth that our God reigns. "

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  • When All Alone I Stand
    Jan S. Doward

    …the stage. But God had another destiny in mind--and a life-changing encounter at sea. Some of Jan's bunkmates knew the Scriptures. One day their testimony hit home. "Oh, God!" Jan prayed, "forgive me for all of my selfish and sinful ways. Forgive me for taking the name of Christ without living His…

  • The Faith I Highly Recommend (eBook)
    John Thomas McLarty

    …device, please visit Adventist-eBooks.com for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. With colorful strokes of personal testimony and cleverly crafted comparisons, author John Thomas McLarty paints a picture of the laws of God that ultimately point to one profound truth:…

  • Hell and Mr. Fudge DVD
    LLT Productions

    …book that resulted from his research, The Fire That Consumes, is a compelling study on the subject of Hell and eternal torment. It stands as a testimony to a man who had the courage to search for truth and to pay the price for what he found. Hell and Mr. Fudge was honored with the 2012 Platinum…

  • En busca del amor perdido (Espanol)
    Ricardo Bentancur

    …consideration. This book tries to express the consideration of a heavenly Father who loves His children. Ricardo intertwines Jesus’ prayer with testimony from his own life and the cardinal truths of the Word of God for man’s salvation. Thus the book is a colorful journey with vibrant…

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  • The Word: Searching, Living, Teaching Volume 1
    Artur A. Stele

    “The International Bible and Mission Conferences (IBMC) held around the world are a testimony to the beauty of the Advent movement’s heaven-entrusted mission to prepare people for Christ’s soon coming. These biblical presentations have inspired pastors, teachers, administrators,…

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