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  • Walking With Paul Through the Book of Romans
    George R. Knight

    …served with relish. Maybe you always wanted to delve into Romans, but never had the time. But now you have a whole year! Once you had no guide to walk you through the book and explain its deep meaning. But now you do. So spend a few thoughtful moments each day exploring the riches of the gospel.…

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  • Walking With Jesus
    Micheff Sisters

    Filmed at the 3ABN studios, this DVD contains favorite songs from each of the Micheff Sisters CDs. The song title and the title of the CD on which it is recorded appear on the screen at the beginning of each song. Available Tracks:* He Knows Just What I Need* Reach Out To Jesus* I Just Feel Like…

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  • Walking With Angels
    Brian D. Jones, E. Lonnie Melashenko

    This book is part of the Pacific Press Heritage line up and is printed on demand. Please allow additional time for delivery. If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. More true angel stories! Have you ever seen an angel? Today it…

  • Walking with Ellen White
    George R. Knight

    …problems? So did she. Do you have a wayward child? So did she. Do you enjoy a good laugh? So did she. Do you struggle in your Christian walk. So did she. Walking with Ellen White puts flesh and a face on a person that too many people have seen only as a writer. Join George R. Knight in a journey…

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  • Walking Through the Bible With H.M.S. Richards
    H. M. S. Richards, Sr.

    …journey from Genesis to Revelation more than a hundred times. You are invited to make the same inspirational journey in this re-issued classic, Walking Through the Bible With H.M.S. Richards. Utilizing a special Bible-reading plan that takes you through God’s Word in the order in which events…

  • Learning to Walk With God
    Dwight Hall, Cari Haus

    …was looking for a practical, heart-changing religion. He wanted to walk with God like Enoch, Moses, and Elijah, but didn’t know how. "If the Bible is true," he wondered, "then where are the people that are walking the walk?" This search is not new of course, But it was this search–for…

  • Follow Me: How to Walk with Jesus Every Day
    Miroslav M. Kis

    …sensitive sketches of the people whose lives were transformed when they met Jesus, Miroslav Kis gives us new eyes. Donning cloak and sandals, we walk with Jesus through His world, watching as He transforms it heart by heart. We learn from Him how to transform our own world while avoiding…

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  • With Jesus in His Sanctuary: A Walk Through the Tabernacle Along His Way
    Leslie Hardinge

    With Jesus in His Sanctuary Topics swirling around the Sanctuary are being vigorously discussed in every quarter of the Seventh-day Adventist Church today. Questions like the following are being debated: Is there a Sanctuary in Heaven? Does it contain two or only one chamber? When did Jesus enter…

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  • Walking: Miracle Medicine, Package of 100 (Vibrant Life Tracts)
    Vibrant Life

    This colorful, pocket-sized tract contains valuable health information designed for sharing–why not keep some in your wallet or briefcase? Contains ordering information for Vibrant Life and the Discover home Bible study plan. Eight foldout pages, size 2 3/4" x 4 1/4".

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  • Follow Me (eBook)
    Miroslav M. Kis

    …sensitive sketches of the people whose lives were transformed when they met Jesus, Miroslav Kis gives us new eyes. Donning cloak and sandals, we walk with Jesus through His world, watching as He transforms it heart by heart. We learn from Him how to transform our own world while avoiding…

  • Living in the Sunlight
    Ellen G. White

    …us how to find it. This volume explains the ABCs for happiness and successful living which will enable you to live in the sunshine even while walking in the storm. This booklet is taken from a larger book, Thoughts from the Mount of Blessing, and contains the following chapters: On the Mountainside…

  • Secrets of the Sea
    Colleen L. Reece

    …exciting adventure to the fascinating world of water. In the process, they encounter creatures great and small that go slurp, gurgle, and swish: walking catfish, frogs, turtles, oysters, herons, cormorants, pelicans, puffins, grunions, pigfish, seals, walruses, sea otters, octopuses, starfish,…

  • Kidlicious Cookbook
    Stephanie and Anneliese Howard

    …answers the question "How do I get my kids to eat healthier?" Get into the kitchen with your children and learn how to make healthy and fun recipes while you enjoy the adventure. Fun recipes include Make a Monkey for Breakfast, Apple Nachos, Salad on a Stick, Walking Tacos and Kidliciable Pizza.

