The Fighter

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  • The Fighter
    Ken Vogel

    …under his belt. The strategy, skill, and thrill of the fight charmed him. He loved the fight. He lived for it. That was his life—Piari, fighter! Piari, warrior! Set in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the 1940s and 1950s, this is the story of a tribal warrior. Whether in ancient times…

  • No Heil Hitler!
    Paul Cieslar

    September 1, 1939: “The stillness of the morning was suddenly shattered when three German fighter planes appeared from behind the mountain of Kubalonka. They were in strict formation, one slightly in front of the others, as if taking part in a demonstration, barely above ground level. I could…

  • Last Tiger Out
    Jan S. Doward

    …deeper and deeper into the political underground. Incensed by government corruption, he staged his own rebellion with a “runaway” fighter jet. Last Tiger Out tells the story of a frustrated young man’s attempts to change his government by force, and his discovery that…

  • The Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue DVD

    Join Rip as he teaches the White and Wali families the basics of a whole-food, plant-based diet. Step-by-step, Rip guides these families on how to take control of their own health by:* Undertaking a top-to-bottom pantry clean-out * Showing them how to navigate the grocery store aisles to not get…

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