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  • Ellen, The Girl With Two Angels
    Mabel R. Miller

    …have shown you. Tell them I am coming soon." But Ellen was worried. "Jesus, I'm afraid. I can't speak to people." "Ellen," Jesus promised, " your angel will always be with you. And I will send an extra angel anytime you are in danger." So Ellen, the girl with two angels, became a messenger for God."

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  • Angels Over Manilla
    Ruth Wheeler, Hazel Wilcox

    …So begins the exciting true story of Hazel Wilcox and her family, missionaries in the Philippines at the outbreak of World War II, and of the angels who watched over them through bullets, bombs, hunger, and sickness and even while they sang Christmas carols as bombers screamed overhead.

  • Prayer Warriors
    Céleste Perrino-Walker

    …into the sky as a mangled plane disappears from view. Toby sinks to her knees in the snow. "No!" she screams hysterically. Noble glances at the two angels, and they nod in silent agreement. The decision is made--the judgment is fair. Both David and Toby O'Connell will have their chance to be drawn…

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  • Vidas al límite (Espanol)
    Alfredo Campechano

    …everyday life, drama, and of tragedy as well as stories of romance and adventure, of courage and faith, and stories of grace. You can read about two angels that take a family from a place of destruction, a king that seduces the wife of his loyal soldier, and of a young man who wastes his inheritance…

  • Spiritual Gifts, Volumes 1 & 2
    Ellen G. White

    …Controversy Between Christ and His Angels, and Satan and His Angels, by Ellen G. White, Battle Creek, Mich, Published by James White, 1858. Volume II. My Christian Experience, Views and Labors in Connection With the Rise and Progress of the Third Angel’s Message. Ellen G. White. Battle Creek,…

  • Really Living 2
    Don C. Schneider, Ken Wade

    From working with gangs in Greater Los Angeles to drilling wells in Guatemala, and from impoverishment in the Ukraine to luxury yachts in Florida, the people at the center of each story in Really Living 2 have one thing in common: they have answered God's call to serve and in so doing have found the…

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  • Spirit of Prophecy, Vol 4
    Ellen G. White

    …Protest of the Princes* Later Reformers* The Two Witnesses* God Honors the Humble* William Miller* The First Angel's Message* The Second Angel's Message* The Tarrying Time* The Midnight Cry* The Sanctuary* An Open and a Shut Door* The Third Angel's Message* The Third Message Rejected* Modern…

  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 2
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …The Last Straw By Paula McDonald Palangi 6. Have You Seen the Star? By Margaret Slattery 7. Christmas Island By Mary Ellen Holmes 8. The Tallest Angel By Author Unknown 9. The Tiny Foot By Frederic Loomis 10. Delayed Delivery By Cathy Miller 11. The Locking in of Lisabeth By Temple Bailey 12.…

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  • Getting Back to the Heart of Adventism
    Robert S. Folkenberg

    Angels’ Message—was vital to their survival. It is vital to ours as well. Each of us has a part to play. We must resist the two dangers facing us: complacency and worldly-mindedness on the one hand, and compromise and syncretism on the other. The proclamation of the third angel’s

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  • Tiempo CD (Espanol)

    …este talentoso cuarteto que busca llevar el mensaje de salvación al oyente. Incluye:* Maravilloso Dios* Grande es Dios* Esto es amor* Ángel* No tengo palabras* Brillar* Tiempo* Mi Dios por la eternidad* Háblame hoy* Mi respuesta Time CD (Spanish) Enjoy the balanced harmony and…

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  • Road To Nineva CD
    Steve Reeves

    This album won the 2008 International Angel Award and was named EIM’s “2008 Inspirational Album of the Year”. Available Tracks: 1. The Way That My Love Prays 2. The Ballad of Miss Lilly 3. Miracles Still Happen 4. The Master's Arms 5. Child of Cheam 6. Bearers of The Promise 7.…

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  • Fulfilling God's End-Time Mission
    Mark and Ernestine Finley

    …logical order of topics anchored in the three angel's messages* visit with a purpose* make effective appeals* answer objections* and nurture new converts Heaven's mandate is clear. The Great Commission of Matthew 28:19,20 rings in our ears. The three angels' messages of Revelation 14:6-12 move our…

