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  • Values-led Lives
    Llewellyn Edwards

    What values do you live by? What principles drive your thoughts, words and actions? What would you sacrifice everything else for? In this book, Pastor Llewellyn Edwards, an experienced minister, missionary and church administrator, describes how the values that inspired Jesus can transform our…

  • Ellen G. White: The Australian Years, 1891-1900 (vol. 4)
    Arthur L. White

    …Australia and in Europe."–Letter 36, 1910. Her experience in producing biographical sketches of her life in 1860, 1876, and 1885 led her to see the value of such records. The manuscript "Australian Experiences"; her diaries; her reports of activities in the Review and Herald; and her…

  • Prove All Things
    M. Leslie Rice

    …more difficult to do both. There is great value in investigation. The genuine can stand investigation. The more truth is exposed to light, the greater its brilliancy. It is important for everyone to know the truth of God’s Word. Many beliefs have led many down the wrong path. This book invites…

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