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  • Truth Matters - Signs Special - Too Loud to Ignore
    Signs of the Times

    Too Loud to Ignore beautifully teaches the truth about the three angels’ messages. It calls readers to fully accept the only One who deserves their worship, the Creator God. Now is no time to ignore the warning of the three angels of Revelation 14 or to put off making a decision for God! Here…

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  • Love Out Loud
    Ardis Stenbakken

    …out in welcome, His tears sliding down the face of a beloved friend, His voice whispering words of encouragement. And even when He was silent and the world seemed to be crashing down around them, they have felt His presence. You never know . . . you may have already heard His love out loud too.

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  • Mightier Than a Lion
    Kathy Beagles Coneff, Laura Samano

    Suddenly a booming voice rang out. “Mark!” the voice shouted so loud it sounded like an explosion in his ears. “Run! Now!” Mark was so shocked he did exactly what the voice demanded. Fear shot through him. His heart hammering against his ribs, he turned and raced back toward…

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  • Ending The Pain
    Lindsey Gendke

    …suicide note. In Ending the Pain, Lindsey Gendke examines some of the tough questions most of us don’t ask out loud. She addresses the lies that are whispered and believed by too many hearts and minds, by good Christians, in good Christian homes. Ending the Pain is the compelling account of a…

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