Wind To The Flame

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  • A Wind to the Flame
    Helen Godfrey Pyke

    …local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. Perched in the church tower, Walter Murat watched the enemy scale the walls of the city like a plague of multicolored locusts. Walter, his father, and several other Waldenses huddled in the church as the city began to die. Someone pulled open…

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  • The Schoolhouse Burned Twice
    B.A. Larsen

    …again. Mamani stumbled back to his house, his face bleeding. The spot where the burning stick had landed smoked for a few minutes, but the lively evening wind soon fanned it to flame. The new roof was burning! Little did Mamani know that things were about to become even worse. Pacific Press®…

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  • Bright Candle of Courage
    B. B. Beach

    …liberty is eternal vigilance.” Author, international lecturer, and teacher Dr. Bert B. Beach looks at the historical beginnings of religious liberty and where we stand today on the key issues, and he alerts us to the potential winds of strife that threaten to snuff out the candle of freedom.

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