World War 2

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  • A Thousand Shall Fall
    Susi Hasel Mundy, Maylan Schurch

    …Germany They saw God work miracle after miracle to save them from certain disaster. As thousands around them fell victim to the horrors of war, they were borne up on angels’ wings—sometimes quite literally. This is the true story of one family who chose to be faithful whatever…

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  • The Seventh Escape
    Jan S. Doward

    Like millions of other Europeans, Walter Logé was caught in the violent vortex of World War II. An ambulance driver in the German army, he was taken prisoner toward the end of the conflict and shipped by boxcar deep into Russia to the gloomy labor camp of Makeyevka. Logé was a pleasant…

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  • Ellen White's World
    George R. Knight

    …fullest understanding of Ellen White’s counsel to the church. Contents Part One: Ellen White's World Before the Civil War 1. Millennial Visions a. Religious Millennialism b. Secular Millennialism 2. The Great Revival a. The Second Great Awakening b. The Camp Meeting c. The Revival and Mission…

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  • Deliverance
    Alla Czerkasij , Natalie Czerkasij Lewellen

    …has captivated audiences everywhere, and now for the first time it is available in print. Alla was just a child when World War II invaded the Ukraine. The blunt horror of war ended her childhood. In 1944 Allied forces made their way toward the German forced-labor camp where she and a handful…

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  • The Birth of Hacksaw Ridge: How It All Began
    Gene Church, Gregory Crosby

    “For those of you interested in learning more about PFC Desmond T. Doss, I invite you to read my new book. It’s about Desmond’s early years growing up, how he got his undying faith, and the extraordinary moments throughout his childhood wherein I believe he experienced divine…

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  • No Heil Hitler!
    Paul Cieslar

    September 1, 1939: “The stillness of the morning was suddenly shattered when three German fighter planes appeared from behind the mountain of Kubalonka. They were in strict formation, one slightly in front of the others, as if taking part in a demonstration, barely above ground level. I could…

  • Chains In China
    Bradley Booth

    The interrogator slapped the table with his hand and stood to his feet. “If you do not want my help, there’s nothing more I can do for you here! However, I feel I must tell you that from this day forward, things will not go well for you here at the Wu Xi Prison. . . . If you are stubborn…

  • Bonhoeffer- Agent of Grace DVD
    Vision Video

    …true story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, highly-regarded as a Lutheran minister in Germany during World War II. Bonhoeffer was actively involved in the German resistance and ultimately died for his beliefs just before the war ended. Includes Spanish, Portuguese, and German language tracks. 90 minutes

  • La próxima superpotencia mundial (Espanol)
    Mark Finley

    …interpretation . . . in turn, four kingdoms would conquer the world, and in turn, four kingdoms would fall. Never again would the world be ruled by one power, though many would try. . .until the very end of time. There will be wars, the prophet declared. Crime, lawlessness, immorality, disasters…

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  • Behind Barbed Wire
    Vinnie Ruffo

    …local Adventist Book Center to determine availability. When the war started in December, 1941, mission workers were among the first to be apprehended. Missionaires John and Olga Oss are drawn into the troubled, chaotic days of World War II when the enemy occupies the city of Shanghai. With other…

  • Adventure for God in Okinawa
    Iona Clark Jensen

    …availability. Perhaps the first time you heard of Okinawa was when you heard stories about how World War II moved to this tiny island. Here is the story of how Okinawa recovered from the devastation the war had brought and the huge challenge for Adventist Missionaries Ejler and Iona Jensen. Modern…

  • Feed Me Well, Ilona
    Goldie Down

    …some to find Him, as it did the couple in this story. Goldie tells the story of a Hungarian couple who found each other and God too in the country down under where they had come as refugees after World War II in Europe. This is the true story of a Hungarian couple, of war, terror, peace, and love.

  • Dare To Stand Alone
    Bradley Booth

    “Sir, when the regulations of my country clash with the laws of my God, I must obey my God,” Ivan declared. The general studied Ivan’s face seriously. “Does that include the regulations of your army?” Religion was suppressed. Christians were forced to practice their…

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  • My Enemy, My Brother
    Helen Heavirland

    …it.” Georg Grellmann grew up in Germany between World Wars I and II. An adventuresome boy, he learned early about prejudice and disappointment. Finally, a gold medal and a scholarship promised to put his dreams within reach. Then World War II exploded. At nineteen, Georg was drafted into the…

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  • King of the Cannibals
    Eileen E. Lantry

    …heathenism among cannibals and became one of God's leaders in the Solomon Islands. It also includes the exciting adventures these people faced during the Japanese invasion of World War II when they saved Allied airmen whose planes crashed on their islands. Click here to find this book as an eBook.

  • Under the Shadow of the Rising Sun
    Donald E. and Vesta West Mansell

    …to Africa as missionaries when America plunged into World War II. Fleeing for safety to the Philippines, they instead found themselves prisoners of the Japanese army, spending the next three years in a concentration camp. Donald’s world revolved between hunger, weevils, lack of privacy, and…

  • Desmond Doss: Conscientious Objector
    Frances Doss

    …and victories for the man known as “the unlikeliest hero,” and this book tells those stories. From an accident-prone childhood to World War II gallantry, the tragic loss of his first wife, Dorothy, and his battles with deafness and cancer, Desmond Doss has lived a life of unsurpassed…

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  • As the Stars Forever
    Hazel McElhany Greer

    …Seventh-day Adventist Church. In spite of harassment by family and relatives, even imprisonment, she still witnesses for her faith. Not until after World War II did she learn several of her persecutors converted because of her adamant fervor . . . before they died in the gas chambers of Europe.…

  • Showdown at Armageddon
    George E. Vandeman

    …Middle East has occupied center stage in world affairs. Much more is involved than a struggle between Arabs and Israelis. The world's superpowers have vital interests there which they have pledged to protect at all costs. Many fear that sooner or later World War III will be launched in the Middle…

  • Escape
    Sandy Zaugg

    …what you could carry—on a bicycle? This is the true story of a thirteen-year-old boy who had to do just that. In 1945, near the end of World War II, as Russian soldiers marched toward the German capital of Berlin, people in villages, towns, and the countryside found themselves in the…

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  • When All Alone I Stand
    Jan S. Doward

    Drafted! As World War II raged around him, Jan Doward fought his own battles to be classified as a conscientious objector. A wisecracking prankster with acting potential, some of his buddies said he was destined for the stage. But God had another destiny in mind--and a life-changing encounter at…

  • Angels Over Manilla
    Ruth Wheeler, Hazel Wilcox

    …nine o’clock?” So begins the exciting true story of Hazel Wilcox and her family, missionaries in the Philippines at the outbreak of World War II, and of the angels who watched over them through bullets, bombs, hunger, and sickness and even while they sang Christmas carols as bombers…

  • Love Under Fire: The Great Controversy Adapted to Today's Language - Case of 80
    Ellen G. White

    What is happening to our world? Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires devastate large areas with huge tolls of death, injury, loss of property, and ongoing suffering. War and conflicts surround us. Economic crises threaten the security of people and nations around the globe. Love Under Fire…

  • Africa Has My Heart
    Valdemar E. Toppenberg

    …the sweat, sacrifice, and sorrow that come with the reward. Working in a half score of countries over a forty-three-year period, which included World Wars I and II, the missionary knew what a shortage of supplies, a delay in the mail service, prejudice, and propaganda meant in the isolated jungle…

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