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  • Mighty Long Way CD
    3 Voices

    …two in French, the album is an international effort.* The Water is Wide* Woke up this Morning* Forever in His Care* Come Ye Disconsolate* The Strange Man* Via Dolorosa* Have You Heard the News?* Prés de Toi* Two of Me Walking in One Man Blues* Grateful* You Brought Us Out* New World Coming

  • Yes, I Remember Ellen White DVD

    …The DVD includes conversations between two of Ellen White’s grandchildren, Arthur White and Grace Jacques. The two share stories while walking together at Elmshaven, Mrs. White’s last home. And who wouldn’t be captivated by the recollections of H.M.S. Richards Sr., filmed…

  • It's Time to Stop Rehearsing What We Believe and Start Looking at What Difference It Makes
    Reinder Bruinsma

    …Answers that motivate you to live your faith in the real world. Answers that transform Adventist traditions into heartfelt convictions. If you agree that Adventism shouldn't be the "dos & don'ts" and just a bunch of talk . . . And if you're ready to start walking the walk with Jesus . . ."

  • And God Cried Out, "Why This Suffering?"
    Jean Sheldon

    …there is a solution to the woes of humanity. If we let God be the Friend to us He longs to be, suffering will still confront us. But with Him, the suffering will be bearable, sometimes even beautiful. You can still walk through deep valleys of anguish, yet you will have Him walking beside you.

  • Flight 122
    Barry Mosier

    …into a blazing inferno. The Mosier family’s dramatic escape from the flames on April 15, 2008 caught the attention of the entire world. But walking away from this life threatening plane crash is only part of their incredible story. Sacrifice, miracles, and answered prayers; God stood beside…

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  • Calvary Means Heaven To Me
    Pam and Jimmy Rhodes

    …to Me”. This husband and wife team has dedicated to the Lord through their sacred music. Available Tracks: 1. Each Step Of The Way/Jesus Is Walking 2. I Heard God Today 3. Calvary Means Heaven 4. In My Heart There Rings A Melody 5. El Salvador 6. Savior, Like A Shepherd Lead Us 7. One Day At A…

    $15.98 $5.98
  • Chosen
    Jack J. Blanco

    …pages the story finds Adam and Eve swept into a dazzling world of vibrancy and energy. In awe, they are captivated by the tender love of Divinity walking and talking with them. But keep flipping the pages, and the story turns darker, more complicated. There is trouble: rebellion and deceit, battles…

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  • Principles for Christian Leaders CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …leading, and guiding His people. Amid the challenges that leaders deal with each day, we would do well to remember that the only safety for any one of us is in walking humbly with God, going where the Master leads the way. With our eyes on Him, our confidence can be found in following His footsteps.

  • Patty Jo in Happy Valley
    Ruth Wheeler

    …little click, click, click interrupted her thinking. She listened. The sound was coming from the hall. Patty Jo turned quickly. A meadow lark was walking into the room, his toes clicking sharply on the polished floor! Patty Jo has an exciting summer ahead of her. She had come a long way on the train…

  • Modern Parables
    Morris L. Venden

    "They say that we're all ignorant-just on different subjects. You may be a walking encyclopedia about computers, but know basically nothing about what's under the hood of your car. Someone else may be on airplanes who knows zilch about brain surgery. What a great help it is when someone begins…

    $10.99 $4.97
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  • Tracing the Footsteps of Jesus Vol 3 DVD
    Tony Moore


    $79.00 $49.97
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