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  • Bound fo' Glory
    Jean E. Holmes

    …Union stockade. Mean while, His sister, Laura may does the unthinkable-she falls in love with an enemy soldier, and worse, plots his escape from a Southern prison. Back home in the islands, gentle Angel and rebellious Zach, the Weldons' former slaves, fall in love despite the incredible changes that…

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  • The Southern Work
    Ellen G. White

    In answer to Ellen White’s historic 1891 testimony her son James Edson White began evangelistic and educational work among Southern Blacks, using a missionary boat that plied the Mississippi River. Ellen White produced an ongoing series of testimonies on this subject, which Edson gathered up…

  • A Touch of Southern Gospel CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …several years. He has appeared on several of their DVD projects singing your favorite southern gospel selections. Listen as Michael sings some of these great old songs on his album “A Touch of Southern Gospel”. Michael expresses his love for God as he sings, “Something…

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  • Rudo the Reckless Russian
    Herbert Ford

    …determine availability. This is about the high school basketball star, John Rudometkin, who enjoyed a storied college career at the University of Southern California and was dubbed "the Reckless Russian". He later spent three seasons playing in the NBA for the New York Knicks. When health issues led…

  • Beleeza Quests- The Rains Came
    Treasure Quest Ministries

    …home rather than a location with a "view." You'll frolic with Andrei and Jenya through the Woodlands, the Western Wildlands, the Lowlands, and the Southern Wildlands as they play and search. And you'll meet Volodya the weather squirrel and the king's daughter, Princess Nanga as they try to impress…

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  • Through The Years CD
    Tammy Shelton Chance

    A new project from Tammy Shelton Chance with a wonderful variety of worship songs. Some songs are old favorites with a little southern Gospel thrown in the mix. Songs Include: 1. I'll Tell It Wherever I Go 2. Because of Who You Are 3. He Will Carry You 4. Look Up High 5. My Father's Eyes 6. In The…

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  • Coyotes in the Wind
    Paula Montgomery

    …Becka Bailey series. Tall fir trees. Rustling winds. The eerie howls of coyotes in the night. All were part of life on Becka Bailey's mountain in southern Washington. For the next seven years, Mom, Dad, Becka, Kurt and their two dogs, Sergeant and Trooper, would experience adventure and danger in…

  • From Hollywood To Heaven
    Steve Wohlberg

    …to Heaven is the gripping true story of Steve Wohlberg, who started out as a happy, innocent little boy growing up in the Hollywood Hills of Southern California during the 1960s and 1970s, but who slowly yielded to the tainted, deadly influences surrounding him. By his teenage years, the allure…

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  • Thankful Heart DVD
    Kids In Tune

    …offered them tremendous support and since then the choir has been a blessing to the children as well as the church and community. * Thankful Heart* Southern Gospel Medley* Scars* El Shaddai* How Great is Our God* Servant’s Prayer* The Wonderful Cross* Give My All to You* Amazing Grace* Creator…

  • Light Bearers
    Richard W. Schwarz

    …publishing houses, and other institutions in the book Light Bearers to the Remnant. Now Floyd Greenleaf, for many years a professor of history at Southern Adventist University, has revised and updated the book to deal with the developments in the world of Adventism since the earlier edition was…

  • Timeless Treasured Hymns
    Liberty Quartet

    …via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Liberty Quartet This Southern Gospel quartet based in Boise, Idaho, travels the country giving concerts and blessing their audiences with their testimonies. This CD is the…

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  • All Of Me
    Shelly Rene

    This CD is a compilation of traditional and original songs with a southern gospel sound. Available Tracks:* All of You* Hide Me Behind the Cross* I Thirst* In The Garden* Glory - Hallelujah* Sinner Saved by Grace* The Middle Man* He Knew Me Then* He Washed My Eyes With Tears* In God We Trust* Is is…

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  • Little Journeys into Storyland

    Another goldmine of inspiration originally published by Southern Publishing Association in 1947. Over forty well illustrated stories that will live and lift; short biographical sketches of prominent African Americans, incidents of history, missionary effort, home and school experiences. These…

  • 'pon Jordan's Far Shore
    Jean E. Holmes

    …both of their homes and all their property. The Gullah people, now 'free,' continued to squirm under the heels of oppression-if not from their Southern taskmasters, then from their so-called Northern Liberators. Gilly lay in a foul, roach and rat-infested stockade on Hilton Head. His bowels were…

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  • I Can See
    Lila Cervantes

    …for cantatas, and for the Mark Finley Net ’95 series in Hawaii. Lila Cervantes has lived the life of a military wife, and presently lives in Southern California with her husband and their two beautiful children. I Can See is her debut album the CD is the story of her life. Every word that was…

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  • Preguntas y respuestas acerca de la ordenación de la mujer (Espanol)
    Martin Hanna, PhD, Cindy Tutsch

    …contribuirá a la luz que muchos están buscando sobre el tema de la ordenación de la mujer. Gordon Bietz, presidente de la Southern Adventist University Este libro ofrece un llamamiento a tomar en serio la Palabra de Dios y la obra esencial del Espíritu Santo. Los editores…

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  • Questions and Answers About Women's Ordination
    Martin Hanna, PhD, Cindy Tutsch

    …reading of this book will contribute to the light that many are searching for on the issue of women's ordination. -- Gordon Bietz, President, Southern Adventist University This book offers a compelling call to take seriously God's Word and the essential work of the Holy Spirit. The editors share…

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  • Adventist Pastoral Ministry
    John Wesley Fowler

    …union, and division levels. This book is a must in every Adventist minister’s library. Jack Blanco Former chairman, Religion Department, Southern College Every Adventist should read this book to understand better the role of the pastor and his relationship to the lay member. George Knowles…

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  • The Grace Pipeline
    Shelley J. Quinn

    …the meaning of righteousness by faith . . . Every Christian will benefit from this Bible-based study of salvation." -- Jud Lake, ThD, DMin -- Southern Adventist University "This book is pure gold. Shelley has hit a home run." -- Ty Gibson -- Co-Director and Speaker for Light Bearers Ministry Click…

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  • In Tune With God
    Lilianne Doukhan

    …appropriate and inappropriate, and—one which is very effective—horizontal and vertical. —Peter J. Cooper, DMA Professor of Music Southern Adventist University Lilianne Doukhan’s desire to bring reconciliation between divided factions in the church with respect to the matter…

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  • In Tune With God (eBook)
    Lilianne Doukhan

    …and rational, appropriate and inappropriate, and—one which is very effective—horizontal and vertical. —Peter J. Cooper, DMA Professor of Music Southern Adventist University   Lilianne Doukhan’s desire to bring reconciliation between divided factions in the church with respect to the matter of music…

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  • Christ Is Coming!
    Norman R. Gulley

    …with inexpressible happiness. Why don’t modern believers await Christ’s return with such joy? Norman Gulley, professor of systematic theology at Southern Adventist University, believes many Christians focus on lasts-day events instead of Christ’s return. We concentrate on our ability to endure until…

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