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  • H. M. S. Richards Sr. Reads the King James Bible (Psalms and Proverbs)

    …distinct and compassionate voice of Harold Marshall Sylvester Richards Sr. was first heard on the radio in the early 1920's.  His voice is well known and well loved.  As you listen and enjoy the truth of the Word of God as read to you by H. M. S. Richards Sr., allow God to touch your heart with…

  • The Gospel of Love and Real Evangelism
    Peter J. Prime

    "God is love" with the two greatest commandments is the only authentic truth. Without it, there is no authentic reality of being or well-being and well doing for the world, the church, the family and the individual. All is worthless, all is hopeless and all is at an end. Hate as the antithesis of…

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  • Melody-All My Praise
    Melody Shelton-Firestone

    …album Melody shares "all her praise" in the form of four original compositions titled "All My Praise," "Send a Miracle," "One Night in Bethlehem," and "We Have Each Other" as well as seven other songs. Join Melody as she gives all the praise and all the glory to "her blessed Savior, Jesus Christ."

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  • Celebrate God
    Gail Pelley

    Celebrate God is a collection of personal short stories that point to the presence of God in everyday life. Use them in your search to see God, as well as in your efforts to point others to Him. This hard cover book contains 42 short, inspirational stories.

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  • Signs Special - We Believe
    Signs of the Times

    …of each of the 28 Adventist fundamental beliefs. Each one has the number and the title of its respective belief within the official statement of beliefs. Available in both Spanish and English for sharing with friends as well as using for evangelistic activities. Quantity pricing available.

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  • Life Matters - Signs Special - Living Longer and Feeling Better
    Signs of the Times

    This issue of the Life Matters series teaches eight natural remedies for good health by giving Biblical answers and practical tips for improving your lifestyle. Discover how to make your health a priority as well as six ways to supercharge your health.

  • His & Hers
    Sharon Platt-McDonald, MSc RHV, RM, RGN

    …stores may have stock. Please call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. This must-have book for couples and those preparing for marriage includes hints and tips from both the male and female perspectives, as well as the A-Z of intimacy. Learn the keys to successful relationships.

  • 7 Reasons Life is Better With God
    Nathan Brown

    …our problems, particularly for those who have no options left. But what about those who seem to have everything going for them? Who are well off, well fed, well educated, faced with many different opportunities, and apparently doing OK? The truth is that we don’t have to hit rock bottom to…

  • Little Journeys into Storyland

    Another goldmine of inspiration originally published by Southern Publishing Association in 1947. Over forty well illustrated stories that will live and lift; short biographical sketches of prominent African Americans, incidents of history, missionary effort, home and school experiences. These…

  • The Illustrated Bible (NAS) - Green

    New American Standard Version Bible with Illustrations The Illustrated Bible is a good way to bring kids, as well as adults, to a personal encounter with Jesus. It is a complete edition of the Holy Scriptures with more than 500 beautiful images that facilitate the assimilation of the great lessons…

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  • The Illustrated Bible (Spanish) (Reina-Valera 1995)

    The Illustrated Bible is a good way to bring kids, as well as adults, to a personal encounter with Jesus. It is a complete edition of the Holy Scriptures with more than 500 beautiful images that facilitate the assimilation of the great lessons of the Word of God.

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  • The Illustrated Bible (French) (Louis Segond 1910)

    The Illustrated Bible is a good way to bring kids, as well as adults, to a personal encounter with Jesus. It is a complete edition of the Holy Scriptures with more than 500 beautiful images that facilitate the assimilation of the great lessons of the Word of God.

  • Reborn of Pain (Portuguese)
    Marcelo Cunha

    At that particular moment it was going well at camp. The young men were enjoying themselves in the waters of the river. Marcelo, however, could not have imagined that one fateful dive into the water would change his life forever. After becoming tetraplegic and suffering with this new reality, he…

  • Praise The Lord With Harp DVD
    Judy Wolter-Bailey


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  • Ellen G. White: The Early Years, 1827-1862 (vol. 1)
    Arthur L. White

    …discloses the vital role the visions had in this development. This volume, as well as those which follow, help Ellen White become better known as an individual–a wife and mother, a neighbor and friend–as well as the messenger of the Lord, laboring tirelessly in the pulpit and on the…

  • Given to Him 2

    This second worship DVD features some of the most well loved hymns and songs of praise with stunning new musical arrangements set against breathtaking photography. It also includes a selection of specially commissioned songs including the hit song Better Than I, from the Dream works movie Joseph,…

  • Windows of Faith
    Pam Rhodes

    …filled with songs of praise as well as personal, everyday experiences of God’s divine interventions in her life. In this book, Pam shares stories about her childhood, teaching grade school, being married to the musically talented Jimmy Rhodes, as well as life lessons from her own children.…

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  • A Touch of Southern Gospel CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …“Sweet, Sweet Spirit”, and “I Will Glory in the Cross”. This may very well be Michael’s best album yet. Songs Include:* Something Beautiful* Sweet, Sweet Spirit* We’ll Understand It Better* I Will Glory In The Cross* Had It Not Been* I Pledge Allegiance To The…

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  • Principles for Christian Leaders CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …which men and women may engage. As we seek for wisdom to know how to lead well, we have the assurance that God is teaching, leading, and guiding His people. Amid the challenges that leaders deal with each day, we would do well to remember that the only safety for any one of us is in walking humbly…

  • Christian Edition: A Men's Chorus "Please Sing" Volume 1
    Christian Edition

    …This is the 1st Volume of the recordings. Songs included are: 1- Ancient Words 2- Take Me to Higher Ground 3- Be Ye Holy 4- It Is Well with My Soul 5- We’ll Cast Our Crowns at His Feet 6- No More Night 7- When the Kingdom Comes 8- Daystar (Shine Down on Me) 9- What a Friend 10- When the…

  • What Catholics and Protestants Should Know
    J. H. Meier

    …concerning its doctrines and practices. These publications, as well as numerous radio speeches and programs, have cheered many persons and probably vexed others. After many years of contact with both Protestants and Catholics, as well as months of study, the author is convinced that there are some…

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  • Secrets of Sanity For Stressed Women
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …"The fact that you are alive today is proof positive that God has something for you to do today. Hard work is not stressful. Losing control over your life is." Nancy Van Pelt has collected inspirational quotes from the Bible and well known authors to help you overcome the stress in your life.

  • Secret of the Desert Lights
    Sandy Zaugg

    …mystery with learning the difference between principles and rules. The second book in a series of stories that teach about various aspects of Christian life and shows the importance of keeping the civil laws, as well as God’s law, the Ten Commandments. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

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  • Perfect Peace Living Water
    Calvin Taylor

    …Available Tracks:* Kanon* Great Is Thy Faithfulness* O Jesus, I Have Promised* I Am Thine, O Lord* Open My Eyes, That I May See* Moonlight Sonata/ How Great Thou Art* Wayfarin' Stranger* Moment By Moment* Jesus Is All The World To Me* Perfect Peace* O Divine Redeemer* It Is Well With My Soul

    $15.98 $12.97
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