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  • Detective Zack Series V4
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …and Dusty with no answers—until the mysterious Madame LaTonn asks an angel to help them. Once again, Zack is up to his hat in a mystery that leads to a discovery of truth—this time, the truth about angels. Every action-packed Detective Zack story builds faith in the Bible while capturing…

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  • Rain On Steaming Pavement CD
    Steve Reeves

    …SDA Christian singer-songwriter Steve Reeves features his acclaimed ballads among other Reeves originals. This album won the 2007 International Angel Award for music, and selections from the CD have been featured worldwide in Christian television, radio and Internet music broadcasts. Available…

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  • Symposium on Daniel
    Frank B. Holbrook

    …F. Hasel 3. Ereb Boqer of Daniel 8:14 Re-examined, Siegfried J. Schwantes 4. Translation of Nisdaq/Katharisthesetai in Daniel 8:14, Niels-Erik Andreasen 5. Spatial Dimensions in the Vision of Daniel 8, William H. Shea 6. Significance of the Cultic Language in Daniel 8:9-14, Angel M. Rodriguez

  • The Light Of That City
    Carolina Heart-Song

    …their lives. Judy Wolter-Bailey has completed 16 harp albums, and has won 16 Silver Angel Awards. Ginnie Hakes holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with an emphasis in voice. Heather Darnell has recorded two albums with the group “Vision” and has sung for many large events.…

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  • The Curse
    Cheryl Summers

    God knows how Satan is working, and sends his angels to watch over his children, to protect them from the Devil's power. And the battle is constantly going on between the angels of God, and the Devil's angels. The angels of God are clothed with a complete armor, the panoply of heaven, and, although…

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 5
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …that have stood the test of time. If you love old-time stories, this book is for your and your loved ones. Many families share a story or two a day from this series during the Christmas season. Christmas to me is far more than just a day, more even that the Advent and 12 days of Christmas–in…

  • The Prince of Peace Magabook
    Merlin L. Neff

    …Him forever in Heaven. Here are just a few of the stories you will read in this book: * Shepherds Hear the Angels Sing * Wise Men Come to Worship the Prince * The Men Who Followed Jesus * A Stormy Sea and Two Madmen * Zacchaeus Up a Tree * Nailed to the Cross * The Empty Tomb * I Am With You Always

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  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …WingsChristmas In My Heart Book 11* Serenity at Christmas* And the Two Were Made One* This Christmas Business* In Rememberance of Me* Lipstick Like Lindsay's * At Lowest Ebb* Christmas Love* The Christmas Doll* You Are Never Too Old* Two Red Apples* Angela's Christmas* The Best Christmas Pageant…

  • Adoración de lo Terrenal a lo Sublime (Espanol)
    Rosalie Zinke

    …and worship Him.” God has commissioned Seventh-day Adventists – all of us – to call people’s attention to the three angels of Revelation 14. But what does that really mean? In Worship, Rosalie Haffner Zinke shows us what true worship looks like through the Bible’s…

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  • Worship Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2011
    Rosalie Zinke

    “Fear God … and worship Him.” God has commissioned Seventh-day Adventists – all of us – to call people’s attention to the three angels of Revelation 14. But what does that really mean? In Worship, Rosalie Haffner Zinke shows us what true worship looks like through the Bible’s stories of the Old…

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  • Warm Winter Moments CD
    Dona Klein

    …Came Upon the Midnight Clear 7. No Room 8. C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S 9. We Three Kings/God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen 10. O Holy Night 11. Mary's Boy Child 12. Nobody Cared 13. Angels We Have Heard On High/Angels From the Realms of Glory 14. What Child is This 15. Somewhere it's Snowing 16. On a Silent Night

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  • Christmas In My Heart Book 25
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Herbert Jordan 6. A Christmas Invitation By Helen H. Trutton 7. Skookum Blue By John Paul Kilmer-as told by Louia Cottrell [Molly Blackwell] 8. The Angel Said By Olive Rambo Cook 9. Star in the East By Nelia Gardner White 10. Christmas Choice By Nora Ann Kuehn 11. Shopping With Grandmother Minton By…

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