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  • Vibrant Life Special - Heart Matters
    Vibrant Life

    This special issue of Vibrant Life will show you what you need to know about heart health, how to walk your way to better health, five spiritual practices that are good for your heart, and much more.

  • Vibrant Health
    Dr. Clemency Mitchell

    …and health experts, including top consultants in such areas as child health, breast cancer, heart disease and AIDS, have collaborated to produce a book in which the emphasis is upon full, vibrant health: how to attain it, how to keep it, and how to recognize the danger signals and take appropriate…

  • Heart Connection
    Ron and Nancy Rockey

    …desperate to find intimate connection. What we need is intimacy (in-to-me-see) – human moments when hearts connect, creating the splendor that couples wish for. But how do we get there? Heart Connection is a powerful combination of gripping true-life stories, fascinating cutting –edge…

    $13.95 $7.97
  • The Ministry of Healing Study Guide
    Jon Paulien

    …physical and spiritual laws of health than today, when stress, mental illness, heart disease, AIDS, and cancer are ravaging our society. Is there a better way to live? Do God and nature possess the secrets to a long life and peace of mind? The Ministry of Healing is a classic work that spells out…

  • Cuando el amor te alcanza (Espanol)
    José Cortés JR.

    life flourishes again. When love reaches you, it exposes the way we shelter ourselves under the love of the Father. The author comments on the most vibrant parable of the Bible, that of the prodigal son. Reading this book will fill your heart with the God of mercy, and you will experience the life

  • Joseph: A Story
    Terri L. Fivash

    …ruler under Pharaoh. You will delight in his conquest of the heart of beautiful Asenath. And you will be left with a deeper faith in his God. The author creates a detailed picture of daily life in Egypt with a cast of nearly 80 vibrant characters. Her narrative, filled with fresh insights into one…

  • Pictures of Jesus
    David B. Smith

    …Girls Who Missed the Wedding,” Smith unwraps Jesus’ simple stories. Woven from the stuff of everyday life, Jesus’ parables become windows into God’s heart and mind. “As we read these stories by Jesus, we discover that God’s people are here to bring healing…

    $16.99 $8.97
  • Foods that Heal
    George D. Pamplona-Roger, M.D.

    Before there were drugs, there was nature You can change your life by changing your diet. You can enjoy more vibrant health just by tapping into nature’s cornucopia of vitality-enhancing foods. Let world-renowned nutrition expert Dr. George D. Pamplona-Roger get you started on the pathway to…

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