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  • The Last Empire
    Vanderlei Dorneles

    …composed of a set of symbols, historical documents, official speeches, movies, books, and sermons, among other things, that attach to the United States a messianic role in constructing a new world. “The Last Empire is an insightful and forceful presentation of Revelation 13 and America’s…

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  • Search for Certainty, 27. The United States in Prophecy, pkg of 100
    Mark Finley

    The United States in Prophecy

  • Sword of the Spirit #2 3 DVDs
    Steve Wohlberg

    Particularly relevant in light of recent events in the United States and the world, season two of Steve Wholberg's Sword of the Spirit TV program addresses important end time topics.

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  • Inspiring Animated Heroes: Abraham Lincoln DVD
    Richard Rich

    …Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. A century ago, only one man stood in the way of the disintegration of the United States of America – and he was a gangly, storytelling country lawyer from Illinois with no political experience at the national level. And yet…

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  • Praying With My Eyes Wide Open
    Jerold E. Beeve

    …wife, Dorothy, immediately made plans to set up a clinic on the island. But how could they afford all the additional equipment and its transportation? Could they rely on the IRS to approve their 501(c)3 request at the last minute? And would the United States ambassador to Fiji ever answer his phone?

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  • War In Heaven War On Earth DVD
    The Lincoln Project

    A nation splits apart. A church stuggles to come together. In the 1840's - 1850's the United States wrestles over the issue of slavery, white former Millerites struggle to find their voice after a Great Disappointment. By the 1860's, both reach a tipping point. Will they come together or be torn…

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  • No Matter the Cost
    Elaine Egbert

    …Commander Hellman’s face grew dark. “You have a contract with the United States Navy. Why are you not fulfilling that contract? You signed this paper saying that you would give your services to the United States Navy, but now you refuse. You are not only disobeying the Navy, you are…

  • The Secret of Scarlett Cove
    Charles Mills

    …one he’ll never forget. What started out as an innocent attempt to earn another Pathfinder honor, turns into a wild crusade to stop the United States Navy, and Chilson’s Fantasy Land from hurting marine wildlife. Secret of Scarlett Cove is a thrill-a-minute adventure for juniors that…

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  • Lincoln & Emancipation
    The Lincoln Project

    …debates with Stephen Douglas make Abraham Lincoln's name nationally known, he is sent to Washington D.C. as the sixteenth President of the United States . . . whose unity is already unraveling with secession. Finally Lincoln issues the Emancipation Proclamation and urges passage of the Thirteenth…

  • The Gospel Flies by Night
    Gerhard Padderatz

    On a night flight from the United States to Frankfurt, Gerhard Padderatz meets a woman whom he calls Margot Naumann. All night long they explore the most basic questions of life: Why are we here? Where are we going? If there is a good God, why is there so much pain and injustice in the world? How…

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  • Mamma Stahl and the Butterfly Girl
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. This story is not only about Mamma and Papa Stahl, missionaries who left the United States and went to South America, but also about their little "butterfly" girl, Chave, whom they brought up as their own little girl. Chave's father…

  • The Christ-Centered Life
    W. B. Ochs

    A certain copy of the Constitution of the United States has been modified by an artist so that the face of George Washington seems to look out from the letters on the page. So also does the face of Jesus Christ look upon us from the pages of the Bible. He and the Scriptures are in perfect harmony;…

  • We Explore the Earth
    Howard A. Munson

    …a group of young explorers. The material has been gathered from field experiences over a period of twenty-five years, in many sections of the United States and Canada. This book will inspire readers to explore the wonders of the natural world at their doorsteps, and to learn more about the God who…

  • Hymsessions
    The King's Heralds

    …harmony, balance, and a cappella style of The King's Heralds Quartet has been enjoyed not only in the United States, but also in over 50 countries. Their audiences have included heads of state, governors, and ambassadors. They have been a favorite with audiences of all ages for over 80 years and…

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  • The Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement
    Helmut H. Kramer

    …booklet grew up in a family devoted to the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Reform Movement. His father served in the ministry in the United States. Pastor Kramer himself eventually entered the worker force of the Reform Movement and, together with his wife, gave many years of dedicated…

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  • Love, Kirsten
    Rainey H. Park

    …where she served as a student missionary. Kirsten’s death shocked the Yapese people and devastated her family and friends back in the United States. In this compelling true story, you’ll fall in love with a winsome 20-year-old who laughed, cooked, jogged, and most of all, loved her Lord.…

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  • Adventist Pioneer Places
    Merlin D. Burt

    It started as a movement: in tiny homes and small churches in the northeast corner of the United States. Now the Seventh-day Adventist Church circles the globe, and its members are numbered, no longer in the dozens, but in the millions. Although the church’s beginnings were small, the stories…

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  • Revista Adventista - yearly US subscription (Spanish)
    General Conference Sabbath School Department

    …Twelve monthly North American Division issues come without charge to most church members in North America. The NAD editions can be purchased alone or with the 40 issues of the regularly weekly subscription. Overseas postage is necessary for addresses outside the United States, Canada, or Bermuda.

  • Revista Adventista - yearly non- US subscription (Spanish)
    General Conference Sabbath School Department

    …Twelve monthly North American Division issues come without charge to most church members in North America. The NAD editions can be purchased alone or with the 40 issues of the regularly weekly subscription. Overseas postage is necessary for addresses outside the United States, Canada, or Bermuda.

  • Banish the Night
    Leonard Barnard

    …least half a million stone-age people who were not supposed to exist! Lying north of Australia, this island, about a tenth of the size of the United States, became the scene of a tremendous invasion by Christian missionaries. Missionary pilot Len Barnard shares some of the thrilling adventures of…

  • The Adventists Trilogy 3V DVD Set
    Martin Doblmeier

    …Dominican Republic. * The Blueprint, the story of Adventist Education, takes the viewer into one of the largest faith-based school systems in the United States. Discover how the "whole child" approach to education -- teaching body, mind, and spirit -- is transforming lives. All three films together!…

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  • Take His Word
    Marjorie L. Lloyd

    …guides to be offered to viewers of the It Is Written telecast. These guides, in pamphlet form, found their way into thousands of homes in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. We believe that Take His Word, now brought together in book form, will continue to prove a delightful and…

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  • How to Enjoy Those September Years
    Elisabeth S. McFadden

    …well qualified to give some suggestions how you, too, can enjoy these years. You are but one of a growing population of senior citizens in the United States. You have arrived at the time in life about which the poet Robert Browning says, “The best (of life) is yet to be.” If you are a…

  • Stories of My Grandmother
    Ella M. Robinson

    …to be His prophet and the many struggles with poverty and sickness she went through. When the Seventh-day Adventist Church first started, the United States was a land of pioneers. Mr. and Mrs. White rode in open buggies, on trains that often wrecked, and on small boats that storms would toss about.…

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