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  • Truth Left Behind
    Steve Wohlberg

    …Bible truths? Truth Left Behind, by Steve Wohlberg, has a clear purpose: to take a closer look at what the Bible really says about the Rapture, the Tribulation, The Antichrist and his deadly mark (Revelation 14:9, 14). What’s true about The Rapture? What’s false? According to the…

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  • The Antichrist Chronicles
    Steve Wohlberg

    Left Behind and Exploding the Israel Deception goes to the Word of God to show that we are dealing with many antichrists—right here in the present. He writes about what an antichrist is, the Rapture, the idea of a future antichrist, and much more. A must-read for people interested in what the…

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  • End Time Delusions
    Steve Wohlberg

    …books like Left Behind and popular apocalyptic movies predict such things. Are they correct? No area of Christianity has been subject to more misguided interpretation than prophecy. Millions of Christians sense we are nearing Jesus Christ’s return. Yet when it comes to what the majority…

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  • Truth Matters - Signs Special- The Rapture
    Signs of the Times

    This 16 page piece discusses misconceptions about the second coming. "Will You Escape the Tribulation?," "I Was Not Left Behind!", "What the Bible Says About the Rapture", "The Bible's Description of the Second Advent."

  • Why Me, Lord?
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …best Friend-- Jesus. Though at first, Ellen Harmon fled from God’s commission, preferring death to the awesome responsibility He had called her to bear, she did follow God’s plan, and the legacy of faith she left behind is recorded in this book. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • O milionário da caverna (Português)
    Doug Batchelor

    …he could find. Before his search ended, a cave in the hills above Palm Springs became his home. Happiness was not to be his, until he found a dust-covered Bible left behind in his cave by a fellow “searcher”. As he began reading it, what happened next is nothing less than a miracle.

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  • Christmas in My Heart, Book 10
    Joe L. Wheeler

    …a tenth collection–or even a second! However, it seems that Someone behind the scenes had far greater dreams for this series than either I or the publisher had. In retrospect it is abundantly clear that had it been left up to me, Christmas in My heart would have both begun and ended with that…

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  • The War Within
    Waldemar Leonhardt

    …suitcase in each hand, eighty dollars in his wallet and a heart full of hope. He thought he had left the trauma of war behind, but he had brought with him a heart frozen by anger and an unforgiving spirit. What would it take for Waldemar to find the Love for which he hungered? Would he never be able…

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