Treasures In The Sand

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  • Treasures in the Sand
    Orley Berg

    …validating the Genesis account of languages being confused at the Tower of Babel, proving the precise reliability of the biblical record. In Treasures in the Sand, author Orley Berg chronicles how these and other treasures—unearthed from Holy Land sand—continue to confirm the credibility…

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  • The Shoebox Kids 12 - The Mystery of the Abandoned Lighthouse
    Grant Perdew, Suzanne Perdew, Jerry D. Thomas

    …of the Abandoned Lighthouse is full of surprises and lessons in trust as two of the Shoebox Kids dodge "sneaker" waves, follow clues to a hidden treasure, and finally uncover Charles Perkins’ life-changing secret. A secret that changes Chris as well. #12 in the Shoebox Kids mystery series.

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  • The Miracle of the Book
    E. W. Erickson, Ruth Wheeler

    …Whether the Bible is read in German, Greek, Latin, English, or one of the other thousand languages in which it is being printed, it is God’s Word, kept by the miracle of His power. It has been hidden in caves and tombs, buried in desert sands, and treasured in ancient libraries, where men…

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