The Coming Of The Comforter

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  • The Coming of the Comforter
    LeRoy E. Froom

    A classic study on the Holy Spirit LeRoy E. Froom answers some of the most vital questions concerning the Holy Spirit.* What is the difference between a prick of conscience and the promptings of the Holy Spirit? * What are the conditions of being filled with the Spirit? * Is regeneration the same as…

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  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …who never forsook her. Her prayer is that God will take the listeners hand and comfort them in whatever they may be going through. Available Tracks:* Under the Eye of Adonai* Song of Solomon* Listen to the Wind* Come Adonai* I Can See* No Name Like the Name of Jesus* On Our Knees* When I Follow My…

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  • Rest Beyond The River
    Stacy Piontek

    …of a solo piano washes away the stress of a busy week.' The music is based on tunes from the Seventh-day Adventist hymnal to provide the comfort that comes from familiarity and tradition. All of the arrangements are Stacy’s own. This music will challenge you to engage in a closer relationship…

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  • When Death Isn't Fair: Coping With Overwhelming Grief
    Joy Swift

    …surrendering the right to justice. How to enlarge one's coping range. And how to come to terms with God by understanding why He allows such tragedy in the first place. Born out of suffering, this book will encourage the comforter and empower the bereaved as they walk through the valley of the shadow…

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  • Cupcake Hill
    Juanita Napoles Romano

    …Pacific. After discovering that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth, her family decides to share their new faith with relatives in the Philippines. The trip to the Philippines proves to be a financial disaster. From the wealth and comfort of Hawaii, Juanita’s family plunges to a three-room…

  • Little Cabin By The River
    Joyce Neal

    …and comfort of family, the sense of belonging that came from worshiping in a small country church, and the blessings of family worship were what life was all about. No matter who you are, what stage you are in life, or what your experience, all will be reminded that it's never too late to come home…

  • Maranatha: Le seigneur revient (Française)
    Ellen G. White

    …four decades ago, and that will have once again today.* If we truly believe that our name "Adventists" defines us, this book of meditations will comfort us, confirm and even strengthen our faith, hope and trust.* If we have any doubt about the value and reality of our name, we will find here the…

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  • Rest Beyond The River
    David Tank

    Favorite hymns of hope and comfort arranged and performed by David Tank. David Tank, an engineer for the past 24 years and accomplished guitarist and vocalist, enjoys writing, singing, and recording music in his spare time. His home is in Modesto, CA, where he is very active with music at the Ceres…

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  • Your Daily Journey to Transformation: A Study Guide
    Janene Ayer, Jim Ayer

    …out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. When it comes to experiencing transformation in your life, it’s all about taking the first step—and that first step is always easier when supportive…

  • Secret of the Yellow Van
    Sandy Zaugg

    …had been cured of cancer. Why didn’t God answer her prayers? Was it because she wasn’t good enough? Their mother did her best to comfort Jennifer and her fourteen-year-old brother, Alex, who is learning to raise and sell exotic birds. One night as the family drove out of the driveway,…

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  • Christmas In My Heart Book 26
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …candidates, and there are thousands more in our old books and magazines. Sometimes, a certain story is passed over year after year—then here comes a year when God tells me: This is the year for this story! “Cherished and Shared of Old” has waited 26 long years! Stories in this book…

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  • The Advance Guard of Missions
    Clifford G. Howell

    …banners of the cross, knelt and wept beside him. These are the inspirational and heart-warming stories of missionaries who have gone before us. Coming out of the Reformation in Europe, they sought to spread the Word of God that had previously been chained to convent walls. The cross was brought…

  • Lift Me Up CD
    Dona Allen

    …Me Up contains 12 powerful songs featuring original music by the artist. As you listen to each track, you will hear powerful words of comfort. The presentation comes direct from Dona’s heart. As you listen to the message from the songs, read Dona’s personal comments to you on the cover…

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  • The Gift of Friendship
    Tamyra Horst

    …mentor, soul mate... They answer to many names. Come in different shapes and sizes. Fulfill various roles. And they're one of God's greatest gifts. They're friends. Through our friends, God causes us to grow, to laugh, to be hugged, and comforted,' says Tamyra Horst, author and women's ministry…

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  • Paz corazón CD (Espanol)
    Ysis España

    …also brings us closer to God and makes us depend more on his protective hand. The music that I have chosen for this production has been of great comfort, hope and peace to my soul during this part of the journey that we call life, but above all it has raised even more of my conviction and longing…

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