Uncle Charlie

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  • Uncle Charlie
    Richard H. Utt

    …teaching and seminary administration are not usually classed among the exciting, dramatic occupations,” writes Richard H. Utt, author of Uncle Charlie and nephew of the man so many Seventh-day Adventist college and seminary students came to know and love so well. This is the story of Charles…

  • Hannah's Girls: Ruthie
    Ruth Merkel

    …house that sits atop a low hill on the corner of Hopkins Street and Auer Avenue. Mother’s sister, Aunt Bessie, and her doctor husband, Uncle Charlie, live downstairs. Ruthie loves the pretty yard with its flower beds and the great old maple tree. The possibilities for summer fun seem endless!…

  • Christmas In My Heart 25 Volume Boxed Set
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …Pennsylvania Deutsch Christmas* Trouble at the Inn* Christmas at Wittenberg* And It Was Christmas Morning* Joey's Miracle* Christmas in the New World* Charlie's Blanket* A Day of Pleasant Bread* Unlucky Jim* Christmas Day in the Morning* Pink Angel* Christmas Lost and Found* A Doll From Muzzy* Truce…

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