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  • Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists? (eBook)
    John Seaman

    …availability on other eBook stores. Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists? Whether your family has been Seventh-day Adventist for generations or you’ve never heard of this religion, you’ve picked this book because you want answers. Who, after all, are these people? And what do they believe?…

  • Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists?
    John Seaman

    Who Are the Seventh-day Adventists? Whether your family has been Seventh-day Adventist for generations or you’ve never heard of this religion, you’ve picked this book because you want answers. Who, after all, are these people? And what do they believe? Look inside for a brief sketch of…

  • Truth Matters - Signs Special - Who Are Adventists?
    Signs of the Times

    This sharing piece attractively explains who Seventh-day Adventists are and what they believe. It can be used for Bible study interests, new believers, pastor's class, evangelistic meetings.

  • Blessed Are The Unlikelies
    Philip W. Dunham

    …the heart of each one. While, deep down, we are all very aware of our own shortcomings, secret struggles and failings, Dunham reminds us that we serve a God who is not willing that any should perish. A God of mercy, love, forgiveness, and grace. A God who isn’t interested in impressive resumes…

    $14.99 $4.97
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  • Goodbyes Are Not Forever
    Joy Swift

    …murder of four of her children and the death of a fifth child from cancer eighteen days later. This follow-up book is for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially a child. But it is also for anyone who would like to know how best to help those bereaved. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Ten Who Left
    Fred Cornforth, Tim Lale

    …these figures are even close, alarms should be sending every church in North America to red alert. We simply must find the solution to the swinging back door and then take dramatic steps and keep the family whole. What better way to find out when members leave than to ask them? In Ten Who Left, that…

  • You Are My Song CD
    Heritage Singers

    This CD features a collection of worship music with the classic Heritage Singers sound. Available Tracks: Bowing My Heart Come Ye Who Are Weary Follower of Christ Grant Me An Open Heart Hear My Song Lord I Hear Angels Joy Of My Desire Praises Shadow Of Your Wings You Are My Song

    $15.98 $11.97
  • The King Who Couldn't Preach
    Kimber Lantry

    …so began the work of spreading the story of Jesus by people who have become known as literature evangelists. It all started about 100 years ago, and today thousands upon thousands of men, women, boys, and girls throughout the world are spreading the gospel by taking truth-filled books and magazines…

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  • Prophets are People: Believe It or Not
    Bobbie Jane Van Dolson

    …Can you imagine God speaking through a man who is always interrupting His visions to ask “What’s that?” or “What is he doing?” He did. Would God make a prophet out of a man who complains because he thinks bad people are getting along better in the world than the good…

  • Who Was Ellen White - for Kids
    Jerry D. Thomas

    …regular person who was given a special job by God • shares the messages of her most important visions, and • builds faith in God’s church and in His prophet. Written by best-selling children’s author Jerry D. Thomas, this book will help share your faith in a God who has been…

  • Destiny (eBook)
    Karl Haffner

    …interest in purchasing an eBook from AdventistBookCenter.com. You should be aware of the following before making your purchase:* Some technical skills are required to load this eBook onto your device* You will need to download the eBook to a computer before transferring it to your device* You will…

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  • Destiny
    Karl Haffner

    …right? Unfortunately, thinking primarily about what’s in front of us, i.e., electronic gadgets, squabbling children, or the old woman in church who won’t stop whispering to her friend during the service, blocks out some really important stuff. Take, for example, the weighty matters of…

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  • Mini El Centinela: ¿Quién el representante de Dios? – Pkgs of 100 only (Espanol)
    El Centinela

    …availability. Mini El Centinela - Who is God's Representative Mini El Centinela delievers one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly El Centinela, in a convenient 8-page "zine-ette" that can be slipped in a book, purse, or pocket. Topics covered are: the Ten Commandments, secret…

  • Valiant in Fight
    Taylor G. Bunch

    …dealing with the lives, words, and works of the men and women who are the subjects of sacred history, through all the ancient world from the Garden of Eden to the Isle of Patmos. The apostle James counsels Christians to take those “who have spoken in the name of the Lord, for an example of…

  • Psychic Roulette
    George E. Vandeman

    …the World of the Occult Who are the unseen players in our psychic game? Just how thin is psychic ice? Are we gambling with the operator of a giant psychic put-on? And is it dangerous? Did Arthur Ford really come through from a world beyond on a best-selling typewriter? Who haunted Bishop Pike? Why…

  • A Guide to Successful Dating Workbook
    Nancy Van Pelt

    …CDs entitled, A Guide to Successful Dating. The topics covered are: * Making Friends With Yourself–Discovering who you are. * The Dating Game–The most popular game on earth. * Breaking Up Is Hard to Do * How to Tell if You Are Really in Love * Touchy Situations–how far is too far,…

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  • Pocket Signs - Adventist Christians - Package of 100
    Signs of the Times

    Who are the Seventh-day Adventists? What do they believe? and What do they do? are questions that are answered in this Pocket Signs. A sidebar explains the plan of salvation and how to be saved. Tracts in the Pocket SIGNS series deliver one truth-filled article from the full-sized, 32-page monthly…

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  • The Big Four: Secrets to a Thriving Church Family 2Q12
    S. Joseph Kidder

    …secrets that not only made the early church a success but also produced thriving Seventh-day Adventist churches that are rapidly growing the kingdom of heaven. No matter who you are, The Big Four's inspiring stories and practical, proven methods will equip you to experience personal and collective…

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  • Uncle Arthur's Best Bedtime Stories 5 Volume Set

    …call your local store at 1-800-765-6955 for availability. These five volumes of Bedtime Stories represent a selection of Uncle Arthur's very best. They were written over a period of many years. The children who read the very first stories are now grandparents. The stories themselves are timeless.

  • Sunrise Hope
    Trudy J. Morgan-Cole

    …worlds of potential in the teens—and feeling drawn to her boss Paul, a cynical ex-pastor who has given up on God. But the more she works with Paul (who treats her like a naive do-gooder) and the teens (who are addicts, criminals, and world-class manipulators), the more uncertain she becomes about…

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  • Against All Odds
    Kari Paulsen

    …will be read—and loved—by thousands of believers around the globe who are trying to understand the leading of God in their own stories of pain and grace. The writing is as bright and engaging as the author, who skillfully weaves the incidents of an unusually difficult life narrative with…

    $15.99 $11.97
  • Someone Cares
    Heritage Singers

    …those who hurt When days are dark and trials press heavy on your spirit, you need to know that someone cares. Feel the loving embrace of your Savior as you listen to Someone Cares--a special collection of songs from the Heritage Singers to encourage those who are sad, lonely, discouraged or who need…

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  • The Essential Jesus
    Bryan W. Ball, William G. Johnsson

    …over are praying to a Jesus who isn't there? The Essential Jesus is a thoughtful look at the relevancy of the Savior for today-and a defense of the biblical, historical viewpoint. Editors Bryan W. Ball and William G. Johnsson have assembled the writings of ten scholars, besides themselves, who are

  • Redemption In Romans Bible Book Shelf 3Q 2010
    John C. Brunt

    …what he wrote about the Jews in Romans 9-11? What did he have in mind when he wrote, “Christ is the end of the law”(Romans 10:4)? And who are the “weak” and the “strong” in chapters 14 and 15? Click here to find this book in electronic format. Click here to find…

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