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  • We and Our Children
    Walter R. Beach

    …determine availability. First published in 1967 and re-released as a Heritage Classic, We and Our Children counsels the reader on subjects such as the role of the family, intimacies of married life, the children in the family, laziness and its cure, and many more issues that may come up within the…

  • What We Believe For Kids
    Jerry D. Thomas

    Our statement of fundamental beliefs can be confusing to a kid. Big words from fundamental belief 11 include “triumphed,” “subjugated,” and “communing.” Now, thanks to best-selling children's author Jerry D. Thomas, you can share your beliefs using kid-friendly…

  • What We Believe For Teens
    Seth J. Pierce

    …helps teens realize that our Adventist beliefs are actually amazing insights into a loving God who knows us better than we know ourselves. This fourth book in the Seventh-day Adventists Believe series is a comprehensive treatment of all twenty-eight fundamental beliefs of our church. Click here to…

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  • We Can Keep Them In the Church
    Gary Hopkins, Russell L. Staples, Myrna Tetz

    Success stories and ideas that can help us save our kids We Can Keep Them in the Church is a book of action, not theory. Through stories, interviews, and personal testimonies, some of our church’s best and brightest explain how they are making a difference in the lives of young…

  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    Between 40 and 50 per cent of Adventist youth leave the church in their 20s. Why? How can we keep them? How can we win them back? This book is the culmination of a magnificent obsession. For more than ten years Roger Dudley traced the lives of 1500 teenagers as they grew up and, often, grew…

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  • Cracking the Code: Behind Enemy Lines
    Ellen G. White

    …catastrophic disasters by land and sea appear to be universal, are far too common, and are happening in succession more quickly than ever. Today, we and our children have become hardened to these almost unthinkable and unbearable atrocities and disasters. Cracking the Code pulls back the curtain on…

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  • Eres de Jesús (Espanol)
    Noemi G. Galvez

    …You Belong to Jesus - Preschool Devotional 2015 (Spanish) Live and grow healthy! We all want our children to grow and become healthy Christian people. To achieve this, it is very important to instill in our children good habits from an early age and this is the major purpose of this book. Through…

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  • Who Was Ellen White - for Kids
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …for children. If we want them to become lifelong Adventists with faith in the Bible and in our church’s doctrines, then we must make sure they are well-grounded in what we believe. We must make sure that they learn to appreciate the blessing our church has received from the ministry of our

  • Vislumbres de nuestro Dios (Espanol)
    Jo Ann Davidson

    …is: the study of God. But, sadly, perhaps our thoughts about God don’t cover all that they could. It’s necessary to enlarge and enrich them with everything that God has revealed about himself in scripture. In this book we want to “do theology”, study God:…

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  • 100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families
    Karen Holford

    Looking for more family worship ideas? The most important gift we can give our children is the desire to love God and to follow and serve Him. The challenge facing parents today—as never before—is carving out time for daily family worship. 100 Creative Worship Ideas for Busy Families is…

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  • Pequeñas sonrisas – Devocional para niños (Espanol)
    Miriam Rodriguez Carrillo

    …Smiles (2017 Preschool Devotional) (Spanish) The main goal we have as mothers and fathers and Christians, is to cultivate in our children the love of Jesus, the best friend of children. What we want is for them to learn to make our Savior, the center of their lives. Little Smiles is 180 devotional…

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  • Shoebox Kids Bible Stories - Book 4
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …information to everyday life. Teaching our children means going beyond information and entertainment to helping them learn to apply Bible truths. Too many of us grew up learning about the Bible, but not getting to know God. We can help the children we love by showing them not just what the Bible…

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  • Slaying Your Dragons
    Len D. McMillan

    …in our minds. There must be a way to cut the dragons down to size. Can we truly be overcomers? In this, his latest installment on victorious Christian living, Len McMillan exposes the dragons in our lives (apathy, mediocrity, unfulfilled dreams) and reveals the winning tactics that children of God…

  • The Connected Family
    Paul and Carolyn Rayne

    children a priority, lead them to make a commitment to God, and teach them the tools for Christian living. “When we have won our children’s hearts, our parenting becomes not only more effective, but the rewarding experience God intended it to be.” Capturing the affections of our

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  • Hiking With Jesus (2020 Primary Devotional)
    Jim Feldbush

    …flowers, animals . . . it's ALL HERE! Take a "nature hike" through the Bible and discover all the wild and wonderful things that God made for our happiness. Through the eyes of each inspired author you'll learn about nature's great God. And whenever you see a piece of nature in the real world,…

  • I Surrender
    DuWayne Carlson

    …defeat? We tend to see surrendering as a sign of weakness. We're taught to fight back tears, bullies, and pain. We’re taught to suck it up, keep a stiff upper lip, and never let others know our true feelings. But in our relationship with God there's something powerful about surrender! If we long to…

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  • GraceLink Brochure- 50/Pkg
    Advent Source

    …availability.What is the GraceLink curriculum? Who developed it? Why should we use it in our church? All these questions and more are answered in this small brochure. Developed especially for local church leaders working with children's Sabbath school, this brochure answers the most frequently asked…

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  • Sing About God's Love Song Book
    Linda Koh

    Children love to sing! Learning songs is one of the tried and true methods of teaching children. Even those too young to read can memorize simple words and melodies. Sing About God's Love contains songs to help young children begin to understand the 28 fundamental beliefs of our church. A few of the…

  • Fruit of the Spirit
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …it matters that we know about them. And even though, as Mishanda says, things such as patience, goodness, and faithfulness “don’t sound like anything you could bake into a pie,” you can learn how the Holy Spirit wants to place love, joy, and peace in our lives so we can grow to be…

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  • A Little Book of Prayers for Parents
    Mary Barrett

    "Every great movement of God can be traced to a kneeling figure," wrote Dwight L. Moody. We are limited in what we can do for our children, but not limited in what we can pray. This little book is filled with prayers for parents to offer.

  • It Takes a Church
    Gary Hopkins, Joyce Hopp

    …to talk about sex and values.* Mentor our young people through strong, enduring relationships with adults.* Recognize religion and spirituality as a powerful influence in protecting youth and preventing risky behaviors, and more! Can we keep our kids safe and saved? Here is the information–and…

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  • My Gifts
    Anne Pilmoor

    What is the best gift you have ever received? Our gifts are given in order for us to bless others, as Ellen G. White’s book, Christ’s Object Lessons, makes clear in the chapter on Christ’s parable of the talents. We present some of her thoughts from that chapter here, along with…

  • Jesus of Nazareth Volumes 1 and 2
    William G. Johnsson

    …to come from infant lips; it sustains us through life; it will be our refuge when we embark on our final journey. "Jesus. All our hopes, for this world and the next, center in Him. Our best joys, our highest aspirations, our cleanest motivations, spring from Him. Every other name will pass away;…

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  • Natures Amazing Migrations
    Celedonio García-Pozuelo Ramos

    A practical tool to learn and get acquainted with nature. In this book of our collection we show you the sheer magnitude of the journeys endured by some animals that inhabit our planet. In them we are able to witness amazing displays of nature. Large and seemingly powerful animals and small and…

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