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  • Daniel and the Revelation
    Uriah Smith

    …book in the late 19th century and sold door-to-door. Remarkably, Uriah Smith's interpretation of prophecy has borne the test of time and is as highly regarded and relevant today as it was years ago. With wisdom and clarity Smith explores the symbols, meaning, and significance of the biblical…

  • Uriah Smith: Apologist and Biblical Commentator
    Gary Land

    Interrupted on his path to Harvard, a young Uriah Smith threw in his lot with the first Sabbath-keepers. Soon his talents became indispensible to the growing church. He was put in charge of the church paper, the Adventist Review and Sabbath Herald, and his sharply worded opinions became familiar to…

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  • Uncle Uriah and Tad
    Kimber Lantry

    …type all over the pressroom floor. If it were not for the encouragement and counsel of Elder Uriah Smith, Tad might have given up his job and gone home to the farm disillusioned and discouraged. But Uncle Uriah was a real trailblazer for Jesus, and he inspired Tad to keep pressing on. Click here to…

  • God's Adventurers
    Roxy Hoehn

    How would you like to meet some of God’s adventurers? This book contains stories about William Miller, Joseph Bates, Ellen White, Uriah Smith, and others who were God’s Adventurers. Some were grown up when they began their work for God—others were still young. Primary-aged children…

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  • Vision in the Storm
    Rachel Whitaker Cabose

    …Did you know that teenagers played a significant role in the early days of the Seventh-day Adventist church? Ellen and James White, Annie and Uriah Smith, John Harvey Kellogg, and J. N. Andrews were not always as old as they appear in the black-and-white pictures we have of them. God used them while…

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  • A Living Sacrifice
    David Trim

    …the consequences. Too often, we tell only the same few stories from Adventist history, of Ellen and James White, Joseph Bates, John Andrews, Uriah Smith, and the first generation of pioneers. To these we occasionally add the stories of a few famous twentieth-century figures, major church leaders.…

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