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  • Silver Hills Spa Cuisine
    Eileen Brewer, Cecile Gordon

    …perfecting vegetarian recipes and menus for Silver Hills Health Center and Spa. She has taught numerous vegetarian cooking schools as well as produced three Silver Hills cookbooks. When Silver Hills chef Cecile Gordon goes to bed at night, her choice for bedtime reading is cookbooks. She laughs when…

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  • Just Plane Crazy

    This is the wonderfully fun, true story of three boys' adventures one summer as they attempt to raise enough money to buy a mission plane. Rick, Tim, and Marcus are obsessed with flying. So much so that they decide to begin raising money for a real mission plane. With their allowance only trickling…

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  • Ellen G. White Comments from the Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary
    Ellen G. White

    …of making this material available to everyone. Quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White which were included in the 7-volume Seventh-day Adventist Bible Commentary are brought together in this volume. Also included: three appendixes from "Seventh-day Adventists Answer Questions on Doctrine"

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  • 10 Days In the Upper Room
    Mark Finley

    …Room and specifically study the preparation necessary to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 10 Days in the Upper Room is divided into three distinct sections: Examining Inspiration, Reflecting on Inspiration, and Applying Inspiration. You will examine the disciples heartfelt preparation,…

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  • Getting Back to the Heart of Adventism
    Robert S. Folkenberg

    …and re-committed themselves to the mission of the church. They understood that focusing on their special mission—the proclamation of the Three Angels’ Message—was vital to their survival. It is vital to ours as well. Each of us has a part to play. We must resist the two dangers…

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  • The Secret of Scarlett Cove
    Charles Mills

    Number three in The Honors Club series! A beautiful vacation spot. A secret cove. A dead dolphin. A strange baseball-cap–wearing girl who doesn’t know the meaning of fear, and a creepy water-park owner who uses dolphins to make money. These things all collide to make Alex Timmons’…

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  • Wonderful Words of Life
    Morris L. Venden

    …of your life once you’ve been converted? * Why is the power of choice superior to willpower in the battle to do what is right? * What are the three major reasons why we can’t deal with the "tares" right now? Find the answer to these and other questions in Wonderful Words of Life, a book…

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  • Signature Collection CD
    Merle Morgan

    At the age of 16 Merle began singing at Mills College Concert Hall in three languages and continued in classical concerts. In the late 70’s she began her spiritual experience in Christian music. Over the years Merle has toured with H.M.S. Richards Jr., Voice of Prophecy and other evangelists…

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  • Mosaic Worship Band
    Gary and Marilyn Venden

    …stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Mosaic Worship Band is indeed a "mosaic," comprised of three worship bands who never actually played together at the same time and in the same place, but they all participated in recording this worship music.…

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  • La evangelizacion y la terminacion de la obra (Espanol)

    …our theology, and the providential direction of God until the present can only deepen our conviction that the main intention of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, is to proclaim to the entire world the eternal Gospel of Jesus Christ in the context of the three angels message of Revelation 14.

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  • Claims Upon My Heart -The Sequel to Silence of My Love
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …everthing had changed. The runaway emotions James created in her heart were far greater than any schoolgirl crush. In Claims Upon My Heart, book three in the Chloe Mae Chronicles, Chloe finds herself falling in love and making decisions that will change the rest of her life. She still longs for her…

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  • Mission in the Clouds
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …Ford spread the word of God. Despite incredible hardships--sickness, imprisonment, beatings by hostile nationals, earthquakes, and the death of three of their children--the Fords continually served God with their testimony, teaching, and healing power. Thousands in South and Central America can…

  • Michael Asks Why - Abridged Version
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    …wondered into the kitchen where Mom was chopping carrots. She smiled as he parked on a stool next to her. "I've been thinking," he began. With those three words, Michael starts a life-changing discussion with his mother that opens his young mind to the issues behind the war of all wars. Michael Asks…

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  • Guide's Greatest Funny Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …in surprise as rowdy Mary and Betsy watch their mother’s strange behavior in church. And when a practical joke intended for Charlie gets his three friends in a heap of trouble. And when Jack, who thinks a lie will cover his secret, wakes up to a squirmy surprise. And when sly Sally gets caught…

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  • Pulling Life Together
    Arthur L. Bietz, Ph. D.

    …basic needs of life can be summed up in thirteen fundamental principles. These form the chapter headings of this book. Each chapter is divided into three sections—the meaning of the principle, Biblical parallels, and supporting statements from Ellen G. White. Author Arthur L. Bietz hopes that…

  • Jesus 101: Radical Discipleship
    Aivars Ozolins, PhD, Elizabeth Talbot

    …am weak, then I am strong! The Jesus 101 TV series “Radical Discipleship” with Mike Tucker and Elizabeth Talbot is now available on three DVDs as a companion to this book. The set is designed for group or personal study, matching each video presentation with a chapter in the book,…

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  • Del Delker
    Ken Wade

    …local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. I guess I’m kind of hardheaded. I mean, I rejected the call to join Voice of Prophecy three times. After the third call, I was pacing the floor, wringing my hands, tears streaming down my face—what should I do? My mom, perceptive and…

  • The Revive Cafe Cookbook 4
    Jeremy Dixon

    Following on from the first three Revive Cookbooks, this book features even more healthy and delicious recipes inspired by the Revive Cafes. Inside you will find a new "sides" section plus even more new recipes. Revive’s delicious vegetarian food contains whole grains, plant-based protein,…

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  • The Rock Hound Mystery
    Mary Duplex

    …off a slab of stone and rocketed past the frightened trio. Did someone set a trap for them? Get ready for adventure as you peer through the magnifying glass and untangle The Rock Hound Mystery with three kids who have a love for rocks and a nose for trouble. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • ¡¿Predica Bien!? (Espanol)
    Roger Hernandez

    …boring, the people who listen to us not only think that we are boring and irrelevant, but that God is also boring. That is why it is important to preach well. The book contains six steps that will improve your preaching, a professional evaluation for your sermons and three months of sermon outlines.

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  • Walkabout Long Canoe
    Dennis Steley

    …availability. This is the story of a four–week “long canoe” tour through the Western Solomon Islands by a young art teacher and his three young surfer friends. While the surfers seek out the perfect wave along the way, the author, Dennis Steley, seeks out and talks to the old men…

  • Secrets to Wellness
    Ernestine Finley

    …that you can put into practice immediately. Why should you read this book? Any woman who begins running marathons at seventy, places in the top three in her age group, and completes the marathon with no pain has something worthwhile to say. All change begins with a choice. Choose now to live a…

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  • Destiny (eBook)
    Karl Haffner

    … for a complete listing of eBooks and availability on other eBook stores. Quick, what did you have for dinner two months, three weeks, and six days ago? If you’re a little fuzzy on the details, you’re, well, normal. It’s easy to forget something you’re…

  • Heritage Reunion Live: Celebrating 45 Years! CD
    Heritage Singers

    …singers and musicians for the concert event of a lifetime as they celebrate nearly five decades of music and ministry. You’ll enjoy nearly three hours of your favorite Heritage songs performed live. This three-disc set is full of music that will warm your heart for years to come! DISC 1* No…

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