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  • Grounds For Belief
    Ed Dickerson

    …Grounds for Belief café. Some come for the baked goods and others for games. Some to condemn and some to praise, but all, including you, are welcome there. Don’t be shortchanged! Come along and eavesdrop on the conversations taking place at the café. And don’t be surprised…

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  • Revolution in the Church
    Russell Burrill

    …For those comfortable with the status quo of laity as spectators and pastors as the performers of ministry, this book may be less than fully welcomed. But for those eagerly awaiting the second Pentecost, the ideas proposed here–if implemented–will prove to the spark that ignites it.

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  • Welcome to Our Humble Commode
    Randy Fishell

    This item is temporarily out-of-stock via the web site. Some local stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. Listen up for laughs! Award-winning author Randy Fishell didn't need a travel budget to find amazing, true, and usually wacky incidents for his…

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  • ¡Bienvenidos todos! (Espanol)
    Roger Hernandez

    …para todo el que desee que su iglesia haga una diferencia en su familia y su comunidad. Everyone Welcome (Spanish) What breaks your heart? And what are you doing about it? In Everyone Welcome, author Roger Hernandez shares what breaks his heart and gives insight into the deep passion that burns…

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  • Unshaken
    Nathan Hall

    …Antioch These talented new Chapel vocalists are from Texas. All of the cuts on this album are their original songs. Song List * Man I’m Suppose To Be * Welcome Home Jesus * The Good Fight * Moving On * You Are My King * Until You Bless Me * On My Own * From Above * Red Hat Society * Unshaken

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  • Prime Time Living
    David White, Christy Yingling

    …new opportunities for growth. The stereotypical image of older people who are feeble, frail, unhealthy, lonely, and depressed has got to go! Welcome to Prime Time Living! In this timely book, authors David White and Christy Yingling blow away the myths associated with aging and provide a…

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  • God Space (2018 Teen Devotional)
    Tompaul Wheeler

    …central themes—one for each day of the week. Go behind the scenes of the Bible, science, Adventism, and spirituality and discover God’s incredible mission for your life. So defog your headspace. Put God in first place. Stop worrying about saving face. And welcome to a world of grace.

  • Sketches From the Life of Paul
    Ellen G. White

    …additions to the book and it was published as The Acts of the Apostles in 1911. A great many students of the Spirit of Prophecy will heartily welcome this photographically produced reprint of Sketches From the Life of Paul. It provides one more volume in facsimile form, filling in the steps taken…

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  • Simple Hope CD
    Christian Edition, Michael Spencer

    …more sorrow, pain, or separation. Songs Include:* When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder* In My Heart There Rings a Melody* Mansion Over the Hilltop* Welcome Home, Children* Gabriel’s Oboe* Mary’s Song* A Quiet Place of Rest* Gather at the River Rag* Be Thou My Vision* A Simple Song* For…

  • Shelter In the Storm CD

    …new approach. Songs include:* O, Come, Immanuel* Shelter In The Storm* Nearer, Still Nearer* Depth Of Mercy* Softly and Tenderly* Take the World, But Give Me Jesus* My Faith Looks Up to Thee* O, For A Closer Walk With God* I Hear Thy Welcome Voice* I Will Sing of My Redeemer* Nearer, My God, To Thee

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  • Ten Who Came Back
    Pat Habada, Tim Lale

    …caused them to be away for so long? No matter the reason—it’s great to see them again. Could you make a difference today? Will you welcome them? What will you say? If you’ve never left the church, you surely know someone who has. Ten who Came Back explores the thoughts, feelings,…

  • Let There Be Praise!

    …The Wonder of His Love * Keep Us Near the Cross * Alleluia! Christ Is Risen * Spirit Now Live in Me * Open Our Eyes, Lord * I Want Jesus to Walk With Me * Be Still and Know that He Is God * He Speaks to Us * This Is My Father's World * Welcome to the Family * Make Me a Servant * We shall Behold Him

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  • 10 Days In the Upper Room
    Mark Finley

    Welcome to an incredible spiritual journey! Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to proclaim the gospel to the ends of the earth in spite of such overwhelming odds? Why were they so different after Pentecost? In this book, you will revisit…

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  • Peace In The Valley
    Kelly Smith Mowrer, Jimmy Rhodes

    …personal enjoyment, it could be played as interim music between Sabbath School and Church or in the background at church gatherings. It will be a welcome addition to any personal or church music library. Available Tracks:* Peace in the valley* In the garden* Whispering Hope* Some Golden Daybreak…

  • Tiny Tots Sing for Jesus CD

    …the Tiny Tots program on 3ABN. A wonderful way to teach little ones just how much Jesus loves them. Available Tracks:* Tiny Tots Around the World * Welcome Song* Worship Bells* Prayer Song* Singing, Singing* I Like to Go to the Barn* Jesus Sends the Angels* A Little Talk with Jesus* I Talk to Jesus*…

  • Transformation
    Jim Ayer

    …into his own intensely personal journey and unfolds the practical wisdom and understanding God has provided for every person that leads to the re-creation of your whole person—from the inside out. It’s never too late to experience the power of transformation. Welcome to your new life.

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  • My Dog Book
    Ernest Lloyd

    …right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The Good Dog He does not forget you. He does not neglect to welcome you home. In prompt obedience, he is a model for children. He does not talk back. He does not gossip or find fault. He will run his legs off to make…

  • Champions of the King: The Story of the Apostles
    Sally Pierson Dillon

    …becomes Paul the apostle, you are there, watching him and his friends–Peter, Barnabas, Silas, Luke, John–turn the world upside down. Welcome to the acts of the Apostles as you've never known it before. Flat Bible characters suddenly jump into rich 3-D. Ancient stories come alive through…

  • Tawny: The Magnificent Jaguar
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …The great three-hundred-pound cat had never in his life met anything that he could not conquer…. “Just as the painted pair caught a welcome whiff of the pungent eucalyptus tree that marked the hidden jungle entrance they were planning to enter, Tawny’s quivering nostrils caught a…

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  • Day of the Dragon
    Clifford Goldstein

    …Ellen White still relevant in light of today's rapid restructuring of the world's's political powers? Or have her writings worn out their welcome in our thinking and become obsolete, narrow, and even embarrassing? Clifford Glodstein's Day of the Dragon is both an unsettling and a faith-affirming…

  • The No-Good Preacher
    Charles White

    …of paper stuck out from under the clothing piled on the rickety table. “Take your clothes and do not return,” the note read. “You are no longer welcome here.”   This loveless home was all 15-year-old Charles had ever known. Now he was homeless. Charles couldn’t remember his mother ever saying she…

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  • The Meanest Man in the Army and Other Grace Stories
    Stuart Tyner

    …Listen to chariots rumbling and soldiers marching to capture Prophet Elisha. “We’re surrounded!” cries Elisha’s servant. Who can help them now? Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of the Old Testament. These are the stories Jesus heard at His mother’s knee.Now let them shape the growing faith of…

  • Out of the Blue
    Charles Mills

    Welcome to Shadow Creek Ranch. When the engine of young pilot Nathan McMillen’s Cessna stalled, he figured he was done for. He was ten thousand feet in the air, flying a small, high-wing airplane over the rugged mountains of western Montana. Under these circumstances, a pilot doesn’t…

  • 10 Días en el Aposento Alto (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …Espíritu Santo lo habilite para ser un testigo poderoso de Dios en este momento decisivo de la historia terrenal. Ten Days In the Upper Room Welcome to an incredible spiritual journey! Have you ever wondered why the disciples had such death defying faith? What gave them the courage to…

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