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  • Teach Us to Pray (Women's Sharing Book 2017)
    Tamyra Horst

    …that God loves you! It’s about leaning in—to trust Him. Grow deeply. Serve uniquely. Fight bravely. Pray boldly. It’s about knowing that you are chosen, and delighted in. In sharing her personal journey with prayer, Tamyra Horst paints a wondrous, awe-inspiring picture of a God

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  • Trusting God For Renewed Life
    Creation Health

    Trust in God speaks to the important relationship between spirituality and healing. Research shows that our faith, beliefs, and hopes can play an important role in our health. It may even help us live longer.

  • Prayer Stories
    Ernest Lloyd

    …willingness of the loving God he has been taught to revere. In his simplicity he asks, and God honors the trust. This book, first published in 1948, is a powerful collection of answered prayer stories illustrating the faith of children and showing how God honors their trust and answers their…

  • We Can Trust The Bible
    Tim Lale

    …people in languages they could understand. Finally, we see how the Puritans brought the Bible to America and how archaeology proves the ancient records. But we don’t need carved rocks and broken pottery to prove that the Bible can be trusted. We can trust the Bible because it is filled with God’s

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  • Animal Encounters DVD
    Adventist Media Services in Australia

    …from Brazil. In each episode they share their personal experiences as they encounter God’s creation. They meet other people who have found a closeness with their Creator as they help preserve, rescue and nurture animals that have been orphaned through hunting, injured in the wild, abandoned…

  • Annie's Trust (Book 6 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …holds her captive, or the anger that demands, “Where is God in all this?” The once bright, effervescent Annie Hawkins is forever changed by a devastating chain of events: a raging fire that destroys the Pownells’ estate in western New York, leaving disfiguring scars on her heart as…

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  • When God Made Rest
    George E. Vandeman

    …Sabbath rest leads to spiritual failure. When God Made Rest offers an explanation into the design and purpose of the Sabbath commandment. The author shows that we need God’s law, but we are not saved through that law. We’re saved by trusting in Jesus—and that’s the message of…

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  • Daughters of God Hardcover
    Ellen G. White

    …inestimable value in the sight of our heavenly Father. He created woman to stand by the side of man, equal in value before God, and associated with him in the work he was given to do. Contents* The Lord Calls Women to His Service * Women of Note in the Old Testament * Women of Note in the New…

  • Living God's Love
    Douglas Cooper

    …hardest work in the world is loving people. Can you identify? Loving the ugly, the negative, the crude, the flippant, the theologically incorrect? Is it possible to love them unconditionally? If you desire above all else to become an expert at loving, you will find Living God’s Love, by…

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  • Triumphant In Suffering
    Merlin L. Neff

    …the service of God? How are we to meet the bitter cup of pain and suffering? What is our reaction when heartaches and disappointments come? This book seeks to discover how the trusting soul must reconcile the dark and tragic experiences of life with his faith in the sovereignty of an all-loving God.

  • Faith: Saying Yes to God
    Herbert E. Douglass

    …a deep conviction, a trust in something or someone, or what? Revelation 14:12 declares that God’s people before His return will have the “faith of Jesus.” What is the faith of Jesus? Dr. Douglass presents the true nature of faith and what it involves in the life of the Christian,…

  • In a Little While CD
    Dona Klein

    …music truly is a gift from God. "In a Little While," the albums lead song, is followed by more than 21 tracks and six other medleys. You will sing along with all the hymns – just like karaoke. The album closes with "O Jesus, I Have Promised." Song List* In a Little While * The Old Rugged…

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  • Plenitude en Christ (Fullness in Christ) (French)
    Alejandro Bullón

    …heart is full of anxiety, fears, selfishness and complexities. The best path is to take your eyes off of yourself and fix them on God. Believe in Him. Trust Him. Each day, this devotional gives a verse and shows that, you can draw advice for today from the Bible suitable for facing the circumstances…

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  • John Knox: A Bold One for God
    Charles Garland Edwards

    …teachings of George Wishart, brought about such a change in his life that he firmly determined to bring about a reformation in Scotland. “Give me Scotland or I die,” he pleaded with God. “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him.” This was Knox’s stand. Throughout his…

  • Women in the Bible and Me

    God’s call to be a blessing—in the home, in the church, and in the community. You will learn from their mistakes, their successes, and their challenges. You will discover that God’s blessings are heaped upon the woman who trusts in the Lord. Through the stories of these women of the Bible, God has a…

  • A Search For Meaning In Nature
    Richard M. Ritland

    in a nuclear age when science is both feared and trusted. The layman who sees scientific "impossibilities" happening all about him can hardly help developing a faith in the theories of science. The remarkable accomplishments of science often lend credibility to even the tenuous theories taught in

  • More and Still More: A Passion for All God Offers
    Joe Engelkemier

    …says Joe. "God wants to give us, individually and collectively, every spiritual blessing the Bible offers." And the purpose of this book is to show you how to make these blessings-blessings of broknenness, trust, Spirit-infilling, oneness with the Father, compassion, and more-a reality in your life.…

  • Escape to Shadow Creek Ranch (3 Books in 1) Volume 1
    Charles Mills

    …back of a runaway horse on a ranch in Montana? Will he ever learn to trust people again? And is it true that God cares what happens to him? This book by Charles Mills is the first in the series and has three stories in one -- Escape to Shadow Creek Ranch, Mystery in the Attic, and Secret of Squaw…

  • Detective Zack 07 - Detective Zack and the Secret In the Storm
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …amazing adventure. But Zack has a bigger mystery to solve. Why didn't God answer his prayers when his aunt was sick? Is what the Bible says about prayer true? In the fury of the storm, Zack solves the mystery in the barn and learns an important secret—God can be trusted, no mater what happens.

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  • Good People Get Burned Too
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …because of her refusal to worship the gods of Singapore. But once she heard of God, and began following His ways and trusting in Him, she learned that her struggles were actually stepping stones to successful Christian living. Her story inspires struggling people to be patient and trust in God.

  • The Coming Global Crisis
    Marvin Moore

    …Book Center to determine availability. The Coming Global Crisis focuses on practical ideas for the spiritual preparation you'll need to keep a level head and a calm trust in God during any crisis, be it personal or the global one that is soon to come. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Wolf at Our Door
    Emily Mary Bell

    …He had gone down to the station to see if there was any railroad mail for him from division headquarters, and there IT was." Wolf at Our Door is the account of one family's struggle through the Great Depression and shows the peace of contentment, even among trials, that will come by trusting in God.

  • Lord, Give Me Patience--But Hurry up About It
    Keith Knoche

    …wither and die. In hard times, it flourishes and grows. From this plant, we have a simple word picture of Christian life. Keith Knoche brings us a number of personal experiences that have taught him patience. Through them, he found valuable spiritual lessons and greater trust in God. Click here to…

  • The Shoebox Kids 08 - The Rockslide Rescue
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …search begins. But no one knows that the car is down in the canyon! Can Willie trust Jesus to help them, even when it seems like they'll never be found? Join the Shoebox Kids in another exciting adventure that teaches us about trusting in God. Will Chris and Sammy figure our what happened to Willie…

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