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  • When All Alone I Stand
    Jan S. Doward

    …the Scriptures. One day their testimony hit home. "Oh, God!" Jan prayed, "forgive me for all of my selfish and sinful ways. Forgive me for taking the name of Christ without living His life. You can have all there is of me. It isn't much--only a tough-talking, smart-acting guy--but You can have me!"…

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  • I'm Never Alone
    Derrol Sawyer

    …never alone. Derrol Sawyer’s musical ministry of singing traditional songs and writing original pieces was inspired by a desire to point others, especially troubled youth, to the true worship of Jesus Christ. Available Tracks:* Lifting You Higher* Not Guilty* Church In The Field* When The…

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  • Skeeter, the Wildly Wacky Raccoon
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …Skeeter seemed to believe that Chris was her mother. But when Skeeter learns to open the screen door by herself, Chris suddenly has a lot more to worry about. What if she gets hurt out there in the woods all alone? What if she gets lost? When Chris's brother begins to feed other wild raccoons at the…

  • Never Without an Intercessor
    Morris L. Venden

    …your belief in salvation by faith in Jesus alone can hold up to this scene? And what about living without an intercessor? Should we be storing up righteousness by battery or by habit or by momentum--enough righteousness to carry us through a time when we will be on our own? If these are the pictures…

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  • No Heil Hitler!
    Paul Cieslar

    …the ominous black crosses on the wings. The noise was deafening. The three planes were flying toward me at terrific speed. The noise alone felt like it would shake all my teeth out. I saw the flicker of flames as the first plane fired its guns, and heard the trees above my head splintering as the…

  • Family Seasons Bible Book Shelf 2Q 2019
    Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

    …labor. For if they fall, one will lift up his companion. But woe to him who is alone when he falls, for he has no one to help him up. Again, if two lie down together, they will keep warm; But how can one be warm alone? Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold…

  • Leaning on God's Heart
    Carolyn Rathbun Sutton

    …Alzheimer’s. The aging process. We are all reeling from the physical, emotional, and spiritual side effects of the cancer of sin and its cruelty. The ultimate choice is Do we turn away from God--or run to Him? When nothing is left, you still have God. When stripped of everything, God remains.…

  • Silver Anniversary Collection V10
    Heritage Singers

    …Love * More Than Wonderful * Living Again * Can You Reach My Friend * Rumor Mill * When The Time Comes * Never Say Goodbye * You Haven't Changed * Heavenly Father * New Point of View * We Are All His Children * You Gotta Do Right * Right Now * Tomorrow * Maranatha * Summer of '84 * I Am Not Alone

  • Bathsheba
    Tracy Morgan

    “ "Today of all days, she needed to have this time alone to sort out her spinning thoughts. It was the last morning she would spend in this house as the daughter of Ammiel and Shiran. In just a few short hours, she would become the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” Bathsheba didn’t…

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  • A Nation in God's Hands
    Jud Lake

    …caprice. But in the word of God the curtain is drawn aside, and we behold, behind, above, and through all the play and counterplay of human interests and power and passions, the agencies of the all merciful One, silently, patiently working out the counsels of His own will” (Education, 173).…

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  • Have You Ever Been Lost?
    Chris Holland

    …anxiety level increases dramatically when you know that you are lost. Maybe thinking about being physically lost has you thinking about other emotions that come with it—the overall uncertainty of what to do, or that unsettled feeling of wandering alone in the wilderness. In the Bible we find…

  • Breath of Life Bible Study Series 8 Volume Set
    Breath of Life Ministries

    …for individual or small group study. 1. Alone with God - teaches us about God's invitation to come to Him in prayer just as we are. 2. Firmly Grounded - teaches us that the Holy Bible is as sacred as our God. 3. Father of Lies - teaches us how and when sin originated. 4. Two-Part Harmony - teaches…

  • Julius Again!
    VeraLee Wiggins

    …was nowhere to be found! Mitch looked all over the farm and couldn't find him anywhere. Blinking back tears, Mitch felt alone. His feathered friend was gone. But Julius' disappearance wasn't the only thing bothering Mitch. You see, Mitch's dad had died when Mitch was a baby, and now his mom was…

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  • The Upward Look
    Ellen G. White

    all the strength that is needed for every duty.” Throughout her life Ellen G. White continually pointed to Jesus as our hope and salvation. Whether she was offering messages of reproof for errant believers or providing instruction for the faithful, her recurring theme was Christ—and Christ alone. In…

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  • Jesus of Nazareth Volumes 1 and 2
    William G. Johnsson

    …Life, Message, and Passion. Jesus of Nazareth is informative and factual, but above all it is a spiritual journey with Jesus the Man. "Of all the names given children since the dawn of time, one stands alone, solitary, immoveable. Although many men and women now take that name in oath or jest,…

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  • Passionate Prayer
    Brenda Walsh

    …conversation. It is a transforming relationship with our God and Savior. “When Jesus lives in you, you become changed. You have power over temptation that was impossible when you were going it alone,” she says. “You are enabled to put God’s will in action—defeating…

  • Prayer Warriors
    Ron Halvorsen

    …to pray, as all Christians are privileged to do. It is quite another to become a specialist in prayer—to become an expert in communicating with God. Once a teen gang leader on the mean streets of New York City, Ron Halvorsen was a warrior who took orders from the commander of all evil in the…

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  • A Time to Forgive
    Darold Bigger

    What do you do when your daughter’s been murdered—been stabbed to death—and now is lying cold and stiff in a morgue hundreds of miles away? Do you leave her there alone, or do you bring her home? How do you feel when the funeral is over and you’re watching…

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  • Lonely No Longer
    Mark Finley

    …strange, does it not? Yet many—though surrounded by people on all sides—feel utterly isolated and alone. Most of us have learned that loneliness isn’t cured by living in a crowd of strangers. It only goes away when we have people around who care about us—people with whom we…

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  • The Green Cord Dream
    Alex Bryan

    …Ellen Harmon had a dream. “[The angel] handed me a green cord coiled up closely. This he directed me to place next to my heart, and when I wished to see Jesus, take it from my bosom, and stretch it to the utmost. He cautioned me not to let it remain coiled for any length of time,…

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  • Life After Divorce
    Gayle C. Foster

    …Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Conservative Christians would nearly all agree with the author that marriage is forever, divorce never. Yet it happens. Even to Christians, particularly when one or both spouses are unwilling to follow Christ’s principles for resolving marriage…

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  • What God Hath Joined
    Patty Froese Ntihemuka

    …truth? When the first note arrives from a “secret admirer,” it helps ease her deeply buried pain. But Leah knows a forbidden friendship could destroy the fragile life she was working to build for herself and her son. A life that was already difficult enough. As Leah struggles alone, her…

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  • Devotional Boxed Gift Set 2017
    Brenda Walsh, Ellen G. White

    …ourselves, a moment to think, to pray, and to connect with God. Yet the busier we are, the more we need that moment when we can take a breath and remember that we are not in this world alone. Unlike your typical devotional, with a reading for each day of the year, Moments with God is timeless. You…

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  • El camino de la salvación (Espanol)
    Ricardo Norton

    …ago, when the bodies of men belonged to the king and their souls to the church, there were resounding libertarian voices whose echoes remain: the voice of the reformers. They proclaimed the ancient truths of the Bible, above all, five postulates that came to be known as "the five alone": saved…

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