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  • These Fords Still Run
    Barbara Westphal

    …Lillian Ford is to understand how Seventh-day Adventists have carried the gospel to nearly every country. Lifelong dedication, heroic faith, almost reckless courage, plus an ever-present sense of humor – these traits have distinguished this pioneer missionary couple. To relive the Fords’

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  • The Miscellany of Pitcairn's Island
    Herbert Ford

    …a sea saga, as a romance, as an illustration of patriotism, as a missionary opportunity, and as a research project in anthropology. All of these facts, and more, converge and focus and continue to speak in the Miscellany, the Pitcairn Island newspaper. Like the log of a ship, the Miscellany…

  • Flee the Captor
    Herbert Ford

    …and to the point: "They were God’s children; they were human beings.’" – Haskell L. Lazere "Why was it that John accepted all these risks so readily? . . . he had that directness, that simplicity of faith, which made him realize that he was at all times in the hands of a loving…

  • Mission in the Clouds
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …provided with oxygen so they can breath, Orley and Lillian Ford spread the word of God. Despite incredible hardships--sickness, imprisonment, beatings by hostile nationals, earthquakes, and the death of three of their children--the Fords continually served God with their testimony, teaching, and…

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  • Encore!
    Dorothy Minchin-Comm, Dr. Virginia-Gene Rittenhouse

    …gum and bars of soap. Here Gerald Ford, while surrounded by a swarm of excited teenagers after a command performance, tell the ensemble: “You made me proud to be an American.” From Carnegie Hall to the concert halls of the Soviet Union, these young people have left audiences standing…

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