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  • The Gospel Flies by Night
    Gerhard Padderatz

    …that the dialogues allows us ‘to be voyeurs. We can listen over the shoulders of Mr. Padderatz and Mrs. Naumann as they talk about everything from UFOs to hell, from 3-D movies in Heaven to the vexing problem of human suffering . . . Whether you agree with Mrs. Naumann’s skepticism and dismiss Mr.…

    $11.99 $9.97
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  • The Apocalypse
    Jonatan Dunkel

    …alliance* A deeper understanding of conspiracy theories* Revelations about who the antichrist really is* The shocking facts behind the Marian and UFO apparitions* Why doesn’t God end all the evil and misery around us?* Who changed His commandments and why?* How close is the end of the world?*…

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  • Psychic Roulette
    George E. Vandeman

    …Ford really come through from a world beyond on a best-selling typewriter? Who haunted Bishop Pike? Why do some crystal-ball predictions score and others miss? Are you aware of the price you pay for psychic healing? What are UFOs really up to now? All this and much more. Ignore it at your own risk!

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