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  • Powerful Passages
    Dorothy Watts, Ron Watts

    …on meaning and peace. She later became a missionary to Palestine where most of her life was spent working with the Jews. Authors Ron and Dorothy Watts offer proof of the power of God's Word with these and other awe-inspiring stories that you can use to add meaning to family worships, provide topics…

  • Dearest Folks
    Margaret Watts

    …memory, so much would have been lost. These letters are from the heart of a daughter, sister, and friend.” In 1956, Sydney nurse Margaret Watts and her husband Horrie set out on the adventure of a lifetime: mission service in Vanuatu (then the New Hebrides), followed by further years serving…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner, Book 2
    Dorothy Watts

    …* Back to School * Patriotic * Father's Day * Christmas * Valentine's Day * Christian Education Day * Mother's Day * Memorial Day Dorothy Eaton Watts gives you everything you need to present memorable programs that will get your Sabbath school members involved! You'll find 14 complete programs…

  • Escape From Saigon
    Ralph Watts

    …of the dramatic evacuation of Seventh-day Adventist Vietnamese and overseas personnel as the North Vietnamese forces closed in on Saigon. Ralph Watts, who directed the evacuation, gives his eyewitness account of the mayhem and its impact on the church. A page turner from start to finish, Escape…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner, Book 4
    Dorothy Watts

    The Busy Leader's Guide to Exciting Sabbath Schools This Sabbath School Program Planner includes: Interviews: Celebrity Hour Mini-seminars: Spiritual Olympics; Get Yourself Elected Modern Parables: Roadblocks to Friendship; Free at Last!; The Supermarket Quiz Programs: Survival Kit for Single Women…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner, Book 5
    Dorothy Watts

    14 Programs on the Fruit of the Spirit Love * Peace * Kindness * Faith * Self-control * Joy * Patience * Goodness * Humility * Bearing Fruit Plus 20 Creative Program Starters Here are 14 complete scripts and 20 program starters to help you present spiritually rewarding Sabbath school programs that…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner, Book 3
    Dorothy Watts

    14 Complete Programs Plus 14 Summer Survival Ideas Introduction: Summer Survival Ideas Demonstration: Sabbath School banquet Interview: Overcoming Shyness Mini-seminar: The Forgotten Gift Modern Parables: Drive Carefully!; Smorgasbord Christianity Quiz Program: Celebrity Surprise Scripted Panel:…

  • Sabbath School Program Planner
    Dorothy Eaton Watts

    Complete Sabbath School Programs at Your Fingertips Here’s what Book 1 includes: Demonstrations: Sabbath School Cake Interviews: Friday Night Traditions Miniseminars: Discover God's Guidance Modern Parables: Sabbath School Clinic Quiz Programs:Listening Test Scripted Panels: Freedom to Make…

  • Come Before Winter DVD
    Stories that Glow Collectors

    …Dietrich Bonhoeffer through the eyes of the British “Black Propaganda” radio broadcast team. Veteran journalist Sefton Delmer teams up with brassy young Jewish refugee, abandons BBC traditions and hurls 600,000 watts of jazz and junk news daily into the Third Reich. Runtime: 69 minutes

  • We Shall Be Changed
    Christy K. Robinson

    …moment! Nearly 50 authors contributed to this volume including: • William and Edna Maye Loveless • Dorothy Minchin-Comm • Don Starlin • Joedy Melashenko • Aileen Ludington • Kit Watts • Wellesley Muir • Jim Zachary • Herman Bauman • Hyveth Williams

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  • Christmas In My Heart, Book 18
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …. the fondest memories generally have to do with tough times.”—Joe L. WheelerStories in this book Introduction A Cradle Hymn By Isaac Watts 1. Simplicity at Christmas By Joseph Leininger Wheeler 2. The Magic of the Season By Isobel Stewart 3. Oren's Christmas Present By Idola Hill 4. So…

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  • The Bright Side of China
    Bob and Treva Burgess

    …—Edna May Loveless, retired English teacher “An amazing couple with a heartwarming story—a must read!” —Dr. Ralph Watts, former president of ADRA “An inspired account of God’s miraculous leading in the lives and ministry of committed missionaries, Bob and…

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