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  • Trees and Flowers Card Game

    Nature Series Games God’s "other book" has so much of that which is good and beautiful that it never becomes tiring. Each of the games consists of 12 sets of 4 cards each of similar categories of trees and flowers. The object of each game is to secure as many sets as possible. Skill in playing…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …on the Homestead in 1884 By Rosina Kiehlbauch 16. Time to Expand By Elsie Singmaster 17. Unto the Least of These By Florine S. Hollenbeck 18. Under the Banana Leaf Christmas Tree By Carolyn Rathbun 19. Merry "Little Christmas" By Agnes Sligh Turnbull 20. Hans and the Trading Game By Joe L. Wheeler

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  • Bible Stories to Colour, Vol 2

    …include: Jesus helping his father, good Samaritan, Jesus healing people, Jesus baptized, Jesus resists temptation, Jesus stops the storm, Jesus and Peter on the water, Parable of the sower, boy gives Jesus his lunch, Zacchaeus in the tree, Lazarus, prodigal son, last supper, and Jesus on the cross.

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  • Jungle Thorn
    Norma Youngberg

    …mushrooms when Mookit shouted, “Let’s play monkey!” It was one of their favorite games. They jumped into the edge of the jungle, grabbed hold of the long vines that hung from the trees, and began to swing. But this time, Kondima’s vine broke. She fell into the bushes and felt…

  • Hannah's Girls: Ruthie
    Ruth Merkel

    …sister, Aunt Bessie, and her doctor husband, Uncle Charlie, live downstairs. Ruthie loves the pretty yard with its flower beds and the great old maple tree. The possibilities for summer fun seem endless! Ruthie looks forward to all the adventures she’ll have with her best friend, Mary Ann. A trip to…

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