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  • Steps to Christ Illustrated
    Ellen G. White

    …Him better. Available in English and Spanish, the Illustrated Edition of Steps to Christ reveals Jesus as Savior to the world through beautiful photos. Jesus is the Friend of all, and this Illustrated Edition validates that message visually as well as in the words of this inspirational best seller.

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  • You Were Made for a Garden
    Creation Health

    …of us but that which affects what happens within us. All of our senses—sight, smell, sound, touch and taste—can influence our mood as well as our health, either positively or negatively. Research demonstrates not only the importance of our larger environment (air and water quality) to…

  • Signs to Life
    Kendra Haloviak Valentine, PhD

    …readers to respond more fully to Jesus' invitation to "life abundant." Signs to Life brings together these life-giving stories of Jesus, with pastoral exposition and vibrant New Testament scholarship, as well as reader responses from Carolyn Rickett, Daniel Reynaud, Jane Fernandez and Nathan Brown.

    $16.99 $12.97
  • It's A Beautiful World CD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    This inspirational music project is fun for the kids, as well as the whole family! Weaving scriptures and music together, Danny Shelton’s brand new songs make it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The…

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  • It's A Beautiful World DVD
    3ABN, Danny Shelton

    This inspirational music project is fun for the kids, as well as the whole family! Weaving scriptures and music together, Danny Shelton’s brand new songs make it easier for children to learn biblical truths. Songs include:* It’s A Beautiful World* I Love You, Lord* Seven’s The…

  • Meet the Cast: Lesser-Known Characters of the New Testament
    Ray Markham

    MEET the Cast Lesser-known characters of the New Testament Peter, James, John...Epaphras? Some of the New Testament characters might be less well known than others, but each was a real person with their own hopes and dreams, fears and passions. One worked for the governor of Cyprus; one founded the…

  • Be Still My Soul CD
    Michael J. Harris

    …of Jesus Christ. Songs Include:* There’s a Wideness in God’s Mercy* I Surrender All* Softly and Tenderly Jesus is Calling* Forgive Me* Your Grace Still Amazes Me* Grace Will Always Be Greater than Sin* As a Deer* It is Well with My Soul* Be Still My Soul* I Cast all My Cares Upon You

  • The Mystery of Consciousness
    Donald E. Mansell

    …If you need this title right away, please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. The great question of the ages might well be “If a man die, shall he live again?” Today the question gathers to an urgency heightened by intimations that our society may not…

  • Grand Old Camp Meeting
    Kelly Smith Mowrer, Jimmy Rhodes

    …Mowrer are talented musicians. Rhodes is well known for his keyboard talent on the piano and organ as well as being an accomplished brass performer. Mowrer is the music director for It Is Written, Three Angels Broadcasting Network and the Hope Chanel as well as using her gifts for speaking and as a…

  • Hymns & Spirituals V1
    Cynthia Winthrop

    …first volume of Hymns & Spirituals, is Cynthia's latest release. Her God-given talents have led her in a music ministry around the world as well as with her own group, A Touch of Faith. Cynthia's mezzo-soprano voice will bless you through eight familiar songs. Available Tracks: 1. HE'S SWEET…

    $15.98 $2.97
  • Touch Points -- How to Talk With a Dying Friend
    Larry Yeagley

    …How do you introduce the subject of spirituality? What can you do to show that you care without offending them? This tract answers all of that as well as explains that not all of it is talk. You show support in just being there and available to listen. The reader will gain an understanding of what…

  • The Other Side of Orion
    Gordon Kainer

    …the writings of Ellen G. White regarding the new heaven and the new earth. This book genuinely inspires us to want to rekindle our desire to spend eternity, in heaven, with Him. Suitable for youth and young adult groups as well as small group Bible studies. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $12.99 $2.97
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  • Parenting Boot Camp
    Kay Kuzma

    …of their children. The goal is not to be a "perfect" parent but to have fun, be an effective teacher, and create positive relationships. This book will be useful for conducting seminars and small group studies, as well as a stand-alone guide for parents. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

    $15.99 $6.97
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  • Counsels on Health CHL
    Ellen G. White

    …Topics include Essentials to Health, Diet and Health, Outdoor Life and Physical Activity, Teaching Health Principles, and Holiness of Life—as well as practical advice for doctors, nurses, and others who are engaged in healthcare. The handsome binding is durable, strong, and a great addition to…

  • Rockets and Raisins - Teacher's Text
    General Conference Education Department

    …and live together, and how God created families. Teacher's Textbook contains answers to student text questions. Contains key concepts, performance criteria, vocabulary as well as related material and teacher-led activities, worship ideas, and teaching strategies. Please allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

    $24.95 $4.97
  • Into His Likeness - Student Text
    General Conference Education Department

    …are being transformed into his likeness" (2 Corinthians 3:18, NIV). The eighth-grade Bible curriculum is composed of the student textbook, the student workbook, and unit tests. A teacher’s edition of the student text and the workbook, as well as keys for the workbook and tests, are provided.

    $25.95 $12.97
  • I Call On Thee Lord
    Marcelo Cáceres

    …where his journey in music began. Since then he has had the privilege of performing around the world—in various South American countries as well as the Caribbean and North America. For the past seven years Marcelo has served as piano professor at Andrews University. He truly is a gifted…

    $15.98 $11.97
  • Lo que creemos (Espanol)
    El Centinela

    …a brief but balanced presentation of each of the 28 Adventist fundamental beliefs. Each one has the number and the title of its respective belief within the official statement of beliefs. Available in both Spanish and English for sharing with friends as well as using for evangelistic activities.

    $1.19 $0.67
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  • Testimonios para la iglesia - Set 9 tomos (Espanol)
    Ellen G. White

    …of counsels from the Spirit of Prophecy contain spiritual commentary of a general nature, along with many letters of intimate instruction to members of the church during Ellen White’s time. Topics include; education, health, Spirit of Prophecy, family issues, as well as many spiritual matters.

  • Biografías Bíblicas (Espanol)
    Mario Pereyra

    …de estudio bíblico. Biblical Biographies This book reflects a richness and literary profoundness making reading easy. Presented in relatively simple and clear language, the psychological analyses the author does of the people as well as the problems presented reflect reality as we know it.

    $9.99 $6.97
  • The Sanctuary Service (Spanish)
    M. L. Andreasen

    …of Christ. How important, then, that we study the earthly sanctuary and its ceremonies, “the shadow of heavenly things”, in order to better understand God’s thoughts toward sin and his plan to save sinners, as well as the work of mediation and the glorious mysteries of redemption.

  • Counsels on Diet and Foods
    Ellen G. White

    …vegetarianism, fasting, digestion, overeating, and the relationship of diet to spirituality. Ellen White's writings in the field of health have stood well the test of time and the advances of science. Generations of readers have found them to be a powerful aid in obtaining that self-control that…

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  • Beyond Blessings
    John Mathews

    …on stewardship and the best of those are collected here. This book is an excellent resource for pastors and elders who need sermon material, as well as an inspiring read for anyone who wants to hear again the blessings of giving and acknowledging God’s ownership of our lives. Click here…

    $12.99 $5.97
  • Rest At Its Best
    Creation Health

    …regenerates and rebuilds the mind, body and soul. Rest empowers you to function at your best. Optimally, rest includes a good night’s sleep as well as time to relax and rejuvenate daily, weekly and annually. The true benefits of rest are misunderstood and often unappreciated. The stress and…

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