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  • Devotional Boxed Gift Set 2018

    …Lessons, to remind us of the timeless truths of God’s love and providence for His children through the ages—a message particularly relevant to our lives today. Word to Live By is an invitation to step away from the distractions and the anxieties of life and to turn our eyes on Jesus.

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  • Guide's Greatest Hope Stories
    Lori Peckham

    …Soon Sarah could no longer hear her mother’s clear laugh or her father’s deep voice. Panic-stricken, she began to run. She made a wrong turn and was soon hopelessly lost in the woods. As the light waned and night came on, Sarah grew tired. Tears claimed her, and she curled up by a big…

  • In the Shadow of His Hand
    Vinnie Ruffo

    …gifts and talents, that he is protected by a higher power from all forms of evil. The seventh of thirteen children in one family of the West at the turn of the century did indeed seem to possess special gifts. And, countless times, when an evil force would have taken his life, he was spared. Guy J.…

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  • Inspiration Strings CD
    Give Glory 2 Him Production

    …a beautiful selection of quartet, and solo arrangements included in this album and performed by four passionate musicians and college friends. 1- Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus 2- I Need Thee Every Hour 3- If My People Will Pray 4- O Sacred Head, Now Wounded 5- I Surrender All (Medley) 6- Depth of Mercy…

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  • Reflecting Christ
    Ellen G. White

    A mirror turned away from the sun cannot reflect the sun’s rays. And a human being turned away from God’s Son cannot reflect His love to others. As Christians, our responsibility is to share with others what God has shown to us. Ellen G. White had much to say about this responsibility—and the…

  • Silver Anniversary Collection V3
    Heritage Singers

    …Joy, Love * I Searched The World * When I Need Him * Let The People Sing * A Quiet Place * I Heard The Voice Of Jesus * The Way That He Loves * Turn Your Life Over To Jesus * The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference * The Family Of God * Jesus Is Coming Soon * Sheltered In The Arms Of God * Sweet…

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  • Is Witchcraft the Way?
    Steve Wohlberg

    …author of 'The Hour of the Witch' brings you a special tract for sharing. With 20 in a pack this double-sided, three panel pamphlet is priced for sharing. This could be the turning point that wins a soul to Christ. Perfect for giving to friends, relatives, strangers or leaving on a literature rack.

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  • Sensory Secrets
    Catherine Schneider

    “Catherine Schneider has turned her three decades ...working with children into a must-have guide for parents, professionals and educators.” The Reading Corner, www.drlaura.com This is a great book with life-changing potential. Easy to read, it makes understanding sensory integration…

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  • W. W. Prescott: Forgotten Giant of Adventism's Second Generation
    Gilbert M. Valentine

    "Unbelievers turn pale and say, that man is inspired." –Ellen White to her son Edson What a preacher! His resonant voice could best a thunderstorm. Known for his wisdom, his vice was overwork. He was president of three colleges at once, and founded or laid the groundwork for four (Union, Walla…

  • The Team
    Kim Allan Johnson

    …Son died in agony for each of us. We got the opposite of what we deserved. We got the Best when we deserved the least.” Now it’s your turn to give your best to the least of your brethren. The church can reflect something of the glory of God. Through your words and deeds, in the home,…

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  • Serenity's Desire (Book 1 Serenity Inn Series)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …following the death of her mother, seventeen-year-old Serenity struggles to understand why God allows tragedy when He has the power to prevent it. Turning to her mother's journals she catches a glimpse of the God her mother loved and trusted. When her father, New York State's Assemblyman Samuel…

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  • Powerful Passages
    Dorothy Watts, Ron Watts

    …him the Nobel Peace Prize in 1952. ROMANS 1:17. When young Martin Luther heard God speak to him through Romans 1:17, his life took a 180-degree turn away from his previous understanding of salvation. He devoted his life to sharing the good news of righteousness by faith with the German people,…

  • Miracle From the Streets
    Cheri Peters

    …lasts only as long as the passion of the moment. What would it take to rescue an abused, illiterate, unloved barroom dancer from the streets and turn her into a leader who would inspire others to help "throwaway" kids find meaning and purpose in their lives? What Cheri needed was love. Unconditional…

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  • The Big Picture
    Ben Carson, M.D.

    …light of the Big Picture. Drawing on a vast array of experiences in roles ranging from trailblazing surgeon to public speaker, to husband and family man, Ben Carson shows how we can turn the course of our lives, out communities, our country, and our world by keeping the Big Picture always in mind.

  • Sinais de esperança (Português)
    Alejandro Bullón

    …and poverty are rampant, and natural disasters are worse than ever before, people find themselves hoping against hope that things will get better. Turn on the news, and you’ll be bombarded with stories of vicious crimes, cruel wars, and terrible disasters. From all appearances, our world seems…

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  • The Fragmenting of Adventism
    William G. Johnsson

    …to determine availability. 'Can the Seventh-day Adventist church survive despite success? Do our schools produce committed Christians, or do they turn our children into disinterested skeptics? Will the Adventism that galvanized the GI Generation fizzle in the hands of Generation X? Will independent…

  • The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier: Hosea-Micah
    Jon L. Dybdahl

    …their days demanded leaders who were not afraid to be different. As you study their messages don’t let the strong words and disturbing ideas turn you away. These radical reformers can lead us to renew God’s church today, if we only allow them to speak. The Abundant Life Bible Amplifier…

  • Letters To Thessalonians 3Q12
    Jon Paulien

    …lays out the stages of descent into sexual sin – the point being to help people recognize when they’re headed down that slippery slope so they can turn to God for help. Of course, there’s more too: counsels on church life, information about the antichrist, hope despite the depredations of death,…

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  • The Explorer Bible

    …whose big brothers sold him into slavery; Moses, who led an escape party to a foreign country; Elijah, who dared to challenge an angry king; Jesus, who turned water into wine and helped blind men see. With stories, prayers, puzzles and activities, this book makes exploring the Bible an adventure!

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  • Encountering God's Grace (eBook)

    …eBook stores. If you enjoy stories about God’s amazing grace . . . If you’ve ever felt discouraged and wondered if God is near . . . Then turn to the message for January 1 and begin a year of daily reminders that . . .* God is alive* He intervenes in the lives of those who love and serve…

  • In the Shadow of the Mob (eBook)
    Melanie Scherencel Bockmann

    …and his family had practically everything that money could buy . . . until his dad made a million-dollar mistake that would change their lives forever. Of course, no one but God knew that the change would turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to them—even though the enemy had other plans.

    $4.99 $2.49
  • Momentum (eBook)
    Heather Quintana

    …problem: Your destination is east, but you’re headed west. Simple solution: Take your foot off the accelerator and jam it on the brake, then turn the steering wheel and change direction. Voilà! But it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that changing directions in life…

  • The Man With the Reversible Foot (eBook)
    Susan Phelps Harvey

    …soldier. There are moments that make you laugh out loud. Whether he was pulling pranks on unsuspecting friends, showing off his trick foot that can turn around 180 degrees, or ending up at a honeymoon destination that wasn’t quite what he expected, Dick discovered that life is best when it’s full of…

  • Northern Lights (eBook)
    Kay D. Rizzo

    …away, Elizabeth eventually opens her grandmother’s well-marked Bible. Amid the turmoil of her life and the uncertainty of a world at war, Elizabeth discovers a God who has a plan for her life. But when it comes to matters of the heart, she finds it difficult to turn over her destiny to Him.

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