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  • We Can Keep Them In the Church
    Gary Hopkins, Russell L. Staples, Myrna Tetz

    Success stories and ideas that can help us save our kids We Can Keep Them in the Church is a book of action, not theory. Through stories, interviews, and personal testimonies, some of our church’s best and brightest explain how they are making a difference in the lives of young…

  • We Can Trust The Bible
    Tim Lale

    we see how the Puritans brought the Bible to America and how archaeology proves the ancient records. But we don’t need carved rocks and broken pottery to prove that the Bible can be trusted. We can trust the Bible because it is filled with God’s promises from beginning to end – and God keeps His…

  • Why Our Teenagers Leave the Church
    Roger Dudley

    Between 40 and 50 per cent of Adventist youth leave the church in their 20s. Why? How can we keep them? How can we win them back? This book is the culmination of a magnificent obsession. For more than ten years Roger Dudley traced the lives of 1500 teenagers as they grew up and, often, grew…

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  • It Takes a Church
    Gary Hopkins, Joyce Hopp

    …with adults.* Recognize religion and spirituality as a powerful influence in protecting youth and preventing risky behaviors, and more! Can we keep our kids safe and saved? Here is the information–and the inspiration–to transform your church into the caring community our young…

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  • Celebrations! Healthy Inside Out!
    Sonia Krumm, Shawna Vyhmeister

    …little decisions we make every day can help to keep us from getting sick. That’s why it’s important to learn the secrets for feeling good! If you choose to do these things every day, you will be happy and energetic. This doesn’t mean you’ll never get sick. We live in a world…

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  • It Must Have Been an Angel
    Marjorie L. Lloyd

    …or perhaps the fingerprints, of extraterrestrial ministration. Should we not all pray that God will alert us to His comings and goings in the form of divine messengers? We can't keep skeptics from scoffing, but we can in this book fan into a glowing flame the smoking flax of incipient faith.…

  • That Was Random (2016 Teen Devotional)
    Olivia Gold

    …our lives and cut back the clutter so we can have the most beautiful future imaginable. That Was Random looks at 365 different objects, from keychains and paper snowflakes to toy wagons and wedding veils, and shows how everyday objects can remind us to keep our focus on Jesus. “Therefor, if…

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  • Family Favorites With the Micheff Sisters CD
    Micheff Sisters

    …so that we can all go home to heaven. That is why we made this CD. This album is dedicated to 3ABN’s Kids Time Ministry. We pray as you listen to this CD and sing along with us, you too will realize how very much Jesus loves you.' – Micheff Sisters Song List* Without Him* I Just Keep

  • Zion: Champion for God
    Helen Heavirland, Joy J. Matthews

    …the wounded, where he would gladden the hearts of thousands of children. In this heartwarming story Joy Matthews tells how she discovered that God's plans are bigger than anything we can dream up. That it pays to put first the kingdom. And that the only things we get to keep are those we give away.

  • How to Feed the Mediavore
    Heather Thompson Day

    …notifications keep us constantly informed and track our friends’ every status update. We don’t miss a thing. Or do we? Have we become so connected that we’re disconnected from what’s actually important? Is it really so hard to communicate with an unseen God when we text, tweet, and e-mail people we

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  • The Sign
    Shawn Boonstra

    …Walk on the beach, and you can still hear airplanes passing overhead. There's no escaping the noise. . . . We have come to think of relentless activity as noble. . . . Even though we secretly resent working every spare minute of every day, we actually feel guilty if we spend time doing nothing in…

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  • Expect Great Things: How to Be a Happy Growing Christian
    Richard W. O'Ffill

    …and keeps us from getting lost in the details by focusing on the big picture. Sorting out the nuts and bolts of Christian living, he poses soul-searching questions. Is Jesus just an add-on in your life? What does it mean to be crucified with Christ? What about white lies? How can we hone…

  • How to Feed the Mediavore (eBook)
    Heather Thompson Day

    …notifications keep us constantly informed and track our friends’ every status update. We don’t miss a thing. Or do we? Have we become so connected that we’re disconnected from what’s actually important? Is it really so hard to communicate with an unseen God when we text, tweet, and e-mail people we

  • The Midnight Raccoon Alarm And Other Stories
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …came back," James announced. "They always scatter the trash and we never even see them!" "What we need is a raccoon alarm," his brother Jacob said. "Something that wakes us up when they start digging in the trash cans. What can we use?" What would you use to make a raccoon alarm? If you like stories…

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  • Self-Destruction: how to die of self and live in the Spirit of God
    Jeremy J. Anderson

    Satan is not your worst enemy! Jesus makes that clear in Luke 10:19. The enemy has no power over you, nor can he keep you from Heaven. The struggle with most Christians today is that we live to please self, as opposed to living to please God. Jeremytackles the complacency o f the church today while…

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  • In Quest of Life
    Arthur L. Bietz, Ph. D.

    …could understand. In Quest of Life, shows the reader that it is impossible for youth to understand the problems and thoughts of today, if we do not keep up with the new modes of thought and behavior which have emerged. Truth never changes, but it must be related to new conditions and experiences.

  • Revelation Pure and Simple
    Kenneth Cox

    …the next. As you walk through Revelation, chapter by chapter in this easy reading format, your eyes will be opened to the roles played by different nations of the world. Expect a blessing as you read, listen, and keep the things written in this book. You can depend on it, for He promised it.

  • A Thoughtful Hour
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …closing ones. As we thus dwell upon His great sacrifice for us, our confidence in Him will be more constant, our love will be quickened, and we shall be more deeply imbued with His spirit.'--Desire of Ages, p. 83. As precious as the story of Jesus is to each of us, our daily lives keep us so busy…

  • Adventist Hot Potatoes
    Martin Weber

    …the natural result of sin? It is OK to eat out on Sabbath? Will cheese keep us out of heaven? What should be done about those who “terrorize” people out of the church? Are we God’s final remnant, or are we Laodicea? Perhaps both? And, what about Ellen White? Many Adventists become…

  • Family Seasons Bible Book Shelf 2Q 2019
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken” (Eccl. 4:9-12, NKJV). In this book, we will explore the family seasons to see how sin derailed…

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  • The Fullness of Faithfulness (eBook)
    Lori Bryan

    …for her future when cancer threatened to end her life? How could these women keep giving to God when they simply felt like giving up? In 20 inspirational testimonies The Fullness of Faithfulness shows how women can find God’s peace and leading in turbulent times. Are you willing to discover…

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  • God is My Captain
    Lawrence E.C. Joers

    …things. Although men were used as instruments in writing, Scripture--the Holy Bible--is God's instruction book for man. Only in following God's instructions can wondrous results be obtained. By keeping God as the captain in our lives, following His instructions, we can have eternal life with Him.

  • Through The Years DVD
    Heritage Singers

    …Eyes/In His Time* Stand* First Day In Heaven* What A Precious Friend Is He* Can You Reach My Friend* One Day At A Time* Daystar* Getting Used To The Family Of God* Little Flowers* A Quiet Place* Forever Is A Long, Long Time* We Are The Reason* One More Day* When The Time Comes* I Bowed On My Knees…

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  • Rest Beyond The River
    Stacy Piontek

    …* I Cannot Tell Why * At The Cross * Softly And Tenderly * Of The Father’s Love * Amazing Grace * I Know Whom I Have Believed * When I Survey The Wondrous Cross * Shall We Gather At The River * “Tis So Sweet * Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence * Day By Day * Near To The Heart Of God

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