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  • A Thoughtful Hour 3: Learning to Be a Real Christian
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …because they had “the truth.” What would you have thought if you were there? Could you accept that, like an acorn, people can be perfect at every step, even if not fully, grown and matured? Can you accept that no matter what happens or what we do, God still loves us like the prodigal…

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  • The Crisis Ahead (Ellen White Comments)
    Robert W. Olson

    …explains not only WHAT will happen, but HOW to get ready for it. Why has Jesus not returned before now? How and when will Satan impersonate Christ? What signs will attend the shaking, latter rain, time of trouble, and close of probation? What prophecies have yet to be fulfilled? What about miracles…

  • Enseñanzas de Cristo BBS 3Q14 (Espanol)
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …and mostly uneducated peasants into powerful leaders. They can also change us. In The Teachings of Jesus, the author will focus on what Jesus taught and help the reader try to understand what the disciples heard and what it meant for them. And explore what it means to us and to every child of God.

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  • The Practical Christian 4Q14
    Bertram L. Melbourne

    How can you be joyful in times of suffering? What kind of prayer can bring about change? Is it ever OK to show favoritism? What role should wealth play in life? How do you bridge the gap between what you believe and what you do? Using a unique perspective, Bertram L. Melbourne takes an in-depth look…

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  • God Loves Me 28 Ways
    Linda Koh, Charles Mills

    …Ways was designed as a read-it-yourself book for primary and early junior-age kids to learn about the beliefs of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. What do you believe? Each of the 28 answers to this question will provide a beautiful glimpse into the never-ending, incredibly powerful, and always…

  • The Shoebox Kids 05 - The Broken Dozen Mystery
    Glen Robinson, Jerry D. Thomas

    …disappeared. When Sammy and Jenny see the Broken Dozen paintings at the Mill Valley art museum, Sammy begins to wonder: What if the missing painting wasn't burned in the fire? What if we can find it? This time, the clues lead Sammy and his friends to one of the oldest houses in town—and to…

  • Laying Down the Law 2Q14
    Keith Burton

    …abandoned the law in their pursuit of righteousness, declaring themselves liberated from outdated, unessential rules. So what role should God’s law have in the Christian’s life? What part does it play in the work of salvation? How does it relate to grace? In Laying Down the Law Keith Augustus Burton…

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  • Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart
    Roberta Fish, LCSW

    …healing and what you specifically can do to help victims move from surviving abuse to thriving in Christ. Answer important questions and learn practical methods:* How do I know if I’m called to minister to survivors? * What principles permeated the healing ministry of Jesus? * What is the…

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  • Ministering Hope to the Hurting Heart Audio Book
    Roberta Fish, LCSW

    …healing and what you specifically can do to help victims move from surviving abuse to thriving in Christ. Answer important questions and learn practical methods:* How do I know if I’m called to minister to survivors? * What principles permeated the healing ministry of Jesus? * What is the…

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  • Our Fascinating Universe DVD
    Vision Video

    …worlds of vast dimensions and fascinating beauty, a journey in search of answers. How did the universe come into being? Are we alone in the universe? What keeps the stars and planets on their orbits? Was it pure chance that brought them into being or is there a higher Being behind it all? Stunning…

  • Refreshed Parables
    Charles Mills

    …important lessons about why Jesus came to earth, what the kingdom of heaven was like, and how we should treat other people. The stories He shared reminded everyone how much God loves us all and how we should always love and respect others. What kind of stories do you think Jesus would tell today…

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  • Letters to Young Lovers
    Ellen G. White

    …LOVE. What a beautiful thing! But anyone who has experienced young love knows it can also be confusing and heartbreaking. How do you know if s/he is the one? What do you do if you've fallen in love with a non-Christian? Is it wrong to lead someone on if you're both having fun? What's the difference…

  • Fruit of the Spirit
    Kimberley Tagert-Paul

    …Children Develop a Christlike Character Galatians 5:22, 23 has been memorized by children down through the ages and around the world. But what’s the big deal about the fruit of the Spirit? Isn’t it just another memory verse? Join Karter and his friends, Mishanda, and twins Cameron…

  • Conviction (2019 Young Adult Devotional)
    Troy Fitzgerald

    …this book are rich insights into human nature and the rules of the heart. You will meet biblical people stirred by conviction. You will discover what the relationship is between the Holy Spirit, the conscience, and the person you are called to be—and how you can be resolute, sure, and…

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  • Three Angels, One Message
    John T. Anderson

    …tiny percentage of what John the revelator recorded. Yet as God’s final warning to a world enamored with sin, these cryptic messages are highly significant. What exactly is God warning the world about, though? And how is this warning relevant to you, considering what is currently happening…

  • Is Salvation Really Free?
    Edward W. H. Vick

    …question. With amazing clarity, he addresses such questions as, Why must the Christian always give grace the first place? What is sin? How is it remedied? What is justification? What does the term sanctification mean? This book will nurture your Christian faith. Click here to find this book as an…

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  • Majesty
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …In these pages are scriptural principles to guide you into a genuine worship experience. Of course you know whom to worship, but what about why, how, and when? And what does the Bible have to say about the significance of worship in a Christian life? Discover the simple yet profound answers that…

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  • Faith: Saying Yes to God
    Herbert E. Douglass

    What is faith? Is it intellectual assent, a deep conviction, a trust in something or someone, or what? Revelation 14:12 declares that God’s people before His return will have the “faith of Jesus.” What is the faith of Jesus? Dr. Douglass presents the true nature of faith and what

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  • Amazing Prophecies
    George E. Vandeman

    …please call your local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Amazing Bible Prophecies will give you, the reader, an exciting survey of what the Bible has to say about the second coming of Jesus Christ, the Hope of the Ages and our supreme Hope today. In this book, well-known author,…

  • This We Believe Study Guide Book 2
    Leo R. Van Dolson, Erwin R. Gane

    …Center to determine availability. Understanding the truth of God’s Word has never been more crucial. In this second study guide, you will learn what the Bible has to say about the following: * Baptism* The Lord’s Supper* Spiritual Gifts* The Gift of Prophecy* The Law of God* The Sabbath*…

  • Speaking in Tongues
    Harry W. Lowe

    …manifested after Pentecost, and if so, for how long? Were the tongues spoken at Pentecost known or unknown? What does church history reveal regarding the gift of tongues throughout the ages? What is the story of modern manifestations of the gift of tongues? This book endeavors to answer these…

  • A Day for Healing
    John C. Brunt

    …came to bring. A Day for Healing examines these miracles with the intent of helping Sabbath-keepers understand what Jesus was trying to teach us, and to demonstrate what the Sabbath is?and what it is not. Jesus, by word and action, demonstrates that salvation lies at the very core of the Sabbath. It…

  • Trumpet After Trumpet
    Erwin R. Gane

    Will Revelation’s trumpets sound again? What is the meaning of the sounding of the seven trumpets in Revelation? Was it merely that we might review a history lesson? Or is there more? In Trumpet after Trumpet, Dr. Erwin Gane presents a careful study of Revelation 8:2-11:19. Using a philosophy…

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  • Buried Treasure How Bad Do You Want It?
    Dwight Hall

    What treasure is a part of your dreams? Gold? Silver? Diamonds? Pearls? Surrender? How about soul-winning? Hiding God’s Word in your heart? Bearing a cross? Facing ridicule for your beliefs? What would you do to receive the treasures of heaven? In this brief pocket book, Dwight Hall contrasts Jesus’…

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